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If you are missing teeth, even in the back, you might want to consider dental implants. Dental implants can change your facial structure and your appearance.

Fashion and beautiful smiles have now become synonymous; not only with each other but also with personal health, financial ability and education. However, in many cases, the concept of a beautiful smile includes only those teeth that can be seen. Often, missing a tooth in the back of the mouth is out of sight out of mind and may not be a concern. Dental implants may not be considered because many people believe that if others cannot see it, it does not matter.

Why Dental Implants?

Once these teeth are missing, the facial structure begins to change and the thought of facial cosmetic surgery becomes the initial option. However, there are various dental options available that will make a distinct difference in the facial structure of an individual in conjunction with, or in lieu of, traditional cosmetic surgery. The placement of dental implants is one that has the most distinct impact.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The reality is that missing teeth will affect the overall health and aesthetics of the teeth. When a tooth is removed, the bone immediately begins to resorb and the surrounding teeth begin to move. For example, visualize a bookcase, securely end-to-end with books. As a single book is removed, from any location, over time gravity will cause the remaining books to lean toward the space. The placement of an implant will prevent that movement as well as continue to stimulate the bone, especially if a tooth has been missing for a period of time.

As the bone resorbs there is a loss of muscle attachment and may result in the skin appearing ‘saggy’. In this respect, replacing the tooth into the bone with a dental implant allows the muscle to become stronger and the bone to revitalize. This allows the facial skin to expand looking smoother.

Dental Implants Instead of Collagen

Another dental option over cosmetic surgery is the look of fuller lips. Patients that have had collagen injections placed in the lips to have them shaped in a way as to show more teeth when speaking. As it turns out, making the naturally small teeth longer with porcelain veneers allows the look with a more permanent effect. The look with the veneers is more natural and for about the same amount of money, the veneers will last for years.

As well, lips and cheeks have the tendency to sag with time. Over the years, teeth are naturally worn down and become shorter while the elasticity of the lips begins to deteriorate. This causes the teeth to become shorter and the upper lip to cover over the teeth. Building up the jaw bone and/or elongating the teeth removes wrinkles and revitalizes that youthful look creating the illusion of a facelift while strengthening the bone for years.

Dental Implants Instead of Plastic Surgery

As individuals have the desire to change their look and would tend to seek the assistance of the plastic surgeon, dental options may be a better alternative. Reshaping or replacing teeth could eliminate the need for many facets of facial surgery.

Steven D. Spitz, DMD is a Prosthodontist and offers care in dental lasers techniques, dental implant placement, tooth restoration and full mouth rehabilitation. In addition, Dr. Spitz teaches at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and is on staff at Franciscan Children's Hospital.

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