A person showing another person with Alzheimer's Disease a photograph

Coping With Alzheimer's Disease

Relying on loved ones and supportive organizations can go a long way when dealing with Alzheimer's. Find the best resources available so you don't have to manage alone.
Older man with glasses comforted by his relative
Why Do We Whisper About an Alzheimer's Diagnosis?
Granddaughter giving Christmas present to Grandma - stock photo
Gifts for Loved Ones Living With Alzheimer's or Dementia
What's the Difference between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities?
Differences Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
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9 Movies About Alzheimer's and Dementia You Shouldn't Miss
Empowering People Living with Dementia
How to Reduce Stigma and Empower People With Dementia
Caregiver and Senior Reading Together
9 Care Options for People Living With Dementia
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12 Leading Alzheimer's & Dementia Charities & Organizations
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Alzheimer's Association MedicAlert Program for Wandering
Sad woman in a car
Coping With Sadness and Guilt After Nursing Home Placement
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Using Validation Therapy for People With Dementia
Woman writing in journal at patio table
10 Tips to Maintain Independence With Dementia
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Tips on Spotting the Different Types of Elder Abuse
Child Interacting with Grandparent Who Has Alzheimer's
How Intergenerational Care Benefits Young Children and Adults
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Activating a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
Secure Dementia Unit in Nursing Home
How to Know If a Dementia Unit Would Help Your Loved One
Mother helping daughter with homework
How Parents Can Help a Child Understand Alzheimer's