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Affordable Care Act and Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a hot political topic. Learn more about its benefits, how you can seek them, and what's important to know if you are covered under the ACA.
Understanding how marriage affects your premium tax credit can help you plan ahead and avoid surprises at tax time
How Will Getting Married Affect Your Premium Tax Credit?
Expanded bronze plans provide more coverage
Expanded Bronze Plans: What They Are and How They Work
Doctor reviewing medical chart with a patient
How Cost-Sharing Reductions Make Health Care More Affordable
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Understanding the Lawsuit That Could Overturn the ACA
Happy dentist looking at an x-ray with his young patient
Can Premium Subsidies Be Used to Pay for Dental Insurance?
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What Is the ACA's Subsidy Cliff and Why Does It Matter?
Massachussetts To Enact Mandatory Health Insurance Law
What Is Off-Exchange Health Insurance?
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What Is a Grandfathered Health Plan?
What does it mean to have minimum essential coverage?
What Is Minimum Essential Coverage?
Senator Chuck Grassley (R, Iowa), called for a requirement in the ACA that Congress and staffers obtain coverage in the exchange
Congress' Relationship With Obamacare
The ACA's MLR rules ensure that most of your premiums are spend on medical claims.
What Is the Medical Loss Ratio and Why Does It Matter?
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Calculating an Individual Health Insurance Tax Penalty
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How Do Immigrants Obtain Health Insurance Under the ACA?
The ACA's Cadillac tax is set to take effect in 2020. How will it impact health plans?
What Was the Goal of the ACA's Cadillac Tax and Why Was It Repealed?
Receptionist inputting insurance information at computer
10 Essential Health Benefits Under the ACA
Holding magnifying glass up to clipboard with different plans
What Are Standardized Health Insurance Plans?
Benchmark plan means two different things under the ACA
What Is a Benchmark Plan Under the ACA?
Short-term health insurance is available year-round in most states
You Can Buy Short-Term Insurance in Most States. But Is It a Good Idea?
Man and woman sitting together and looking at paperwork
Is There Still a Penalty for Being Uninsured in 2021?
The Trump Administration is encouraging "silver loading" for 2019. What does that mean for you?
Silver Loading and Your Health Insurance Premiums
Several provisions of the ACA make coverage and care more accessible for Native Americans and Alaska Natives
The Affordable Care Act and Native Americans
There are no asset tests for the ACA's premium tax credits or expanded Medicaid
No Asset Tests for ACA Subsidies
How employer-sponsored health insurance has changed under Obamacare
How Obamacare Changed Employer Health Insurance
There are several qualifying events that let you enroll in a health plan outside of open enrollment
Enrolling in Individual Health Insurance With a Qualifying Event
Family glitch leaves some families without access to affordable health insurance
Who Is Affected By the Affordable Care Act Family Glitch?
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What is a Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion Period?
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Health Insurance Exemption Criteria
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How to Get a Hardship Exemption So You Can Buy a Catastrophic Plan
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Obamacare vs. Job-Based Health Insurance
woman handing insurance card to man
Choosing a Bronze Health Insurance Plan
woman filling out paperwork in a doctors office waiting room
Overview of the Premium Tax Credit
Frustrated woman paying shared responsibility payment
What Is a Shared Responsibility Payment?
woman looking at health insurance paperwork
Understanding Platinum Plan Health Insurance
Are health insurance premiums for 2021 going up or down? It depends on where you live.
Are Health Insurance Premiums Going Up or Down for 2021?
Gold colored caduceus surrounded by pills.
What to Know About Gold Plan Health Insurance
Woman calculating her taxes will pay no penalty if she has a health insurance exemption.
What Is a Health Insurance Exemption?