Ask an Expert: How Do I Take My HIV Medication Correctly and Where Can I Get Support?

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Julie Bang / Verywell

Verywell Health: How do I make sure I am taking my HIV medication correctly?

Dr. Elopre: HIV medication can be complicated, because there’s so many new medications coming out. The most important thing to do is always talk to your healthcare provider about the HIV medication that’s been prescribed to you, because sometimes even taking things like over-the-counter supplements, like zinc or calcium, can interact with and affect how well the HIV medication works in your body.

So always check with your provider. Talk about all other medications you’re taking, including supplements. You can always look online on websites like Verywell that have researched and worked with people in the HIV field about medications and how to take them correctly.

Verywell Health: Where can I get support with getting and taking medication?

Dr. Elopre: There are lots of support groups that can help in addressing barriers to medication adherence and in getting to your appointments.

The ultimate goal for any person living with HIV, and for their provider team, is to make sure that barriers are addressed and removed, so that the individual can be virally suppressed. This means that they cannot transmit the virus to other people and can live almost the same as someone who doesn’t have HIV.

I would recommend talking to your social worker or case manager at your local clinic. They will always have resources on hand, and oftentimes groups or support groups in the clinic can help address any gaps or issues you may have in regards to getting support.