Assistive Devices and Orthotics

From crutches and wheelchairs to braces and slings, there are many assistive devices that can help you recover from an injury. Explore your options and learn how to best put them to use.
Knee support brace
Knee and Elbow Compression Braces: Benefits, Uses, Features
A man touching a brace on his knee
The Different Knee Braces for Pain and How to Know When You Need One
Foot hovering over orthotic shoe insert
How Orthotics Can Treat Help Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
a woman leaning on a cane
Get Tips on How to Adjust a Cane to the Correct Height for Walking
Photo of a woman and a PT with a walker.
How Do You Properly Use a Walker?
The lift off strip of kinesiology tape.
How to Use Kinesiology Tape for Shoulder Trigger Points
Kinesiology tape can be used to treat plantar fasciitis.
Kinesiology Taping for Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain
Man wearing knee brace
How to Properly Wear Your Knee Brace After Surgery
Photo of a knee getting measured with a goniometer.
This Is How Your Physical Therapist Measures Joint Range of Motion
kinesiotape on back
How to Use Kinesiology Tape for SI Joint Pain
A knee Bledsoe brace.
Should Your Wear a Bledsoe Brace After ACL Surgery?
Close up showing a medical treatment of a young woman. A female physiotherapist is taping the neck of a young lady which has got head aches. Kinesiotape is also used for prevention and treatment in competitive sports.
How Kinesiology Tape Is Used in Physical Therapy
Three senior men laughing, walking on city waterfront
Avoid Common Mistakes While Walking With a Cane for Safety
Doctor helping a patient walk up stairs
How to Negotiate Stairs After an Injury or Surgery
A roll of kinesiology tape
The Benefits of Using Kinesiology Tape to Prevent Nipple Chaffing
Patient being diagnosed by his physical therapist
Discover How Your Physical Therapist Uses Hot Packs During PT
Inversion Table
Is an Inversion Table a Good Way to Reduce Lower Back Pain?
Photo of a woman loading a wheelchair into a car.
Open and Close Your Wheelchair With Simple Instructions
Young woman during an electrical stimulation therapy. -stock photo
How Electricity Is Used in Physical Therapy
A person with a shoulder sling for an injury - stock photo
How to Wear a Shoulder Sling: 5 Easy Steps
Photo of a woman and a PT with a walker.
Choosing and Using Walkers in Physical Therapy
Caregiver helping a man with crutches.
Properly Position and Size Your Crutches for Safe Walking
Therapist working with senior patient in rehab center
How Shoulder Pulleys Can Aid You in Physical Therapy
Photo of a woman walking with a quad cane.
Choose and Use the Proper Quad Cane for Walking
A woman in the gym with an injured shoulder
Learn Why and How the Upper Body Ergometer Is Used in Physical Therapy
Photo of a man in cervical traction.
How Over-the-Door Cervical Traction Can Help for Neck Pain
Physical therapist working with man exercising
Discover How and Why TheraBands Are Used in Physical Therapy
Photo of a golfer holding his elbow.
How to Use Kinesiology Tape to Treat Golfer's Elbow
Photo of a BOSU ball.
How Are Orthotics Used in Physical Therapy?
Photo of the Omron Home TENS Unit
Physical Therapy Review of the Omron MAX Power TENS Unit
Ankle foot orthosis being used outside
An Ankle-Foot Orthosis May Improve Your Walking
Man wearing knee brace
2 Basic Types of Knee Braces Used for Support and Injury Prevention
CPM machine working
One Way to Get Your Knee Bending After Surgery Is With CPM
Pilates elastic band
How to Treat Foot Drop With an Elastic Resistance Band
a young man holding his back in pain
Does Spinal Decompression Really Work in Treating Low Back Pain?
Kinesio Tape on a runner's calf.
Who Should Avoid Using Kinesiology Tape?
You can use kinesiology tape to support your rotator cuff and shoulder.
Improve Rotator Cuff Function With Kinesiology Tape for Your Shoulder
Kinesiology Tape for Shin Splints
Kinesiology Tape for Shin Splints
physical therapy headache
How to Cut the 5 Basic Types of Tape in Kinesiology Taping
Senior man walking in a forest
Which Type of Walking Cane Is Best for You?