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Autism and Family Life

An autism diagnosis affects the whole family. Explore ways to help parents, siblings, and extended family to live well with and support an autistic family member.

Brothers using digital tablet
What It's Like Being the Sibling of a Child With Autism
A picture of a child learning how to write his name
Could the SCERTS Model Help Your Child With Autism?
angry boy being scolded by his mother
How to Tell the Difference Between Autistic Behavior and Misbehavior
father reads with son
Tips to Start Homeschooling a Child with Autism
Relaxed with Headphones
Make Your Home a Sanctuary for Your Autistic Child
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Are Your Dreams for Your Autistic Child Serving You or Them?
A mother having a tea party with her daughter
Learn Why Playing With Your Autistic Child Isn't Always so Easy
Child on horse with therapist
How Animals Can Help Treat Symptoms of Autism
Boy (6-7) reading book in school library
Your Autistic Child's Splinter Skills Could Help Him Learn and Grow
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5 Controversies in the Autism Community
Child having tantrum
20 Ways to Help a Child With Autism to Stay Calm or Manage Meltdowns
Family group hug
Tips to Help You Prepare for an Autistic Child's Long-Term Future
Dentist working on a child
How to Plan a Successful Trip to the Dentist With an Autistic Child
Doctor examining a young boy
Why the Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) Protocol Was Discontinued
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10 Activities to Enjoy With Your Autistic Child
Young boy sitting on bed, lining up pieces of paper
Autism Terms You May Be Misunderstanding
Multi-ethnic multi-generation family cheering boy hitting pinata at birthday party
Will My Autistic Child Lead a Normal Life?
Teenage boy cooking in kitchen
Autistic Teens May Need to Be Taught Independent Living Skills
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9 Ways to Have Summer Fun With an Autistic Child
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Marriage to a Spouse With Asperger's Syndrome
Child and grandfather watching video together
How Grandparents Can Form a Bond With Their Autistic Grandchild
Thomas the Tank Engine ride through a forested area
Top 10 Ideas for Using Thomas the Tank Engine as a Teaching Tool
Group of children on the playground
How to Use Social Stories to Help Your Child Navigate the World
Father dressing toddler in nursery
3 Ways to Keep Your Autistic Child From Taking Their Clothes Off
Portrait of a mother with daughter Autism and Down Syndrome in daily lives
Helping Birthing Parents of Autistic Children Cope With Their Depression
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Discover the Best Types of Dogs for Children With Autism
Mother kissing daughter's cheek on christmas
16 Ways to Have a Great Holiday on the Autism Spectrum
10 Kinds of Gifts Autistic Kids (and Their Parents) Will Hate
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How Lack of Social Motivation Impacts People with Autism