A person showing another person with Alzheimer's Disease a photograph

Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

Since there is no cure for Alzheimer's quite yet, the focus remains on methods of prevention. Learn the factors you can modify in your lifestyle choices that may reduce your risk.
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How Higher Levels of Education May Reduce Dementia Risk
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How Hepatic Encephalopathy Is a Treatable Cause of Memory Loss
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Are There Links Between Sleep Apnea, Dementia, and Memory Loss?
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Does Social Interaction Prevent Dementia?
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Mnemonic Strategies to Help Remember
9 Types of Mnemonics to Improve Your Memory
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Does Chocolate Improve Your Memory?
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Reduce Your Dementia Risk by Taking Good Care of Your Heart
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Research Suggests Cognitive Reserve Delays Alzheimer's? Disease
Cinnamon- Tasty and Good for Your Brain?
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Babysitting Grandchildren Might Actually Improve Your Memory
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How to Improve Your Memory by Using the Method of Loci
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The Surprising Truth About How Alcohol Affects Your Dementia Risk
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Which Blood Type Increases Your Risk of Dementia?
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How Much Running Reduces Your Risk of Alzheimer's?
Which Nut Is Best for Your Brain?
What Kind of Nuts Are Good for Your Brain?
Gardening Can Help Reduce Risk of Dementia
Just Move It! Choose to Dance, Garden or Cycle to Reduce Dementia Risk
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Does the Mediterranean Diet Make a Difference in Your Memory?