6 #ActuallyAutistic Instagram Accounts to Follow

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If you've been scrolling on social media, especially Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, chances are you've seen posts tagged with #ActuallyAutistic. The hashtag is home to posts created by a vibrant and diverse group of autistic people, sharing their experiences online.

The autism community is much larger than you might think. Chances are, you don’t just know one or two people on the autism spectrum—you probably know many, even if you don't realize it. 

The emergence of the #ActuallyAutistic hashtag has helped illuminate the vast and complex experiences that exist in the autistic community. Even two autistic people in the same family can have very different experiences. While there is plenty of research about autism and many experts on the subject, “actually autistic” people are often the best sources of information, tips, and the rich narratives that represent what autism is in a way a textbook never could. 

Some people in the autism community use person-first language (“A person with autism”) but there are also many people who prefer to use identity-first language (“An autistic person”).

The #ActuallyAutistic hashtag is one way for autistic people to connect and share those experiences through social media. It’s also a great way for everyone to learn more about autism, check and challenge their biases, and appreciate the different identities and perspectives of people on the autism spectrum.

Here are a few Instagram accounts that can introduce you to the #ActuallyAutistic community and help you celebrate those who are a part of it. 

Paige Layle 

Paige, who might be more well-known on TikTik (or #Autistiktok) uses her social media presence to highlight how there is no single way to “look” or “be” autistic. Layle offers a lot of insight into neurodiversity and can help anyone gain more awareness of the misconceptions they might have about the autism spectrum.

Lauren Melissa

Lauren chronicles her life as a Black woman on the autism spectrum, providing #Autietips along the way. If you’re also looking to expand your knowledge of social justice issues and become a better ally, her account is definitely one to follow. 

Autism Sketches 

Anouk’s illustrations will not only have you smitten and engaged but teach you a great deal about autism spectrum disorders (ASD)—from defining and explaining key terms to providing information about the many advocacy efforts you can support.

The Chronic Couple (Brandy and Matt)

One of the neat things about Brandy and Matt’s accounts (you can follow the main Chronic Couple account plus each of their personal accounts) is that they showcase many different sides of the individual ASD, anxiety, and ADHD experiences (as these and other mental health conditions, like OCD and ARFID, often co-occur with autism), plus the couples’ joint experiences. 

The Chronic Couple’s Instagram posts provide engaging, helpful, and informative content that people within the community as well as those who are just hoping to learn more can benefit from. 

Oliver Quincy 

Oliver offers thoughtful insights into their life being autistic and trans, as well as living with mental illness. Their service dog, Albus ,also makes the occasional appearance on their account. 

21 & Sensory

Emily’s artwork not only provides education for everyone about autism but also some pointers for people navigating life on the spectrum, as well as those with sensory processing disorder. Emily also has a podcast about autism through BBC.

By Abby Norman
Abby Norman is a freelance science writer and medical editor. She is also the author of "Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women's Pain."