Anti-Fog Lense Products

Products Designed to Prevent Fogging

You step out of your car on a hot, humid day and are instantly blinded by foggy lenses. You walk out the front door on a cold, wintery day and feel like you've walked into a wall of snow. Lens fogging has been a problem for eyeglass wearers for decades. Isn't there a way to prevent lenses from becoming fogged to the point of total blindness?

Eyeglass lens material has changed over the years, constantly improving the quality of our vision. However, one area that has not seen much advancement is the problem of lens fogging. Sudden climate or room air changes can turn a clear lens into an opaque obstruction in an instant.

Certain professions deal with lens fogging on a daily basis such as restaurant workers who lift boiling pot lids or butchers who walk in and out of freezers. Those who wear safety goggles, helmets or protective masks are also bothered when fog builds up from the steam of their own breath, obstructing a much-needed view of their surroundings.

Fogged up glasses
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New Anti-Fog Products

Luckily, several companies have released new and different products that combat problematic lens fogging with a vengeance. Perhaps one of these new products can help you see through the fog.

  • Essilor’s Optifog Technology: Essilor's new technology consists of an Optifog topcoat and an Optifog Activator. The topcoat is a part of Essilor’s anti-reflective coating, Crizal UV, and is baked into the lens during the laboratory manufacturing process. Once per week, the person wearing the lenses applies the Optifog Activator by spraying and rubbing it onto their lenses. The wearer enjoys the benefits of a glare-free lens that decrease reflections, reduces annoying glare, makes the lenses appear invisible, and does not fog up.
  • No Fog Spray: Stormin' Norman's, a national optical supply company that provides many products to eye care providers, has introduced its No Fog spray. The spray is available in a 2-oz bottle. (As a bonus, the spray also works on bathroom windows and mirrors.)
  • Zero Fog: OMS Opto Chemicals now provides Zero Fog which is an anti-static chemical. The advantage this gives to eyeglass wearers is that it lasts for many months before another coat needs to be applied. Obviously, the more you clean your lenses, the more you should probably reapply the product. (The company points out that it is safe to use daily if desired.) This product even appears to work well on full-face shielded helmets for skiers and motorcyclists and is available in a spray or a cream form.
  • ICOAT No Fog: IC No-Fog is another anti-fog product that works instantly and can be applied directly to lenses. It seems to be effective on all lens materials including mirror coatings. This product is earning points with paintballers who go in and out of buildings and have problems with lens fogging.
  • Fogbuster: Hilco, a national company that provides all types of optical products to eye care providers, has developed Fogbuster. Fogbuster is not a spray, but instead a moist single-use towelette that can be applied on demand. Although the product seems to work well, it is not recommended for mirror coated lenses or lenses that have anti-reflective coating.
  • Defog It: A company called Nanofilm has produced Defog It anti-fog cloths, a product originally used by the military. It is available as reusable cloths or in liquid form and can be used on all types of lenses and coatings.
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By Troy Bedinghaus, OD
Troy L. Bedinghaus, OD, board-certified optometric physician, owns Lakewood Family Eye Care in Florida. He is an active member of the American Optometric Association.