Most people with autism can thrive with the right support. Learn about programs, resources, and tips for maintaining a healthy life with autism spectrum disorder.
Laboratory Partners
Autism in Teenagers
child and mother at the zoo
What Are Autism-Friendly Experiences?
Parents holding son's hand at the beach
How to Travel With an Autistic Family Member
Kid in pajamas lays in bed feeling sick, stomachs
How to Detect and Address Gastrointestinal Issues in Children
Woman helping younger woman with autism to fill out job application
Services for Adults with Autism
Desperately unhappy 7 year old boy looks down
Helping People With Autism Manage Anxiety
Father and son using an autism app on a tablet together
Autism Apps
Girl standing alone in front of group of girls
Are Autistic People Introverts?
Man feeding reluctant child
3 Connections Between Autism, Diet, and Behavior
Children's hands together in a circle
Pros and Cons of Autism-Only Schooling
Statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse
How to Enjoy Disney World With an Autistic Child
Man at work on a computer
Top 10 Autism Friendly Employers
Toddler sleeping in own bed
The Link Between Autism and Sleep Issues
independent teen
How to Create a Transition Plan for Your Child's IEP
Advocacy group talking in circle
Autistic Self Advocacy: History, Groups, and Programs
autistic employee
10 Things to Know About Autism and Employment
TV for younger children
Autism on Television
Child smiling in doorway
Safety Tips and Products for Kids With Autism
Relaxed with Headphones
6 Realistic Tips for Making Your Home Autism-Friendly
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Teaching Kids With Autism How to Play Soccer
little girl frustrated in school
Private School Options for Children With Autism
A picture of a child learning how to write his name
The SCERTS Model for Children With Autism
Cute little boy sitting outdoors, wearing crown, looking up at the sky.
William Stillman Speaks About Autism and Spirituality
Child on horse with therapist
Animal and Pet Therapies for Autism
Depressed sad child sitting on the floor, in the door. The little boy is hiding his head between legs.
Helping Children With Autism Handle Their Emotions
Good job son
Introduction to Autism Controversies
Dentist working on a child
Prepare for the Dentist With Your Autistic Child
Adoption counselor and little boy
Why Children with Autism Deserve Rules and Discipline
Father speaking to his son
Speech and Communication in Autism
Boys playing toy cars
Do People With Autism Connect Best With Each Other?
Little boy shouting with colorful sound waves
Top 10 Positive Traits of Autistic People
Mom and child holiday shopping
21 Autism-Friendly Christmas Santas, Shops, and Shows
Multi-ethnic multi-generation family cheering boy hitting pinata at birthday party
Will Your Autistic Child Lead a 'Normal Life?'
Teacher working with young students
Educational Options for Children on the Autism Spectrum
little girl anxious near toilet
Toilet Training Autistic Children Requires Patience
A picture of kids playing outdoors with hula hoops.
The Best Sports for Kids With Autism
Teacher helping students make art
Pros and Cons of Public School for Children With Autism
Young boy playing the blocks
Best Intelligence Test for an Autistic Child
Sperm Inseminate Egg - Sex and Reproduction
Sex Education for Teens With Autism
Picky Eater
Getting Autistic Children to Eat More
Summer Clarinet
Tips to Help Teach Autistic People Instrumental Music
Children smiling at summer camp
Directories of Summer Camps for Children With Autism
Helping Your Autistic Child Handle Puberty
Prepare for the transition from school to summer camp
Extended School Year (ESY) for Kids With Autism
TV for younger children
Top 10 Reasons to Allow Autistic Children to Watch TV
little girl frustrated in school
Why School Is So Challenging for Children With Autism
Trophies in a line
Why Rewards May Improve Your Autistic Child's Behavior
3 year old crying laying on the floor
How Autistic Meltdowns Differ From Ordinary Temper Tantrums
Child having tantrum
How to Calm a Child With Autism
Sports for kids with autism: bowling
Fitness and Sports for Kids With Autism
School bus driver checks children off as they get on bus
Why Autistic People Have Difficulty With Generalizing
Father playing with son
Considerations When Deaf People Are Also Autistic
Overwhelmed at School
Is School Inclusion Right for Your Autistic Child?
Woman with Asperger syndrome playing with her pet cats
Finding the Right Home for Your Adult Child With Autism
Lonely middle school student in cafeteria
Social Motivation and Autism
Classroom Aide
Should My Autistic Child Go to Preschool?
Mom reads and points to a picture in a book
Preschool Options for a Child with Autism
Child playing with blocks
Autistic Children and Developmental Milestones
cute girls talking and playing in kindergarten for kids with special needs
Ways to Help Your Child With Autism Fit In Socially
Point Ruston Playground
Free Visual Tools for Teaching Playground Skills