Ask an Expert: How Can I Avoid a Misdiagnosis When It Comes to My Skin Condition?

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photo of Dr. Woolery-Lloyd ask an expert

Julie Bang / Verywell

Verywell Health: How can I avoid a misdiagnosis when it comes to my skin condition?

Dr. Woolery-Lloyd: There are two main things you can do.

One is to try to seek out an expert who specializes in or has experience with what you’re concerned about. For example, some dermatologists treat a lot of hair loss or see a lot of psoriasis, but others don’t. Someone with specific expertise will be better suited to diagnose and treat your condition. That said, seeking out an expert is easier in a city or urban location, where there is more choice available to you.

The second thing you can do is that if you’re not comfortable with your first encounter—for whatever reason—you can always seek out a second opinion. Doing that can help solidify the information you were given and confirm or refute a diagnosis.