Anxiety Disorders

Couple in a fight where the woman is jealous
How Can I Overcome Retroactive Jealousy?
Apprehensive-looking woman wearing a mask
What Is Fear of Doctors?
Person discussing phobia with mental health professional
Fear of Lizards: What to Know
Person with fear of clouds talks to mental health professional
Fear of Clouds: What to Know
Man experiencing OCD
How to Live Well With OCD
A woman in a green head scarf is scratching her elbow skin and looks concerned
The Cycle of Psoriasis and Anxiety
Man consults health provider online
Fear of Strangers: What You Need to Know
Two men are laying in bed. The man in the foreground is in focus. He looks sad. The man in the background is out of focus. He has his hand on the first man's shoulder and is looking at him.
What Is Relationship OCD?
Man feels stress in writing a report due to his perfectionism
Understanding the Psychology Behind Perfectionism
Woman deals with obsessive thoughts
Obsessions: Everything You Need to Know
Anxious woman
Fear of Cotton Balls
Woman discusses her phobia with a therapist
Fear of Animatronics: What You Need to Know
Person sitting on couch experiencing anxiety
Stress vs. Anxiety: What Are the Differences?
Woman working on laptop has difficulties with fear of success
Fear of Success: What to Know
Sad older man looking out a window
How Are MS and Anxiety Linked?
Person discusses their fear of germs with therapist
What Is Phobia of Germs (Mysophobia)?
Person with body dysmorphia checking appearance in mirror
What Is Body Dysmorphia?
obsessive-compulsive disorder
Existential OCD: When Life-and-Death Concerns Cause Unhealthy Obsessions
A person carefully aligns colored pencils on a table.
How Is Severe OCD Treated?
A group of people sit on chairs in a circle engaging in group therapy.
How Can You Find OCD Support Groups?
Illustration of pill/capsule
Cymbalta (Duloxetine) Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages
Anxiety and Rheumatoid Arthritis: 9 Effective Ways to Cope
An older woman sits on a yellow pillow with her eyes closed, meditating.
Can Mindfulness Help OCD?
A person with OCD sanitizes furniture surfaces
Different Types of OCD: Symptoms and Examples
Young man with OCD engages in compulsive cleaning
What Causes OCD?
Woman using deep breathing to face a specific phobia
A List of Common Phobias
A woman sits with her head resting on her hand. She has a concerned expression on her face.
What Is Real Event OCD?
Woman daydreaming, looking out of window
What Is Magical Thinking OCD?
 Daughter playing while father has headache
Here's a Quick Overview of the Links Between Anxiety and Headaches
Worrying Caucasian woman hugging legs - stock photo
How to Cope With Perimenopause Anxiety
View of Salt Marsh at Dusk
What Is the Fear of Frogs (Ranidaphobia)?
Woman holding hand to her chest
Panic Attack or Heart Attack? Differences and What to Do
Man looking out a window
What Is Fear of Being Forgotten?
Woman covering ears against loud noise
What Is Fear of Loud Noises?
Vegetable garden mixed with purple and orange flowers
What Is the Fear of Butterflies?
Entomophobia: The Fear of Insects
Woman signals man not to touch her
What Is the Fear of Being Touched?
Shadow of Person Walking
What Is Fear of Being Left Alone?
Woman alone with her dog
What Is Fear of Intimacy?
A person sits at a table with food and looks upset (What to Know about Emetophobia)
What Is Emetophobia?
Two vials of blood samples on a light green background.
What Is Hemophobia?
Public speaking
What Is Glossophobia?
A male patient in a hospital gown looks up at a physician in scrubs, who is holding a tablet and explaining something in a doctor's office.
What Is Fear of Getting Sick (Nosophobia)?
A man working on a laptop anxiously checks his watch.
What Is Fear of Time (Chronophobia)?
woman worried group of men
Fear of Men: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
Cat tower
Fear of Cats: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
man falling on stairs
Fear of Falling: Definition, Characteristics, Causes, Treatment
A purebred golden retriever dog is wearing a red animal harness to indicate it is a service dog
Service Dogs for Anxiety: Certification, Training, and More
woman at the window
What Is The Fear of Bees?
A woman covering her mouth with her hand
What Can I Do About My Fear of Spiders?
letter blocks
What Is Fear of Long Words?
Young woman working on laptop in bedroom
What Is Fear of Food?
woman looking out window at night
Fear of Sleep: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
A white man in a scarf and jacket looks at a gravestone in an empty graveyard.
What Is Fear of Ghosts (Phasmophobia)?
Students taking a written examination. A woman holds her head in her hand, leaning on the desk.
What Is The Fear of Failure?
Colorful balloons on blue table top view. Festive or party background. Flat lay style. Birthday greeting card.
What Is the Fear of Clowns?
Fear of the Unknown: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
Close Up Of Woman Holding Mobile Phone Screen To Camera As She Arrives At Entrance To Music Festival
What Is a Fear of Crowds?
Fear of Gaining Weight
What Is Fear of Gaining Weight?
A large 3 lane highway with light traffic running through a rural tree lined landscape with the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the background.
What Is Fear of Driving?