A person with aching hands

Arthritis Treatment for Pain Relief

Pain is the primary symptom associated with arthritis. Learn which types of treatment and disease management strategies can provide you with relief, so you can take an active role in your care.
Pharmacist discusses medication with client
Understand the Differences Between NSAIDs Etodolac and Ibuprofen
Pharmacist and client discuss medications
Similarities and Differences of Mobic (Meloxicam) and Ibuprofen
Closeup of Adult Woman Rubbing Hand Cream Into Her Hands Outdoors
What Are the Different Kinds of Aspercreme?
Pharmacist discusses prescription with customer
Which Drugs Can Interact With Indocin?
person handling pain relief pills
What to Know About Voltaren
Close-Up View of Hands Holding Pills and Water
What to Know About Prescription Anti-Inflammatory Medications
Senior man is looking for information about the medicine over the Internet. He is holding a medicine in one hand
What to Know About Drug Interactions With Nabumetone
Arthritis pain is often treated with NSAIDs like flurbiprofen
How to Use Flurbiprofen
Person holding pill bottle
Everything to Know About Indomethacin
Neck arthritis
Natural Remedies for Neck Pain From Arthritis
elderly woman shopping for medications
Pain Medications for Arthritis: Strongest to Weakest
Mature woman in pain, holding knee
Treating Your Arthritis Knee Pain At Home
woman receiving arthritis medication from a pharmacist
What You Should Know About Rayos (Prednisone) and Medrol (Methylprednisolone)
Copper bracelet
Can Wearing a Copper Bracelet Ease Arthritis Pain?
Knee Injection
Knee Injection Side Effects
Radiofrequency ablation
What Is Radiofrequency Ablation?
Etodolac prescription
Etodolac: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, Precautions
Blister pack of pills
Safer NSAID Alternatives
Hispanic man examining prescription bottle in kitchen - stock photo
Everything You Need to Know About Orudis
Arthritis knee pain
What to Know About Nabumetone
Senior customer showing prescription to female doctor. Cashier is assisting elderly woman at checkout counter. They are standing at pharmacy.
What to Know About Piroxicam
Hand holding a ball (Hand exercises), Cold pack, Capsaicin cream, device with meditation sounds, acupuncture appointment card, fruits and vegetables (Natural Remedies for Arthritis in the Hands)
10 Ways to Naturally Manage Arthritis in the Hands
Driving a high performing pharmacy with teamwork - stock photo
Can You Take Advil With Prednisone?
Instructions on a pill bottle - stock photo
Everything You Need to Know About Clinoril (Sulindac)
Feeling Awful - stock photo
Why You Shouldn’t Mix Alcohol and Zorvolex
Pink pills with glass of water isolated on white background - stock photo
What You Need to Know About Voltaren and Advil for Pain
Ointment on the hands of an elderly person. Applying the ointment and emollient cream in the treatment and hydration of the skin . Problem skin in old age - stock photo
Trixaicin: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages, Precautions
Pharmacist advises woman on drug interactions
Etodolac Interactions: What You Need to Know
Patient having knee injection by medical provider
What Is Prolotherapy?
Baking soda
How Baking Soda Fights Inflammation
Senior opening jar with arthritic hands
Advil Arthritis: Everything You Need to Know
Mixed race doctor taking medication - stock photo
Everything You Need to Know About Oxycodone
Applying Zostrix capsaicin cream to hand
What You Should Know About Zostrix Cream
woman holding medication and glass of water
What You Need To Know About Tylenol Arthritis
Woman Using Laptop Holds Wrist in Pain
How to Use PainBloc24
Female health care provider holding an orange medicine container while explaining the prescription to a male patient.
Indocin (Indomethacin) Side Effects
Hispanic man examining prescription bottle in kitchen
Celebrex (Celecoxib) Side Effects
A woman lays, her knee close to the camera. Five acupuncture needles are in her knee
Can Acupuncture Help Arthritis?
Chinese man taking medication
Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Pain Medication for Arthritis
Shoulder pain
What You Can Do to Manage Arthritis Pain
Woman applying mud to shoulder
Is Mud Bath Therapy Effective for Arthritis?
Magnet therapy.
What Is the Effectiveness of Magnet Therapy for Arthritis?
How to Choose an Effective NSAID
Hand Modeling
The 3 Best Paraffin Baths
Woman pouring pills
What You Should Know About NSAIDs for Arthritis
Tylenol tablets on a table
Which Type of Tylenol Should You Take?
Sharper Image foot warmers
We Found the Best Foot Warmers for People With Arthritis
physical therapist working with a woman's knee
A Comprehensive Treatment Plan Includes Physical Therapy
Woman reading on couch with blanket
How You Can Bring Intense Symptoms of Arthritis Flares Under Control
prescription bottles
Which Analgesics Provide the Most Relief for Arthritis?
Bottle of name brand acetaminophen
Acetaminophen: Uses, Dosage, Precautions & Side Effects
Doctor giving patient pills
Can You Take Tylenol With an NSAID?
Close up of senior's hands taking pill from pill organizer
Can Low-Dose Aspirin Be Taken With Ibuprofen?
Extra Strength Tylenol
Proper Use of Extra Strength Tylenol
Young lady holding her chest with a doctor
Taking Proton Pump Inhibitors When You Have Arthritis
Man taking a pill.
Should Pain Medication Be Taken on a Schedule?
Muscle Pain
When Is Muscle Pain Serious?
Woman applying cream to hands, close-up
The 9 Best Arthritis Creams of 2022
Ginger capsules, powder, tea, extract, tinctures
Is Ginger Worth a Try to Improve Your Arthritis Symptoms?

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