Treatments for autism can include behavioral or developmental therapy, drugs, nutritional interventions, and more. Learn what's available and what's effective.
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When Autism and Epilepsy Go Together
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How Occupational Therapists Can Help People With Autism
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Treatments and Therapies for Autism
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CBD Oil as a Treatment for Autism
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What Is the Best Treatment for Autism?
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The Risks of Chelation Therapy for Autism
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How the Picture Exchange Communication System Helps People with Autism
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How Animals Can Help Treat Symptoms of Autism
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How to Remove Gluten and Milk From Your Autistic Child's Diet
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Is Applied Behavioral Analyis (ABA) Right for My Autistic Child?
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How Can a Psychologist Help a Person With Autism?
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Could the SCERTS Model Help Your Child With Autism?
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Does My Child Really Need 40 Hours a Week of ABA Therapy for Autism?
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Get Info on the Benefits of Using Physical Therapy to Treat Autism
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The Right Time to Try the Rapid Prompting Method for Treating Autism
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How Parents Can Help Autistic Childrem Improve Social Thinking Skills
Nonverbal Autism
How Can Play Therapy Benefit a Child With Autism?
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Is Sensory Integration Therapy Helpful for Autism?
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Should Your Autistic Child Be Getting Social Skills Therapy?
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Can facilitated communication help your autistic child communicate?
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How to Use Social Stories to Help Your Child Navigate the World
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Music Therapy Is a Risk-Free Therapy for Kids with Autism
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Learn How Tying Gender Dysphoria to Autism Might Be Discriminatory
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Risperdal for Autism Is Used to Treat Irritability in Children
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6 Easy, Lower-Cost Ways to Become Your Child's Autism Therapist
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Is Your Child Too High Functioning for Applied Behavior Analysis?
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20 Ways to Help a Child With Autism to Stay Calm or Manage Meltdowns
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How Lack of Social Motivation Impacts People with Autism