Adrienne Dellwo

Joseph Dellwo, Dellwo Studios


  • Advocate for those living with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Experienced journalist diagnosed with fibromyalgia in November 2006
  • Columnist for the U.K.-based Fibromyalgia Magazine (formerly FaMily Magazine)


Working for both television and newspapers, Adrienne has extensive experience researching and writing about health-related issues. She has, since her diagnosis, put her research skills to work learning everything she can about fibromyalgia and related conditions. She's also a fiction author.


Adrienne earned her bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communications from the University of Oregon in 1996. She also graduated from Cottey College in Missouri.

A Word From Adrienne Dellwo

I know first-hand how much fibromyalgia and related conditions can take away. I loved working in TV news and thrived on the stress that would eventually bring on the worst of my symptoms. While it broke my heart to leave, I had so little energy that it was all going to my job, and my family was suffering.

Once the decision was made and I was home with my children, I actually became grateful—while fibromyalgia had taken away the career I loved, it had given me all this time to spend with my kids while they're still young enough to like hanging out with mom.

I've also been able to focus on my health and become functional once again. The journalist in me has driven me to share my own experience and the knowledge I've gained with other people facing the pain, fear and frustration of these conditions in the hope that I can make a difference.

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