A man seated at a desk rubbing his lower back

Diagnosing Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain have a variety of causes. Your doctor will do a physical exam, ask about your medical history, and conduct imaging studies to confirm a diagnosis.
Young female gymnasts performing back bends onto a crash mat
The Stress Fracture Spondylolysis
Golfer holding his back in pain
Back Strain Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment
A physiotherapist holding spine model
How to Keep Acute Low Back Pain From Developing Into a Chronic Case
A health practitioner administers the straight leg raise test.
Testing the Cause of Back Pain When Raising Your Leg
A woman rubbing her sore neck.
Causes, Treatment, and Prevention of Stingers in the Neck
Computer worker diagram shows desk height, hip and knee angles and more.
Neck Pain and Posture
Photo of an overweight man with back pain.
6 Tests Used to Diagnose Spinal Stenosis
Woman enters an MRI machine.
Magnetic Resonance Neurography or MRN
Doctor Examining Patients back
Epidural Fibrosis: Spinal Nerve Root Scarring
Man with back and neck pain on the bed
How Do You Know If You Have a Neck or Back Sprain?
Tailbone pain is pain in the coccyx bone.
Tail Bone Pain (Coccygodynia) Symptoms and Treatment
Man with lower back pain sitting on bed
Shooting Leg Pains Linked to Lumbar Spine Problems
illustration showing an Annular fissure
Spinal Disc Herniation Injury Overview
Man with Back Pain
Is Your Back Pain Non-Specific, Mechanical, or Serious?
spinal disc
Types of Spinal Disc Herniation
Blood tube sitting on blood results with technician at microscope in lab
Blood Tests for Diagnosing Back Pain
Chiropractic treatment
Sacroiliac Joint Pain - SI Injury
Scoliosis: Overview and More
Man with low back pain
Acute Low Back Pain Diagnosis
spine exam
Rethinking X-Rays and MRIs for Low Back Pain