A woman using an inhaler

Living With Asthma

Learn strategies to help you best cope with your asthma symptoms and take action when early signs of an attack surface. Preparation is key so you can live your best life uninterrupted.
A woman using a pink inhaler in her bedroom.
Medical and Lifestyle Complications of Asthma
Woman holding a cup of coffee
Coffee for Asthma Relief?
Asthma Diet
​​Asthma Diet: What to Eat and What to Avoid
A hiker with asthma using her inhaler
What's the Recovery Time After a Severe Asthma Attack?
COVID-19 Risks and Asthma - Illustration by Mira Norian
What Are the Risks for Asthma and COVID-19?
It really is a breath of fresh air
Living With Asthma
Best Pulse Oximeters
The 7 Best Pulse Oximeters of 2022 for At-Home Use
Woman with breathing difficulties, France
The Surprising Link Between Asthma and Pneumonia
A hiker with asthma using her inhaler
Prescription Assistance Programs for Asthma Drugs
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12 Tips to Get Exercise and Prevent Asthma Attacks While Running
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Can Buteyko Breathing Improve Your Asthma?
Scholarship application
The Different College Scholarships for People With Asthma
Young woman using peak flow meter, young man assessing results
6 Essential Steps to Monitoring Asthma for Better Control
Natural Remedies for Asthma
Don't Overlook These Natural Asthma Treatments
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How Asthma May Affect Your Quality of Life
Break of running
How to Exercise With Asthma
flu shot
Are Flu Vaccine Side Effects More Likely for People With Asthma?
Woman with the flu
Why the Flu Is Different for People With Asthma
Woman using CPAP mask
How CPAP for Sleep Apnea Can Help With Asthma Symptoms
My heart's racing so fast
Is Exercised-Induced Asthma Really Asthma?
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Navigating Asthma in Older Adults
Little girl receives breathing treatment
How Families Can Deal With Asthma Costs and Emotional Stress
Teenage girl using asthma inhaler
6 Things to Remember When Dealing With a Chronic Asthma Condition
Woman out for a jog checks her vitals on a fitness tracker
How to Lose Weight and Breathe Better When You Have Asthma
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How Asthma Can Take a Toll on Your Health Long-Term
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Are People with Asthma More Likely to Get Lung Cancer?