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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Dedication to aromatherapy and other uses of essential oils is on the rise. Learn the more about the possible benefits to determine if giving it a try is right for you.
Amlas in and around a basket
Can Amla Oil Reverse Hair Loss?
Sassafras oil
Know the Risks Before Consuming Sassafras Oil or Tea
Female business owner with essential oil products
The Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil
Black seed oil
The Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil
Lemongrass on a table
What Can Lemongrass Oil Do for You?
Ylang-Ylang flowers on tree, for manufacture of essential oil in Nosy Be, Madagascar
How to Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for Health
Close up of some bright pink geraniums growing in a garden.
Rose Geranium Benefits, Side Effects, and Alternatives
cinnamon oil
Can Cinnamon Essential Oil Enhance Your Health?
Two glass bottles with herbal extracts and dried patchouli flowers
The Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil
Rose essential oil in a bottle with roses and a jar
Health Benefits of Rose Essential Oil
Aromatherapy rose massage oil
The Benefits of Rose Oil in Aromatherapy
orange blossom (neroli) flowers
How Neroli Essential Oil Is Used in Aromatherapy
helichrysum plant
How Helichrysum Essential Oil Is Used for Healing
brahmi oil in a bottle
The Health Benefits of Brahmi Oil
Basil plant
The Benefits of Basil Essential Oil
Powdered and whole sandalwood
How to Use Sandalwood Essential Oil for Health Benefits
lemon essential oil
Lemon Essential Oil Common Uses and Side Effects
Biringraj flower
Beyond Hair: The Many Health Benefits of Bhringraj Oil
Grapefruit next to grapefruit essential oil
Learn the Many Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil
Orange essential oil laying on a table
The Many Benefits of Orange Essential Oil
Essential oils
Which Essential Oils Can Help You Sleep Better?
pinecones, seeds, and an oil bottle
The Benefits of Cedar Essential Oil
Bergamot citrus essential oil
Bergamot Oil: Benefits Beyond Aromatherapy
castor bean plant
The Health Benefits of Castor Oil
Basket of jasmine
The Health Benefits of Jasmine Oil
woman holding essential oil bottle
How to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy
Close-Up Of Cloves In Spoon On Table
The Health Benefits of Cloves
Citronella candles
Health Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil
Myrrh Oil
The Health Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil
A glass dropper of essential oil
Essential Information About Essential Oils
carrot flower closeup
The Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil
essential oil diffuser
The Different Types of Essential Oil Diffusers
buying essential oils
How to Get the Best Quality When Shopping for Essential Oils
Close-up of a woman smelling tea tree oil
The 6 Best Tea Tree Oils of 2021
Aromatherapy carrier oil with essential oil
The Most Popular Types of Carrier Oils
Leaves of a Neem tree
Health Benefits of Neem Oil
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