There is no simple medical test to diagnosis autism. Prepare for a process that may include interviews, observation, and evaluations of speech, hearing, and motor skills.
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The ADI-R and Other Tests Used to Make an Autism Diagnosis
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What Does Mild Autism Mean?
Nonverbal Autism
Overview of Nonverbal Autism
What is PDD-NOS?
3 functional levels of autism
Understanding the Three Levels of Autism
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How Does OCD Compare With Autism?
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What Is Social Communication Disorder?
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Differences in Diagnosing Autism in Girls and Boys
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What to Know the Broad Autism Phenotype
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What Makes an Autistic Person a "Savant?"
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What Does It Mean to Be Neurotypical?
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Who Should Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders?
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Checklists and Tests for Autism in Toddlers
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Can Teachers Give an Autism Diagnosis?
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"Name Test" May Suggest Autism
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Childhood Behavioral Issues and Autism