Human anatomy helps us understand the function and importance of complex structures within our bodies. From veins to organs, explore how different systems look and work.

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Sphenopalatine artery
The Anatomy of the Sphenopalatine Artery
iv catheterisation in cubital vein
The Anatomy of the Median Cubital Vein
veins and arteries of the neck
External Jugular Vein: Anatomy, Function, and Significance
veins and arteries of the neck
Internal Jugular Vein: Anatomy, Function, and Significance
Man stretching before a run
Tendons: Anatomy, Function and Treatment
What Are Calcium Deposits?
Woman's healthy skin
What Is Collagen?
Pregnant Women Face Lonely Journeys To Childbirth In Covid Era
What Is Aplasia?
Hispanic doctor examining neck of patient
Lymphatic System: Diagram, Function, Anatomy, Diseases
Graphic shows how the stress response system works starting with the hypothalamus and ending with cortisol release.
What Is Cortisol?
pH test
What Is pH Balance?
Learn About How the Meninges Support the Brain and Nervous System
arm muscle anatomy
Arm Muscle Anatomy and Function
Portrait of woman sticking out tongue
What Are the Sublingual Glands?
seminal vesicles
The Anatomy of the Seminal Vesicles
heart model
The Anatomy of the Pericardium
brain head scan
The Anatomy of the Superior Sagittal Sinus
Innervation of the left eyeball and extraocular muscles
Ciliary Ganglion: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Amygdala of the brain, illustration
Your Amygdala: Anatomy and Function
outer ear
Outer Ear: Anatomy, Location, and Function
human ear anatomy
The Inner Ear: Anatomy, Location, and Function
Clavicle bone, illustration
Clavicle: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
Doctor examining a man's neck
What Is an Adam’s Apple?
Anatomy of the lungs
Conditions That Affect the Bronchioles
The pons
Anatomy of the Pons
medulla oblongata
Anatomy and Function of the Medulla Oblongata
Male pelvis
The scrotum is the sac that protects the testicles and keeps them cool
the duodenum
The Anatomy of the Duodenum
Female reproductive system with image diagram
Fallopian Tubes: Anatomy, Function, and Treatment
The anatomy of the pineal gland and how it produces melatonin to promote sleep
The Pineal Gland: Anatomy and Melatonin Production in the Brain
Waiting for the doctor
Bursae Are Small Structures That Protect Your Joints
Female breast anatomy, illustration
Breast Anatomy Is Complex and Intricate
Eggs are a source of cholesterol.
How Endogenous Substances Are Produced Within a Body
An image of the mediastinum region
What You Might Not Know About the Mediastinum Region of the Body
Profile of female mouth and nose.
What the Hypodermis Layer of the Skin Does
closeup of a woman's fingernails and fingers
Structure and Growth of Fingernails and Toenails
Mixed race woman massaging her face and looking at a mirror
Want Healthy, Attractive Skin? This Is Mostly Responsible for It
woman taking off bra before mammogram
Nipple Color and Other Changes: What's Normal?
The Anatomy of the Talus
Doctor examining leg
The Anatomy of the Tibia
azygos vein in the human vascular system
Here’s a Quick Overview of the Azygos Vein
Human veins illustration, retromandibular vein
What Is the Retromandibular Vein?
A medical worker ties a tube around a patient's arm in preparation for a blood draw.
Why the Basilic Vein Isn’t Good for Vein Punctures
a young doctor man observing a chest radiograph in a tablet computer
The Brachiocephalic Veins: Anatomy, Function, and Significance
popliteal vein
Popliteal Vein: Anatomy and Function
Lower limb vascular examination because suspect of venous insufficiency
Anatomy and Function of the Great Saphenous Vein
A woman and her doctor discuss abdominal symptoms
Superior Mesenteric Vein: Anatomy, Function, and Significance
Human, who had been elevated from chair, holding his palm over calf
What Is the Small Saphenous Vein?
The blood supply of the lower body - stock illustration
The Anatomy of the Femoral Vein
subclavian vein
The Anatomy of the Subclavian Vein
superior vena cava
The Anatomy of the Superior Vena Cava
The blood supply of the shoulder - stock illustration
Here's What You Need to Know About the Axillary Vein
Anesthetic nurse puncture cephalic vein - stock photo
What You Need to Know About the Cephalic Vein
Close look at the heart
The Anatomy of the Coronary Sinus
Human liver, illustration - stock illustration
Anatomy of the Hepatic Veins
Human kidney cross section
Renal Vein: Anatomy, Function, and Significance
Heart and Circulatory System with Blood Vessels
The Anatomy and Importance of the Pulmonary Vein
male urethra
The Anatomy of the Urethra
Doctor examining a man's neck
The Anatomy of Jugular Veins
Doctor pointing to model of the human liver
The Anatomy and Function of the Portal Vein