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Diagnosing Arthritis

Arthritis takes different forms, so your doctor will use your medical history, exams, blood tests, and imaging studies to confirm a specific diagnosis.
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Making an Arthritis Diagnosis
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What Do You Do if You Think You Might Have Arthritis?
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Learn About What Blood Tests Reveal in Arthritis
Woman going into CT scanner
What to Expect When Undergoing a CT Scan
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Synovial Fluid Analysis Can Be Valuable Diagnostic Testing
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Do You Have Inflammation? This Test Can Tell You
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The Biggest Misconceptions About Arthritis
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Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Uses, Procedure, Results
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Common Triggers of Autoimmune Reactions
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Antinuclear Antibodies Are Associated With Certain Autoimmune Diseases
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Do Your Hands Hurt? Find out What's Causing It and What to Do
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Blood Tests Ordered by Rheumatologists
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Arthritis of the Knee Joint: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment