Angela Palmer


  • Esthetician specializing in the treatment of acne and problem skin.
  • Author of the upcoming book Healing Acne Naturally - A Holistic Guide to Acne Treatment.
  • Skin care educator holding classes throughout Northern California for acne and general skin care.


Angela has been teaching others how to care for their skin through classes and workshops held at various colleges including California State University, Stanislaus. She has developed an informational class specifically for those suffering from acne.

Prior to becoming an instructor, Angela worked at a skin spa where she spent many hands-on hours treating clients with acne. She has been licensed as an esthetician (skin care therapist) since 2000.

Angela also has a personal understanding of acne. Suffering from inflammatory acne in her 20s, she has spent countless hours researching acne development and treatment. This knowledge helped her get her own acne under control, and sparked her passion to work with other acne sufferers.


Angela received her esthetics certificate at Federico Beauty Institute of Sacramento in California and is licensed as an esthetician in California. She completed postgraduate training at the International Dermal Institute's San Francisco campus, where she earned her certification in Acne Treatment, as well as Skin Exfoliation and Resurfacing. Angela also received certification in Advanced Skin Care and Chemical Exfoliation.

A Word From Angela Palmer

As an adult onset acne sufferer myself, I know firsthand the discomfort and embarrassment acne can bring. I truly believe education is the key when it comes to clearing your skin. The more knowledge you have. the more empowered you will feel. And the better choices you will make when it comes to the health of your skin.

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