The 7 Best Air Purifiers for Allergies of 2019

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Breathing clean, fresh air is a delight for everyone – but it’s an absolute necessity for allergy sufferers. If you have allergies to pollen, mold, smoke, dust, dander or any other inhaled particles, an air purifier can provide much-needed relief from these common triggers. These mighty machines can also make the air inside your home or office smell better, thanks to their ability to clear odors from a room.

There are many options when choosing an air purifier for allergies, but many machines feature a true HEPA filter. These specialized filters are able to clear out particles as small as 0.3 microns. To put this in perspective, our eyes can’t see anything smaller than 40 microns—so it’s safe to say that air purifiers with HEPA filters do a tremendous job of filtering out the majority of common allergy triggers.

However, some other quality options exist in air purifiers for allergies, including machines that use cold evaporation technology or the power of electrostatic energy to filter the air. These machines are good alternatives if you don’t want to frequently purchase replacement filters. Air purifiers for allergies are often grouped by the size of a room they can filter —with small desktop versions for office use and larger units capable of filtering 800 square foot or more.

You’ll also want to consider the CADR rate (which is the measure of how fast the purifier can refresh the air in the room), but know that the rate can change for contaminants such as smoke, pollen, or dander. Read on for the best air purifiers for allergies that can handle common triggers and are designed to give you fresher, cleaner air that will help you breathe easy.

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Best Overall: Levoit Air Purifier

An air purifier for allergies needs to tackle mold, pollen, dust, dander, and more. The Levoit Air Purifier is the right machine for the job. This best overall air purifier is equipped with a true HEPA filter to make sure particles as tiny as 0.3 microns are captured. This is a must for severe allergy sufferers, as the HEPA filter system will capture the majority of common allergens.

A pre-filter assists the Levoit Air Purifier by screening out larger debris, pet hair, and more. To tackle odors, the activated charcoal carbon filter completes the air filtration process. Aside from the reasonable price point, what makes this unit also stand out is the automatic air quality monitor. The Levoit Air Purifier keeps tabs on the quality of the air within your home or office and can automatically adjust the fan speed to combat poor air quality.

People love the Levoit’s ability to keep the air smelling fresh and the impact it has on removing allergy triggers. It also does a great job of removing odors from cooking or other activities within the room. This air purifier can handle an area up to 322 square feet, which is on the top end of air cleaning capacity for a unit in this price range.

Plus, unlike some other popular air purifiers, the Levoit doesn’t have a reputation for smoldering or posing an electrical fire risk—a major safety factor that should always be considered. If you are in search of an air purifier for allergies, the Levoit Air Purifier is a smart, safe buy. 


Best Budget: Germ Guardian AC4100 Air Purifier

For air purifier on a budget, look to the compact GermGuardian AC4100. This tabletop HEPA purifier costs less than $100 and measures about 11 inches high. The small size of this model from GermGuardian makes it a good choice for small bedrooms or desks, but it would likely struggle to clean the air in larger spaces.

What sets this budget air purifier apart is the fact that it contains a true HEPA filter and a UV-C light to kill airborne bacteria. Packing these features into an air purifier for under $100 is a great value. Just be aware that reviews are mixed on whether the fan noise from this compact air purifier qualifies as noisy. Some people find it to be too loud for a bedroom or office environment, but it didn’t bother others.

If you don’t mind its quiet operational hum, then put this budget air purifier to work in a small space where you want to enjoy clean air and remove common allergens.


Best for Pets: Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet Air Cleaner

You love your pets, but your allergies may not. If you share your space with a furry friend and have allergies, you need an air purifier for pets like the Winix Ultimate Pet Air Cleaner. This air purifier features a pre-filter that is designed to capture pet hair, reducing the furballs you find under sofas and beds and that contribute to allergies.

To maintain the effectiveness of this pre-filter, simply remove and wash it on a routine basis. A true HEPA filter adds to the power of this air purifier for allergy sufferers since it will remove particles as small as 0.3 microns that are not captured by the filter. Finally, a carbon filter for odor control will help to tame any lingering odors in your pet palace.​

People who purchase this air purifier for pet allergies are generally happy with its performance. But if you purchase it thinking that it will dramatically reduce the amount of fur on your furniture or eliminate your need to vacuum, you may be disappointed. The point of the Winix Ultimate Pet Air Cleaner is to help reduce pet dander, fur, odors, and other common allergens, but it’s not a single line of defense against pet allergies and you'll need to vacuum regularly.

Still, the unit is well-made with five units of filtration and includes an automatic detection system that allows the unit to adjust to changes in air quality. Keep pet allergies in check with the technology of the Winix Ultimate Pet Air Cleaner.


Best with Humidifier: Venta 2 Gal. Single Room Humidifier Plus Air Purifier


Courtesy of Home Depot

Make your home or office environment cleaner and more comfortable with an air purifier and humidifier in one like the Venta Air Washer. This device will purify the air and also maintain a comfortable level of humidity thanks to its two-gallon water reservoir.

The unit works to purify the air by removing particles up to the size of 0.3 microns. Without filters, this air purifier relies on a wet, rotating disk stack that catches incoming particles. Through the process of cold evaporation, only water evaporates into the air—leaving dust, dirt, dander, pollen and more on the inside of the machine.

It’s recommended that every 10 to 14 days you clean the disk stack and interior housing of the air purifier to keep it running efficiently. There are no filters to purchase for this air purifier, which is a major plus for most users. However, the company does advise the use of an additive that helps to keep mineral deposits from building up and allows the unit to function at peak efficiency by preventing the water from beading up on the disk stacks.

In real-world use, the Venta does a great job of maintaining optimal humidity levels and seems to help allergy sufferers, though it isn’t the most robust air purifier available. Those with heavy allergies may want to evaluate other models. If you don’t want to purchase air filters for your purifier and are also looking to add some humidity to your space, the Venta Single Room Humidifier Plus Air Purifier is an efficient, two-in-one device. 


Best Electrostatic: Nectar Air Purifier

For an alternative means of controlling air quality, try an electrostatic air purifier for allergies. The Nectar Air Purifier uses electrostatic energy and a washable filter to catch and neutralize allergens. An ion air purifier like the Nectar uses a field of static electricity that zaps incoming contaminants like pollen, mold, germs, and more and then causes them to collect on the metallic filter where they can be cleaned and disposed of.

Many people find this to be more hygienic than having a filter that collects and stores allergens, bacteria, and more for several months before replacing it. It can also save you money in the long run, since you won’t need to purchase replacement filters. The Nectar Air Purifier’s stainless-steel filter will last with regular maintenance.

One thing to known about this air purifier for allergies is that it emits ozone at safe levels, which many people feel contributes to feelings of wellbeing and restfulness. Plus, ozone is useful for killing bacteria. For a filter-free way to combat airborne allergens, give the Nectar Air Purifier and its electrostatic energy technology a try. 


Best Quiet: Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

The Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover is a popular choice for a quiet air purifier for allergy-sufferers. If you want to enjoy better air quality but don’t want to give up a peaceful environment for it, try this air purifier.

The Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover can tackle a room up to 465 square feet in size. It features four air purification modes: germ, general clean, allergen, and turbo. While the lower levels of operation are found to be low decibel and peaceful as background noise, the turbo level is reported to be quite noisy. Still, if you don’t plan to operate the air purifier in turbo mode too often, you’ll find this unit to be quiet enough to fade into the background.

As for the performance of this Honeywell air purifier for allergies, people are very happy with its performance. It clears a considerable amount of pollens, dander, and debris from the air—to the point that people are equally delighted and disgusted when they change the filters. 


Best Smart: Dyson Pure Cool Link WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier


Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re the type of person that likes up-to-the-minute reports and data tracking, you need a smart air purifier. The Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier delivers cleaner air and interesting statistics. The Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier will keep close tabs on the air quality of the room, making adjustments and providing you on-demand air quality reports.

Use your smartphone to check out the status of your air quality or to adjust the machine’s operation. It also works along with Amazon Alexa. This futuristic air purifier is one of the more expensive air purifiers to purchase and maintain​ since the filters are a bit pricey. It features a HEPA filter bolstered by an activated carbon filter to assist with fumes and odors.

The unit has a bladeless fan and is also WiFi-enabled. These extra features, along with Dyson’s legendary engineering, set it apart and make it worthy of your consideration as an air purifier for allergies.


Best for Larger Spaces: Rabbit Air MinusA2

For better air quality in a larger room or open-concept floor plan, choose an air purifier with higher capacity—like the Rabbit Air MinusA2. While many air purifiers require you to purchase multiple units to cover the square footage of your home or force you to move a unit from one space to another, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 can cover rooms up to 815 square feet (or 350 square feet for allergy sufferers requiring a higher air refresh rate).

This air purifier is also unique in that it’s slim dimensions make it possible to mount it to a wall in your home, saving on floor space. When it comes to making the most of your air quality, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 has a 6-stage process that will leave you with fresher, better air. It begins with a prefilter and medium filter to trap larger particles, then includes a special HEPA filter that has been treated to reduce buildup and increase efficiency.

Next, you can choose from one of four specialty filters to target your specific allergy triggers, such as pets, smoke, or toxins. An activated carbon filter completes the air filtration system, while a negative ion generator can be turned on to add freshness to the circulated air.

People find the Rabbit Air MinusA2 to be a useful way to purify the air and relieve allergies. The customizable filters are also unique and make this a good air purifier for smoke as well. As far as aesthetics go, the minimalistic look allows the unit to blend in, though the blue LED “mood light” can’t be disabled, which might be an annoyance for some people. Overall, the Rabbit Air MinusA2 Purifier is a higher-end choice with a greater capacity for air purification and the ability to clean larger rooms.

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