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Living With Arthritis

Make each day with arthritis as good as it can be. Learn and incorporate strategies that help you cope with symptoms, like joint pain and stiffness, and ease daily challenges.

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Yoga for Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Arthritis: Coping, Support, and Living Well
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Arthritis and Activities of Daily Living
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10 Ways You Can Fight Arthritis
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Natural Ways to Fight Inflammation
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10 Cooking Tips for People With Arthritis
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Kitchen Gadgets and Tools for People With Arthritis
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Perthes Disease: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
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Ways to Improve Your Life If You Have Arthritis
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Actions That Make Arthritis Pain Worse
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The Effect of Stress on Arthritis
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The 9 Best Bras for People With Arthritis of 2021
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How to Prevent Progression of Arthritis
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Risks of Gastrointestinal Bleeding From Medications
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Arthritis and Blood Donations
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Understanding the Functional Limitations From Arthritis
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Ways to Reduce Risk of Ulcers From NSAIDs
Dating Advice for People With Arthritis
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Arthritis Medications May Cause Hair Loss
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Continuing to Work With Arthritis
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Tips for Controlling Fatigue Caused by Arthritis
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Getting Pregnant When You Have Arthritis
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Sleep Problems in People With Arthritis
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Photosensitivity Reaction With Certain Medications
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What You Need to Know About Foot Orthotics
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Referred Pain Can Make Arthritis Diagnosis Difficult
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The 7 Best Mattresses for Arthritis of 2021
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The Things People Fear About Arthritis
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The 8 Best Gifts for People with Arthritis of 2021
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10 Ways to Fight Fatigue From Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis, general practitioner examining patient and hand for signs of rheumatoid arthri : Stock Photo CompAdd to Board Caption:Rheumatoid arthritis. General practitioner examining a patient's hand for signs of rheumatoid arthritis. This condition is caused by the immune system attacking the body's own tissues, causing progressive joint and cartilage destruction. As the cartilage is worn away, new bone grows as part of the repair process. This causes stiffness and deformity of the fingers. Treatment is with anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy. Rheumatoid arthritis, general practitioner examining patient and hand for signs of rheumatoid arthritis
A Photo Gallery of Arthritic Hands
Keyless ignition is helpful for people with arthritis
Car Features and Accessories for Easier Driving With Arthritis
Mexican Woman Walking
Is Walking Good for Arthritis in the Knee?
 fortyforks / Getty Images
20 Supplements and Vitamins for Arthritis
 Linda Raymond / Getty Images
Alcohol and Arthritis: Pros and Cons
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Are Bananas Bad for Arthritis? Pros and Cons
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Magnesium for Arthritis: Pros, Cons, and Recommendations
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The Benefits of Yoga for Bad Knees
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12 Foods To Avoid With Arthritis