ACL Injuries

You've likely heard of someone who has torn their ACL, but what does that mean? Learn about this ligament injury and what's involved with surgery and rehab.
Soccer player on ground holding painful knee
How Do I Know If I Have a Torn ACL?
Picture of a man holding injured knee.
Physical Therapy for an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Sprain
Athletic invasive knee surgery, repairing ligaments
Which Type of ACL Graft Should You Choose?
Photo of a woman therapist examining a man's knee.
When Is Surgery Required for a Partial ACL Tear?
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Should You Wear a Knee Brace After ACL Surgery?
Female athlete on the ground
Why Some Athletes Re-Tear Their ACL After Surgical Reconstruction
The lunge exercise.
You Can Help Prevent an ACL Injury By Doing These Simple Exercises
Athletic invasive knee surgery, repairing ligaments
What is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament and What Does it Do?
Lachman test
How Can Your Healthcare Provider Detect an ACL Tear on Examination?
She overexerted herself on that run
When ACL Tears Occur in Middle-Aged and Older Athletes
knee bend range
Scar Tissue From Knee Surgery May Cause Arthrofibrosis
Prevent ACL injuries
How Do Neuromuscular Training Programs Prevent ACL Tears?
arthroscopic surgery
Double Bundle ACL Reconstruction Surgery
meniscus repair rehab
Can ACL Rehab Be Accelerated for Athletes to Return to Sports?
knee surgery scar
How to Reduce the Risk of Complications From ACL Surgery
man with knee pain
If Your Knee No Longer Hurts After ACL Injury, Is Surgery Necessary?
Knee brace on patient after ACL surgery
Recovering From ACL Surgery
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What You Can Expect in Rehab After Your ACL Surgery
Doctor examining female patient's leg.
Treating an Infected Knee After ACL Surgery
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The 8 Best Exercises to Help With ACL Rehabilitation
acl tear in a child
What to Know About ACL Tears in Children
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Why Are ACL Tears Worse for Women?