Benefits of Health IT Jobs


What Perks Health IT Workers Enjoy Most

Health IT (information technology) jobs offer very lucrative annual salaries in most cases, and many health IT employees enjoy a number of great benefits too. Employment benefits are a perk of being employed full-time (usually 30 or more hours per week), as opposed to working as an independent contractor or part-time, which generally does not entail receiving any benefits on top of hourly pay.

What benefits should you expect as a health IT professional? Whether you are a new HIT pro negotiating your first job, or an experienced worker weighing other options and comparing potential benefits with a new or prospective employer, it is helpful to know what is normal and average for health IT benefits.

According to a survey by, the largest free job search resource for health IT professionals, health IT employees enjoy many benefits including health insurance, paid time off, and more. The survey findings may help you decide whether or not your next job offers a competitive benefits package in addition to an attractive salary and bonus.


Most Common Benefits Offered by Health IT Employers

Health IT Benefits
Best Benefits of Working in Health IT.

According to the survey, the most common benefits offered to health IT employees include:

Smaller percentages of employers offer other perks such as maternity, paternity and adoption leave, holiday pay, and gym memberships or wellness programs.

Additionally, health IT pros said they'd like to see more opportunities that offer the flexibility to work from home or a less rigid schedule they can work their schedule around their individual needs.


What HIT Employees Like Most, and Least about Their Jobs

Job Satisfaction in Health IT Workers
Are HIT professionals satisfied with their careers?.

Health IT professionals are generally happy with their careers, as 89 percent would recommend the health IT profession to a young person.

In the survey, respondents indicated that the things that make them happiest about their jobs are career advancement, salary potential, learning new things, and just being able to do what they love every day, and what they do best.

On the flip side, when asked to list what they like least about their jobs, workers cited current salary, excessive workload, and hospital politics.


Where and How Do Health IT Workers Find Jobs?

Health IT Benefits Survey Results
Where and How HIT Workers Seek Jobs.

Although health IT workers indicate overall satisfaction with their careers, a high percentage are open to considering new jobs (51%), while 31 percent indicate that they are not sure whether or not they may change jobs this year.

Thirty-three percent prefer to work in the pacific west/northwestern states, while 19 percent prefer the southeast region of the United States.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents state that they have used industry specific job boards (74%) and/or general job boards (72%) to seek and find jobs. Additionally, 42 percent of respondents indicate that they have used social media to assist in their job search efforts.

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