Ankle Supports Stabilize the Joint

Ankle supports can brace, stabilize, and limit range-of-motion of the ankle joint. Ankle supports can also provide joint protection for people with ankle arthritis, as well as weak or injured ankles. Some people use ankle supports during physical activity to help prevent injury to the ankle.

The ankle joint plays a significant role in mobility, allowing us to walk, run, skip, jump, and shift weight to one leg; it provides necessary stability as you traverse uneven ground. The ankle joint has to be stable in order to withstand five times your body weight while walking, and up to 13 times your weight while running.

The ankle joint is a hinge joint formed by three bones. The ankle bone is known as the talus. The top of the talus fits into a socket that is formed by the lower end of the tibia and the fibula. The bottom of the talus sits on the heel bone (the calcaneus).

Ankle supports, braces, and wraps are readily available. There are different designs, materials, colors, and closures. Find the best fit for you to support your ankle.


FUTURO Ankle Performance Support

Futuro Ankle Support

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Futuro is a reputable brand. This ankle support offers joint protection and stability to injured or arthritic ankles. The Futuro Ankle Performance Support is made of a neoprene-blend and breathable, stretch material which keeps the ankle warm while providing support. The moisture-wicking material controls perspiration. Antimicrobial treatment helps with odor control. 


Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Support Brace

Ankle aircast

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Pumped up with air, an Aircast applies gentle pressure to the ankle for added support. No rough, irritating materials involved. Also available for right ankle. The Aircast consists of semi-rigid shells which are designed for protection and comfort. The air cell system enhances circulation and reduces swelling.


Bauerfeind Ankle Support

Bauerfeind ankle support

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The Bauerfeind Ankle Support reinforces the ankle and reduces strain. The compression increases circulation and invigorates the muscles. While the support helps to relieve pain and swelling, it also promotes proprioception (ability to sense position). Made in Germany.


Mueller Soft Ankle Brace

Mueller ankle support

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The Mueller Soft Ankle Brace is a lightweight, strapped ankle brace which provides tape-like support without the hassle (or expense) of taping. The attached stirrup straps of the Mueller Soft Ankle Brace are less bulky than some other supports, but they still provide sufficient support. For either the left or right foot.


ACE Elasto-Preene Ankle Support

ACE ankle support

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The ACE Elasto-Preene Ankle Support is a neoprene support for the ankle with side stabilizers for extra bracing. ACE provides mild support for light compression and also heat retention. Helps to relieve pain and swelling associated with minor sprains, strains, and arthritis.


McDavid Ankle Supports

McDavid ankle support

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The McDavid Ankle Support is lightweight and features an adjustable figure-eight strap that works like athletic tape. The support protects the ankle and cuts down on the risk of injury. Made with 1/8" thick neoprene which provides the heat retention and compression.


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