A person showing another person with Alzheimer's Disease a photograph

Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis

Alzheimer's disease can mimic other conditions, so your doctor will need to run blood tests, imaging procedures, and neuropsychological tests to confirm a diagnosis. Know what to expect.
Alzheimer's and Other Dementia Screenings
Screening Tests Used for Alzheimer's and Other Dementias
Woman with Dementia and Depression
All about the Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia
Doctor and patient chat about the verbal fluency test
How the Verbal Fluency Test Is a 60-Second Screening for Dementia
Physician Talking about the AD8 Alzheimer's Screening Results
AD8 Dementia Screening Interview for Caregivers
Sense of Smell Is Correlated with Cognition
Does a Poor Sense of Smell Predict Alzheimer's Disease?
Daughter Worried about Her Mother's Memory
Are You Worried That Your Loved One Has Alzheimer's or Dementia?
Alzheimer's Patient
What Memory and Thinking Tests Do Doctors Use to Evaluate Dementia?
Confused Facial Expression on senior woman
Can You Tell If Someone Has Dementia by Watching Them?
Hands of older woman writing in journal
Can a 7-Minute Screening Test Determine If You Have Dementia?
doctors examining MRI results
How MRI is Used to Help Healthcare Providers Detect Alzheimer's Disease
The Clock Drawing Test Can Screen for Dementia
Scoring and Interpreting the Clock Drawing Test for Dementia
Doctor Administering the Boston Naming Test
What Is the Boston Naming Test? How Is It Used to Screen for Dementia?
Older woman talking to physician
Can the Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE) Diagnose Alzheimer's?
Taking the SAGE Dementia Test at Home
How Accurate Is the Online SAGE Dementia Test?
Nurse writing medical report for senior patient in care home
How Accurate Is a BIMS Score in Identifying Dementia?
Doctor providing digit symbol substitution test results
What Is the Digit Symbol Substitution Test?
SPECT Scanner.
What to Expect When Undergoing a SPECT Scan
A senior black man is sitting in his doctor's office and listening as the doctor shows him something on a digital tablet.
How Does the Digit Span Test Screen for Delirium and Dementia?
High angle view of a senior woman doing Alzheimer's disease cognitive functions self assessment test at home
How the GPCOG Screening Tool Is Used to Screen for Dementia
Memory Impairment Screen Being Administered
A 4-Minute Test: The Memory Impairment Screen (MIS)
The SLUMS Test Can Help Screen for Early Alzheimer's
How Well Does the SLUMS Test Screen for Dementia?
Doctor talking about the Trail Making Test
The Trail Making Test and Its Use as a Screening Tool for Dementia
Doctor talking with patient about her Mini-Cog test results
How the Mini-Cog Is Used to Test for Alzheimer's and Dementia
Doctor Explaining the Results of the Stroop Test
How the Simple Stroop Test Detects Signs of Early Alzheiemr's
Benefits of Early Detection in Alzheimer's
12 Benefits of Early Detection in Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease Support Group
6 Alzheimer's Disease Support Groups of 2021