Anxiety Disorders

Girl in hijab squeezes eyes shut and holds hands to either side of her head
What You Should Know About an Anxiety Attack
A young female patient is sitting across from her therapist, who is taking notes.
How Generalized Anxiety Disorder Is Diagnosed
Obesessive-compulsive disorder may display cleaning rituals
What Is OCD?
Anxiety disorder is isolating
Understanding Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder
man looking at house mess
What Is Hoarding?
worried woman
How Anxiety Disorder Is Diagnosed
Woman sitting
How an Anxiety Disorder Is Treated
Woman with goggles swimming below the surface in dark water
Thalassophobia: Fear of Deep Water
Young girl feeling uncomfortable after receiving shot on her arm
What Is Trypanophobia?
Girl sits in profile with eyes closed and hands over mouth
Panic Attack Symptoms
Video meeting on desktop screen
Social Anxiety Disorder: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Coping
A man holding a badminton racket sits on a chair surrounded by clutter.
How Hoarding Disorder Is Treated
Stealing kleptomania
Kleptomania: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
Women distressed holding hair
Trichotillomania: What You Should Know About Hair-Pulling Disorder
Portrait of young woman with anxiety
What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder?
Troubled woman in contemplation
Is Trypophobia Real?
A woman squeezes between two rock canyon walls
What You Should Know About Claustrophobia
Elementary age, Black girl holds mom or teacher's hand before school begins. She wears a backpack and clings to mom with uncertainty about starting school.
What Do I Do If My Child Has Separation Anxiety?
Man by window - head in hands
What Is an Anxiety Disorder?
Epsom salt
Is Epsom Salt a Beneficial Treatment for Anxiety?
woman deep breathing
10 Easy Breathing Exercises for Anxiety
Young woman in quarantine wearing a mask and looking through the window
What Is a Phobia?
Young woman with hand on chest
What Is Panic Disorder?
OCD vs. OCPD: What Are the Differences?
A woman with furrowed brows holds her head and looks at her phone
Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms, and Complications
Man in brown coat and backpack perched on steep hill looking behind and below him to a steep drop
What Is Acrophobia
Pensive Mixed Race woman sitting on bed - stock photo
What Causes Anxiety?
worried woman
How Panic Disorder Is Diagnosed
How Is OCD treated?
A man sits among empty chairs and thinks before a group therapy session.
How Generalized Anxiety Disorder Is Treated
Performance Anxiety Woman and Child
What Is Performance Anxiety?
Sad and depressed small girl with therapist sitting indoors, psychotherapy. - stock photo
How Is Separation Anxiety Treated?
Close up depressed unhappy Indian woman thinking about problems
Thanatophobia (Fear of Death): When You Can’t Stop Worrying
Stressed woman
How Panic Disorder Is Treated
Young Asian Woman Drinking Green Smoothie After Yoga
How to Deal With Anxiety: Tips That Can Help
Woman looking sad away from group of other people
Is Your Social Anxiety Natural or Social Anxiety Disorder?
Mature adult therapist listens to mid adult male client
How Social Anxiety Is Treated
Cropped shot of a woman sitting on a sofa and feeling anxious
What Is Severe Anxiety?
Young woman talks to attentive therapist
How Is Phobia Treated?
Anxious person may be experiencing agoraphobia
Agoraphobia: Fear of Certain Places or Situations
A young man pulls on his face and looks at his eyes in a mirror
What Is Illness Anxiety Disorder?
A POC woman standing at the sink with her back to the camera; a POC toddler is clutching her leg and holding a teddy bear.
How Is Separation Anxiety Diagnosed?
Woman at home during COVID-19 pandemic is looking through window
How Is Phobia Diagnosed?
Gifts for anxiety
The 11 Best Gifts for People with Anxiety of 2021
An anxious senior woman sitting outdoors on a park bench while rubbing her index finger.
How Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Is Diagnosed
Girl Alone
How Social Anxiety Disorder Is Diagnosed
A senior woman in her 60s at home, sitting in a messy, cluttered room, looking away with a serious expression.
How Is Hoarding Disorder Diagnosed?