Best At-Home Colon Cancer Tests

Everlywell's FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test is our pick for best at-home colon cancer test

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Colon cancer is the third leading cause of death from cancer in the United States. Screening for colon cancer is an important part of early detection and treatment. There are several different ways to do this, which include colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, computed tomography, and stool tests. One of these stool tests, the fecal immunochemical test (FIT), can be done from home, which offers patients comfort, convenience, and confidentiality.

An FIT detects blood in the stool. Blood in the stool that can’t be seen with the naked eye can be a sign of several conditions, including hemorrhoids, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD, Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis), and colon and rectal cancer. Colon polyps, some types of which can become cancerous over time, may bleed, and therefore blood in the stool may be a sign that polyps have developed. With an an-home FIT, users can learn more about their personal health and then follow up with a doctor. We've rounded up the best at-home colon cancer tests below.

Best At-Home Colon Cancer Tests of 2023

Best Overall : Everlywell FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test

Everlywell logo


Key Specs
  • Price: $49 per test
  • Takes insurance: No, but accepts HSA or FSA payments
  • Results turnaround: ​​5 days
Why We Chose It

Everlywell’s comprehensive dashboard not only provides you with easy-to-understand test results, but it also offers additional resources and tips. The test is only available for people over 45 years old.

Pros & Cons
  • Option to work with an Everlywell physician

  • Features a comprehensive dashboard

  • Results can be downloaded/shared with a healthcare provider

  • No restrictions on diet or medication prior to test

  • Pricier than other options

  • Requires handling stool in order to get a sample

  • Instructions can be confusing

  • Stool sample must be mailed to a laboratory


Everlywell was founded in 2015 and offers direct-to-consumer tests that are done in conjunction with laboratories. The company says that the labs it works with abide by industry standards, such as Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certification and, in some cases, College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation. Everlywell provides other services along with the tests, including help interpreting results, a consultation with a physician to discuss test results, and further information and resources about colon cancer. Consumers register their kit through the Everlywell website once they receive their materials in the mail.

To do the test, you'll take a sample of stool using brushes (much like small paintbrushes) that are included with the kit. After a bowel movement, you'll need to brush the surface of the stool for about 5 seconds, then shake off any debris on the brush, then dab the brush onto the test card so that only water is transferred. Next, you'll repeat the procedure with a second brush. Finally, you place the sample into the specimen box and return it using the provided return envelope and shipping label.

Everlywell's FIT costs $49. Shipping is free, both to receive the test and to send it to the lab. Everlywell accepts payment from health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs). Test results are returned in about five days.

Best for Rapid Results : Second Generation FIT Colon Cancer Test

Pinnacle BioLabs logo

Pinnacle BioLabs

Key Specs
  • Price: $15 to $25 per test
  • Takes insurance: No
  • Results turnaround: 5 minutes
Why We Chose It

Second Generation FIT Colon Cancer Test is a widely available test that gives you easy-to-read results within five minutes.

Pros & Cons
  • Test is FDA-certified

  • No restrictions on diet or medication prior to test

  • Results are available within minutes

  • No bowel prep is needed to take this test

  • Samples don't need to be sent back

  • Test requires handling of stool

  • Some patients report ambiguous results in tests


Available for purchase at many drug stores, this test provides results in minutes. Pinnacle BioLabs is a privately held company certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to manufacture various medical test kits for use at home. The company was founded in 2011 and started producing consumer tests in 2016. Second Generation indicates that its FIT detects globulin (proteins found in blood) levels at 50 ng/mL (50 billionths of a gram) with 98% sensitivity and 96% specificity.

The test comes with a collection tube that contains a wand attached to the cap comes with the test. he manufacturer suggests scooping stool off of toilet tissue with the wand. Once the stool is on the wand, you place it back into the collection tube. Then you'll add three drops of a solution that comes in the kit to a test cassette, and the test window will give results within one to three minutes. Two lines will appear for a positive test result (which means that blood is present in the stool) and one line will appear for a negative result. Some patients report ambiguous test results (such as a faint second line or discoloration in the test window).

One Second Generation FIT test costs around $25 and it can be ordered from the manufacturer or some drug stores. Or, you can buy a package of two tests for around $30.

Best Price : EZ Detect Stool Blood Test

Key Specs
  • Price: About $12 per test
  • Takes insurance: No
  • Results turnaround: 2 minutes
Why We Chose It

This FDA-approved test is the most affordable, convenient, and easy-to-use option. It’s also very sanitary since you can simply drop the test tissue in the toilet and flush after seeing the results.

Pros & Cons
  • Test is FDA-certified

  • Test doesn’t require handling stool

  • Results are available within minutes

  • No restrictions on diet or medication prior to test

  • Samples don't need to be sent back

  • Test requires three different bowel movements

  • Potential for a false positive result

  • Some reviewers have reported false negatives


The least expensive and easiest option for testing at home that we found is from Biomerica, Inc., founded in 1971. The company manufactures and markets tests for laboratories, physician's offices, and consumers. Its FIT test can be ordered over the counter for use at home to detect blood in the stool. Biomerica says that its test will detect occult blood of as little as 2mg in 100ml of water.

The EZ Detect test is meant to test stool from one person. It comes with five test tissues, a positive control package, a patient instruction sheet, and a test result postcard. After a bowel movement. place a test tissue into the toilet. The results of the test are available after 2 minutes. A positive result (meaning that there is blood present) will cause the test strip to appear an “unmistakable” blue-green color. The results are then recorded onto the postcard so that they can be shared with a physician either by mail or in person. After recording the results, you can flush away the test tissue.

One EZ Detect test kit is about $12, plus shipping and handling, if purchased from the manufacturer. It is also found in drug stores or other online retailers. Multipack kits are also available.

Best Subscription : LetsGetChecked Colon Cancer Screening Test

LetsGetChecked logo


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Key Specs
  • Price: $63 to $89 per test, with a subscription
  • Takes Insurance: No, but accepts HSA and FSA payments
  • Results Turnaround: 2 to 5 days
Why We Chose It

LetsGetChecked provides a subscription option for users to regularly test for colon cancer. The company also provides 24/7 medical support.

Pros & Cons
  • Nurses available to discuss positive FIT results

  • Results can be downloaded/shared with a healthcare provider

  • No restrictions on diet or medication prior to test

  • Delivered in plain packaging for privacy

  • Pricier than some other options

  • Test requires stool swab in order to get a sample

  • Stool sample must be sent in the mail

  • Samples can’t be returned on weekends


Colon cancer testing should be completed at regular intervals, and LetsGetChecked makes this easier with a money-saving subscription plan.

Founded in 2014 in Dublin, Ireland, the company launched its United States operation in 2017. Its website states that the labs it partners with to process tests are CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited.

Before you take a sample, you must activate the test by logging into the LetsGetChecked website and entering the code that comes with the kit. To collect a stool sample, unscrew the collection tube cap and dip the stick on the end of the cap into the stool (while it's in the toilet bowl) until the end is covered. Then place the stick back into the sample tube and screw on the cap. Next, place the sample tube in the biohazard bag that came with the kit. The bag goes into the testing kit box for mailing in the provided, prepaid return envelope. The sample should be returned the same day it is collected (Monday through Thursday only). Results are available in two to five days on a secure website.

In the event of a positive test result, a nurse from LetsGetChecked will call in order to discuss the next steps. You can see your results via the LetsGetChecked website.

The FIT from LetsGetChecked costs $89. You can get a lower price by signing up for a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription or through discount codes (offered periodically).

Best for Access to a Doctor : Labcorp OnDemand Colorectal Cancer At-Home Test

Labcorp OnDemand Logo

Labcorp OnDemand

Key Specs
  • Price: $89 per test
  • Takes insurance: No, but accepts HSA and FSA payments
  • Results turnaround: 1-2 days after receipt at lab
Why We Chose It

Sometimes you need more than a test result to understand exactly what’s going on. Labcorp OnDemand provides users with access to physicians to better understand their test results.

Pros & Cons
  • Results can be downloaded/shared with a healthcare provider

  • Includes access to independent physician partner group

  • No restrictions on diet or medication prior to test

  • Labcorp is a well-established company

  • Test directions aren't provided on the website

  • Pricier than some other options

  • PWNHealth also receives test results, which may not be desirable for those who want privacy

  • Stool sample must be sent in the mail


While a more expensive option, Labcorp OnDemand stands out for offering access to its healthcare provider partner, PWNHealth, in order to help you understand results. Labcorp was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina. It provides diagnostic, drug development, and technology-enabled solutions. The company’s website states that the labs it uses to process tests are CLIA-certified.

You can order the Colorectal Cancer At-Home Test on the Labcorp website, but little information is available on the site regarding how sample collection. When ready to take a stool sample, the test needs to be registered by logging into the Labcorp OnDemand website and entering the bar code found on the kit. The kit should be returned the same day the sample is taken by scheduling a FedEx pickup or taking it to a FedEx dropbox.

Purchase includes the cost of physician services from PWNHealth. Test results can be checked via the Labcorp website. In the event of a positive test result or one that requires prompt follow-up, the company may contact consumers by a phone call or email.

The cost of the FIT from Labcorp OnDemand is $89. Included in the price is access to independent physician services from PWNHealth LLC. Services from PWNHealth may cover the review of lab test results and other consultation services. Labcorp OnDemand does not take insurance, but accepts payment from HSA and FSA accounts using a Mastercard or Visa.

Final Verdict

The Everlywell FIT colon cancer screening test is our top choice for at-home colon cancer tests thanks to its comprehensive testing results dashboard and access to a physician consultation. Like some other at-home tests, the Everlywell option requires users to take a stool sample and mail it back to the company's laboratories. From there, Everlywell will process the specimen and provide results in an easy-to-understand online format.

The American Cancer Society recommends that anyone over the age of 45 should have regular colon cancer screenings to help detect cancer early. However, a colonoscopy can be tedious and unpleasant as it requires fasting and bowel-clearing prep. At-home colon cancer tests are not only a much more affordable option, but they are also very convenient, as you don’t need to schedule an appointment and most tests don’t require dietary restrictions. The ease of at-home kits helps people who need regular screenings keep stay on top of their health.

Compare the Best At-Home Colon Cancer Tests

Colon Cancer Tests  Price  Takes Insurance Results Turnaround
Everlywell FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test
Best Overall 
$49 per test  No 5 days
Second Generation FIT Colon Cancer Test
Best for Rapid Results
$15 to $25 per test No 5 minutes
EZ Detect Stool Blood Test
Best Price
About $12 per test No 2 minutes
LetsGetChecked Colon Cancer Screening Test
Best Subscription
$63 to $89 per test No 2 to 5 days
Labcorp OnDemand Colorectal Cancer At-Home Test
Best for Access to a Doctor
$89 per test No 1 to 2 days after receipt at lab

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Would I Take an At-Home Colon Cancer Test?

    Testing at home offers an inexpensive and quick option for those who want screening but are unable to receive it in a medical setting. While there are a variety of options for screening for colon cancer, most of them require seeing a physician and having tests done at a hospital or outpatient center. Some types of tests also require preparing beforehand, which means time off from work or school. In addition, even though colon cancer is being diagnosed in younger people, physicians may not order tests for patients that don’t fall within the age range for screening.

  • Are At-Home Colon Cancer Tests Reliable?

    There has been little research on tests that are available to purchase over-the-counter without guidance from a healthcare provider. However, an FIT can also be ordered by a physician and the sample can be collected either in the doctor’s office, at a laboratory, or (as is most often the case) at home. One meta-analysis looked at FITs ordered by a doctor. In people who were at average risk of colon cancer, the FIT found 91% of cancers. While this study didn’t look at the tests included on our list, it does show that doing a FIT every year may be accessible and effective for screening.

  • What Does an At-Home Colon Cancer Test Include?

    At-home FIT kits typically include some way of collecting a stool sample, such as a scoop, brush, or stick, instructions, and packaging to send the sample to a lab (one exception contains test strips that are placed in the toilet). In cases where the sample is sent to a lab, there may be a card on which the sample is placed or a tube that contains a liquid to preserve the sample until it arrives for testing.

  • Does Insurance Cover At-Home Colon Cancer Tests?

    Insurance might not cover the cost of a colon cancer screening test that’s done at home without a physician. Calling your insurance provider using the number on your insurance card is the best way to find out if the cost is covered. However, you may be able to purchase at-home tests using HSA or FSA funds.

  • Is an At-Home Colon Cancer Test As Good As a Colonoscopy?

    An at-home colon cancer test can detect cancer, while a colonoscopy can detect cancer and remove cancerous polyps in a single visit. While at-home colon cancer tests are helpful in identifying the presence of cancer, a colonoscopy takes it a step further by also helping to remove cancerous growths.

A Word From Verywell

The FIT, when done properly and at the correct intervals (usually yearly), is one of the tests that is recommended to screen for colon cancer. There is no good evidence about the reliability of at-home tests that are done without going to a doctor. In the case that a FIT is positive (meaning that there is blood in the stool), a follow-up with a doctor to determine the next steps is critical. Medical professionals may or may not consider the at-home test to be reliable. We recommend you consult a doctor for interpretation of test results, confirmation of results, and advice regarding the best way to screen for colon cancer.


Tests for colon cancer screening at home include a wide range of prices and services. Some of the major reasons for testing for colon cancer at home include cost, convenience, and privacy. We looked at all of these factors as well as the accuracy of at-home testing, ease of collecting a sample, and the support testing companies offered in the event of a positive result.

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