Best At-Home HPV Tests

How to find the best at-home HPV tests to monitor your sexual health

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The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a troublesome virus that can lead to over six types of cancers. Because it is usually transmitted through intimate sexual contact, testing is recommended. However, getting tested can be tricky to navigate because the virus doesn’t have a good track record of showing any symptoms. If you’re concerned that you might have been infected with HPV through sexual activities, consider at-home HPV tests. 

With at-home HPV tests, you can ditch the costly clinic visits, waiting rooms, and awkward conversations. Plus they'll save you money. At-home HPV tests are delivered in discreet packaging to protect your privacy. In addition, these tests are a great option because you can take one at a time when most convenient for you.

If you think you might have interacted with someone with HPV, finding out sooner rather than later is a wise decision. Here are the best at-home HPV tests to make sure you're staying healthy.

Best At-Home HPV Tests

Best Overall : Everywell HPV Test

Everywell HPV Test

Everywell HPV Test

Why we chose it: We chose the Everlywell test because it's affordable, medically-reviewed and certified, easy to use and boasts great rating.

What We Like
  • Tests for 14 high-risk HPV genotypes

  • Under roughly $50

  • Secure and easy to understand data

  • Easy-to-use kit

  • Five-star rating

What We Don’t Like
  • Results may take days

Getting results has never been easier thanks to the Everywell HPV test. The test screens for 14 high-risk HPV genotypes including HPV 16 and HPV18/45, all of which can increase the risk of cervical cancer. 

When you order the kit, you will receive a vaginal swab packet, a biohazard bag, and a prepaid return shipping label. All of these supplies are easy to use and return. Once you have collected your sample, ship the results back to a CLIA-certified lab (which is one that has met state and federal certifications.) 

Every test is reviewed and approved by a board-certified physician. Once your results are in, they will be communicated right to your mobile device where all data is HIPAA protected. 

For about $49, you get a vaginal swab packet, pre-paid shipping both ways, support, and physician-reviewed results. And if you become a member, you save $25.

Best Reviews : myLAB Box At-Home HPV Test Kit

myLAB Box At-Home HPV Test Kit

 myLAB Box At-Home HPV Test Kit

Why we chose it: We chose myLAB Box because of its great reviews, easy ordering, and simple process to get results.

What We Like
  • Tests for 14 high-risk HPV genotypes

  • Test takes five minutes

  • Free 2-day shipping

What We Don’t Like
  • Results may take days

  • Only available for women 30 years of age or older

  • Test temporarily unavailable in New York state

With myLAB Box, women can take care of their sexual health right from the comfort of their own home. Not only is it cost-friendly, but it’s a simple process to understand. Even better? myLAB has stellar reviews.

The test only takes five minutes, is 100% pain-free, and tests for two main HPV types: HPV16 and HPV18. It can also help identify one or more of the 12 other high-risk types, like 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, and 68. 

Although the results take two to five days, it is worth the wait. You will receive an email to view them through a secure online portal. And if you have any questions about your results, you have a free physician consultation where you can ask away. 

For the $79 fee, you'll receive one HPV test kit and a return envelope with paid postage.

Best for Quick Results : iDNA HPV Test


 iDNA HPV Test

Why we chose it: We chose iDNA because it has 99.9% accuracy, is HIPAA-compliant, and it's easy to use.

What We Like
  • Tests for 14 high-risk HPV genotypes

  • Results are 99.9% accurate

  • Easy to use

  • HIPAA-compliant

  • Free retest on positive results

What We Don’t Like
  • Most expensive of all the tests

When you order a iDNA HPV test, you can expect it to arrive in a plain and unbranded package, so it’s 100% discreet and confidential. No wonder why it’s a fan favorite. 

Plus, you can worry less about your results with its 99.9% accuracy. The test looks at 14 high-risk HPV types and is conducted in a single lab. The testing process takes no more than five minutes; after you finish the test, ship it to a doctor-certified lab for testing. Your package will be delivered overnight, and results will be delivered quickly via a private and secure online portal that has met HIPAA compliance.

For about $88, the test uses a vaginal swab sample (for females) or a urine sample (for males). The results report for both is easy to understand.

Best Experience : NURX HPV Test


Courtesy of Nurx

Why We Chose It: We chose NURX because it is affordable and can be covered by insurance.

What We Like
  • Affordable

  • Easy to use

  • Insurance eligible

  • Accredited labs

  • Medical consultation included

What We Don't Like
  • $15 consultation fee

  • Cost of lab testing is not included in the price at checkout

NURX's at-home HPV kit makes testing for women quick and easy.

A test kit, lab test and results, free delivery, and a prepaid return label are all included in the purchase, and an additional $15 consultation fee will grant you unlimited access to NURX’s medical team. 

After you take your easy-to-use test (a vaginal swab), ship your sample to Molecular Testing Labs, an accredited and state-of-the-art lab that specializes in complex molecular testing. Your results include the option of a medical consultation where you can ask questions.

With insurance, you can purchase the NURX kit for about $49 or pay a flat fee of roughly $79 without insurance.

Final Verdict 

The best at-home HPV tests are affordable, easy to use, and identify all of the high-risk HPV strains. We chose Everywell HPV test as the Best Overall pick for its price point, features, and ease of use. But all of the choices have a great record of helping people understand their HPV status and sexual health. 

Compare Providers

Best At-Home HPV Tests
Test  Why We Chose It  Price 
Everywell HPV Test  Best Overall $49
myLAB Box At-Home HPV Test Kit Best Reviews  $79
iDNA HPV Test Best for Quick Results $88
NURX HPV Test Best Experience $49


What Is HPV?

The human papillomavirus is a virus that can lead to six different types of cancers. High-risk strains include HPV 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, and more. Nearly 80 million Americans are currently infected with HPV. It is spread when a non-infected person has vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who has HPV—even if they have no signs of genital warts and are asymptomatic

Why Would I Need At-Home HPV Test? 

If you are sexually active, it is best to get tested regularly for HPV. Since getting tested for HPV at a clinic every time you are sexually active may not be practical or financially feasible, at-home HPV tests are a great option. In addition, if you are worried about privacy, at-home HPV tests are delivered to your home discreetly. 

While you can't completely protect yourself against HPV, there are preventative measures, such as vaccination which is recommended for people ages 11 to 26. Other ways to safeguard yourself include using barrier protection, such as condoms and dental dams. 

What Are The Costs Associated With an HPV Test? 

At-home HPV tests range from about $50 to $100. The cost of an HPV test at a clinic can be as low as roughly $30; however, this does not include the cost of a clinic visit. 

How Accurate Are the Results? 

At-home HPV tests yield 99% accuracy. For the iDNA HPV test, it delivers 99.9% accuracy.

What Do I Do if I Have HPV? 

If you have HPV, it is recommended that you see a doctor to discuss treatment options which will depend on the infection. If you are asymptomatic, there are no specific treatments recommended and doctors will likely schedule you for a second round of testing in 12 months. On the other hand, if you are experiencing symptoms such as genital warts, treatments include topical creams, cryotherapy, electrocautery, surgery, laser therapy, and trichloracetic acid.  


We looked at a variety of at-home HPV tests and honed in on a few basic factors: cost, ease-of-use, timeliness of results, and reviews. There can be a lot of medical jargon, so we included tests that were easy to understand. Navigating HPV and other sexually transmitted infections can be daunting, which is why we included tests that are user-friendly.

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