A man seated at a desk rubbing his lower back

Living With Back and Neck Pain

Learn and use strategies that can help you cope with the symptoms of neck and back pain and mitigate any daily challenges so you can continue to live well.
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The 6 Best Adjustable Beds That Meet Your Unique Sleep Needs
Stomach Sleeper
The 7 Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers in 2022
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Tips for Keeping Your House Clean Without Hurting Your Back
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The Best Sex Positions for People With Bad Backs
Woman holding her lower back because of pain
Learn About Spinal Flexion and Lower Back Pain
Ergonomic chairs may help relieve neck or back pain.
Why You Want Fully Adjustable Armrests on Your Office Chair
Tired young woman sleeping in bed
How to Sleep and Have Better Sex With SI Joint Pain
Woman texting and holding neck in pain
What Not to Do If You Have Neck Pain
Office seating
Everything You Need to Know About Exercise Ball Chairs for Your Office
woman stretching in bed
How to Get out of Bed Without a Backache
Man sitting on bed with backache
Natural Remedies for Back Pain Relief
Woman in athletic clothing rotating doing spinal rotation in gym
How to Develop Normal Spinal Rotation
Young businesswoman sitting at a desk looking over her shoulder
Understand Why Your Office Chair Is Causing You Back Pain
Computer worker diagram shows desk height, hip and knee angles and more.
Simple Steps to Improve Your Upright Sitting Posture
Computer worker diagram shows desk height, hip and knee angles and more.
Got the Office Worker's Scrunch?
Nora Medium Memory Foam Mattress
Nora Medium Memory Foam Mattress Review
Couples with sore backs in bed
Sexual Positions That Cause Back Pain and What to Do About Them
Man rubbing his neck
Treat Your Own Neck by Robin McKenzie, PT Book Review
Co-workers in office chairs
Arm Rest Height for Comfortable Neck and Shoulders at the Office
Back and neck massage
Can Massage Therapy Help Your Back Pain?
Accupunture needles being placed into a woman's back for sciatica.
How Sciatica Symptoms Can Be Treated With Natural Therapies
Women Working Together
Help Your Back With Seat Depth Adjustments for Your Office Chair
The 7 Best Mattresses for Back Pain of 2022
The 7 Best Mattresses for Back Pain of 2022
Best Body Pillows
The 8 Best Body Pillows of 2022
A woman experiencing back pain.
Treat Your Back Pain by Stopping Yourself From Doing Certain Things
Man sleeping on sofa at home
How to Help Your Spine From Sleeping in the Wrong Position
lower back pain
Morning Back Stretches: Start the Day Feeling Great
A chiropractor adjusts a patient.
Only Your Chiropractor Knows for Sure... HEDO and the Flying Seven