Anne Asher, CPT



Anne Asher has experience working with all kinds of people with back and neck pain - in clinics, fitness centers, schools and in her own business.

Anne was a clinical and sports massage therapist for eight years before going into exercise instruction. She then went on to create and teach therapeutic exercise programs for patients, clients and students with back and neck problems. 

Anne works with the Cochrane Back Group to develop a consumer's perspective for reviews of medical literature. She has provided expert comment on back pain for such publications as Conde Nast's Easy Living Magazine in the U.K., The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online and others. 


Anne is certified by American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer and as a Health Coach.  She has also earned certifications as a Holistic Health Practitioner, a Pilates-based Movement and Exercise Instructor, and as an Ergonomic Assessor.  She has a degree in Communications Technology, and has taken graduate level coursework in epidemiology.

Anne continues her education by studying with other experts in her field. She also sees clients, teaches workshops, and gives presentations to health organizations.  And, she has been known to wow audiences with her hilarious but fact-based, original, spoken word health monologues.

A Word From Anne Asher, CPT

Having experienced several chronic back conditions and a few car accidents myself, I know what it is like to be slowed down by pain and injury. Working in clinical settings - as well as in my own business - has shown me first-hand what injury and chronic pain do to peoples' lives.

I am committed to bringing forward the latest evidence-based knowledge about back and neck problems and to blend that knowledge with perspective, humor and lifestyle considerations.

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