Treatments for autism can include behavioral or developmental therapy, drugs, nutritional interventions, and more. Learn what's available and what's effective.
Using toys during play therapy
How Autism Is Treated
Mom and daughter playing with blocks
Pivotal Response Training for Children With Autism
CBD oil and hemp plant
CBD Oil as a Treatment for Autism
Children playing musical chairs
Recreation Therapy for Autism
Father With Autistic Son
6 Steps for Evaluating Effectiveness of an Autism Treatment
Stuttering girl and speech therapist
What Is the Best Treatment for Autism?
Toddler upset covering his face
Chelation Therapy for Autism Is Risky and Ineffective
young Girl playing with LEGOs
Learn About LEGO Therapy for Children With Autism
A pediatrician talking to a child and her parents
Getting Quality Medical Care for Your Autistic Child
boy using Picture Exchange Cards
Picture Exchange Communication Systems Help Autism
Child on horse with therapist
Animal and Pet Therapies for Autism
Berries on a picnic table
Your Autistic Child and a Gluten and Casein Free Diet
Therapist talking to little boy with drawing
What Is ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy for Autism?
ABA Therapy
ABA (Applied Behavioral Therapy) for Autism
Child talking to therapist
Autism Treatments Based on Psychology
A picture of a child learning how to write his name
The SCERTS Model for Children With Autism
A girl who cared by Grandma is taking pills in bed
Drugs and Medications for Autism Symptoms
Boy stacking blocks
How Much Applied Behavioral Analysis Is Recommended
Little girl painting a picture
How Art Therapy Really Can Help People With Autism
A physical therapist working with a young boy
Using Physical Therapy as a Treatment for Autism
Doctor listening to boy's breathing in doctor's office
Developmental-Behavorial Pediatricians for Children With Autism
Father and daughter reading together
Treating Autism With The Rapid Prompting Method
Cute little boy, playing with toy cars at home
Help Your Autistic Child Improve Social Thinking Skills
Nonverbal Autism
Benefits of Play Therapy and Autism
Joint Play Father and Daughter
Make Playtime Fun and Therapeutic for Autistic Children
Mother and son touching hands covered in wet paint
Sensory Integration Therapy and Autism
girl Left Out of a group
The Importance of Social Skills Therapy for Autism
Father dressing toddler in nursery
How Early Intervention Can Help Your Child With Autism
Teacher helping student in classroom
How Speech Therapy Benefits Children With Autism
Mother and child typing on a computer
Facilitated Communication and Autism
Group of children on the playground
Social Stories for Kids With Autism
A music therapist and her patient drum together
Autistic Children and Music Therapy Benefits
Younger boy looking out a window
The Problem With Tethering Gender Dysphoria and Autism
a boy and his mother at the doctor's office.
Risperdal as a Treatment for Autism
A group of teen boys hanging out together
Could My Child Outgrow Autism?
Autism therapy
Parents Become ABA Therapists With "Rethink First"
Father and son playing together
6 Autism Therapies Parents Can Provide in Their Own Home
Therapist with an autistic child
Overview of Terms Used by Autism Therapists
Child going through therapy
Too High Functioning for Applied Behavior Analysis?
Child having tantrum
How to Calm a Child With Autism
Lonely middle school student in cafeteria
Social Motivation and Autism