Learn about the early signs and symptoms that could suggest autism spectrum disorder, including a lack of eye contact, late talking, and repetitive behaviors.
Girl playing with wooden figures on windowsill
Signs and Symptoms of Autism in Girls
Child biting fingernails
Stimming in Autism: Behaviors, Causes, Management
Little boy awake in his bed
What Are the Early Signs of Autism?
Kids playing together with telephone cans
How Speech Patterns in Autism Can Affect Communication
Father playing with this daughter outside
Lack of Eye Contact as a Symptom of Autism
Pediatrician with little boy
Is Late Speech a Sign of Autism?
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Checklist of Autism Symptoms
An young child lining up his toy cars
Why Autistic Children Play Differently
Little girl playing while her father is trying to talk to her
13 Speech and Communication Problems in Autism
Little boy crouching on the floor at home playing with building bricks
How Autism May Affect Sympathy and Empathy
Autistic child receives therapy with dolphin trainer and Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), Dolphin Reef, Eilat, Israel - Red Sea.
People With Autism and Theory of Mind
Toddler boy holding onto his father's legs
Red Flags That Don't Indicate Autism
A stressed mom while her child screams behind her.
5 Signs to Worry About Regarding Autism in Children
Young woman squinting eye closed, hand covering ear, close-up
Autism and Sensory Overload
Boy alone with toys
What Makes a Behavior Autistic?
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Signs of Autism Your Pediatrician May Miss
Child and mother doing laundry
Executive Functioning and Its Connection to Autism
A child sorting legos
Hallmark Features That Characterize Autism
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Repetitive Behaviors in Autism
mom and son reading
Echolalia and Children With Autism
Puzzle made from faces, half completed
Face Blindness (Prosopagnosia) Is Common in Autism
Lonely middle school student in cafeteria
Social Motivation and Autism