Alycea Ungaro, PT, MS

Alycea Ungaro, PT, MS

Physical Therapist, Pilates Instructor, Author


Pilates, Nutrition


New York University


Whether it's a momentary interest or a lifelong passion, I'm thrilled to be a part of your Pilates knowledge bank. My aim here is to provide content that will educate, and with luck amuse and inspire you. The world of Pilates is huge, the history is rich, and our community is fascinating.

— Alycea Ungaro, PT, MS


Alycea Ungaro is a former writer for Verywell covering Pilates. From her beginnings as a young dancer in New York City, studying Pilates, to her current role as the owner of a large Pilates company, she is inspired by the people who join her in the study of the method and continues to be awed by those who make Pilates their life's work.

Alycea began her Pilates training at just 14 years of age. She studied to become a Pilates teacher under Romana Kryzanowska. In 1995 Alycea established her own studio, Tribeca Bodyworks, which was later expanded to its current Real Pilates. A respected authority on Pilates, she has authored best-selling books which include Pilates: Body in Motion as well as 15 Minute EveryDay Pilates and the Pilates Practice Companion. Her titles are printed in 17 languages worldwide.

In addition to teaching clients and training teachers, Alycea runs a prestigious Pilates teacher training program. She also develops products and signature programming for the Pilates industry and consumers alike. Her patented Real Alignment Mat and mobile Apps are enjoyed by Pilates aficionados everywhere. Real Pilates signature appear in studios across the country.


Alycea received her baccalaureate degree from New York University and is a licensed physical therapist. She earned a Master of Science degree in clinical nutrition. She holds a Pilates certification through the Pilates Method Alliance.

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