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Lyme disease is a severe health issue that affects thousands of people each year. It is so common in some places that you can purchase at-home Lyme disease kits now to see if that tick bite from your last camping trip transferred any pathogens that may cause Lyme disease.

For anyone who spends time outdoors, this is excellent news. Tick bites are so stressful, and while there are plenty of ways to prevent them, people still get Lyme disease. Knowing which at-home Lyme disease test to purchase, though, can help you stay healthy no matter what.

The Best At-Home Lyme Disease Tests of 2022

Best At-Home Lyme Disease Tests
Best At-Home Lyme Disease Tests

Best Overall : IGeneX Inc.

IGeneX Inc

 IGeneX Inc

  • Costs less than $100

  • Choose from using a blood or urine sample

  • For a blood test, you must visit an iGeneX Lab

  • Results get sent to your doctor, not you

For some people, providing a specific type of sample can be daunting, which is why this test from IGeneX Inc. is a great option. IGeneX Inc. developed an at-home Lyme disease test that can be done through a urine or blood sample.

IGeneX Inc. uses some of the most comprehensive testings in the business to ensure you get accurate results. When you take an at-home Lyme disease test from IGeneX Inc, you can be assured that their accuracy is there. It looks for more relevant strains of tick-borne pathogens than any other lab.

The test is under $100, and you get to choose your sample: blood or urine. It is important to note that you must visit an IGeneX Lab to give a blood sample. As for your results, they will be sent to your doctor to review first, not you. While this is different from the other tests mentioned here, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Most Accurate : DNA ConneXions

DNA ConneXions

 DNA ConneXions

  • Test looks for Borrelia burgdorferi, in addition to 10 other common vector-borne pathogens (most tests look for two or three)

  • Urine Sample (no blood)

  • Cost is high ($650)

  • Does not accept insurance

  • No assistance after testing results are received

DNA ConneXions is a company known in the scientific community for its detailed analysis of lab results. This at-home Lyme disease test, for example, is superior to the others because it tests for all 10 vector-borne pathogens, while others only test the most common two or three.

DNA ConneXions earned our most accurate distinction because of its detailed Lyme disease test, as well as its impressive laboratory with a biosafety level 2 lab with a CLIA license. This means the company knows its stuff and is able to help people with accurate testing.

After DNA ConneXions receives your urine sample, it will review your sample, and email you your results within two to three weeks. It is unclear how much support the company offers after you receive your results, so it would be wise to schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor. This is to ensure that your body heals entirely if your Lyme disease test is positive.

This is the most expensive kit on this list, costing about $650 for the full Lyme panel. As of now, it will not work with insurance companies or accept HSA. The DNA ConneXions lab, however, is one of the most trusted laboratories worldwide.

Easiest Instructions : Everlywell



  • Results reviewed by an independent, board-certified physician

  • Accepts HSA/FSA payments

  • Test is over $100

Everlywell is a company well known in the at-home testing world. It has a variety of tests, and it has nailed down its procedure to test you for a variety of diseases, including Lyme. The company takes the time to ensure that you are completing each step of the test along the way.

Everlywell’s Lyme disease tests with a blood prick that you then you mail in with its easy-to-follow instructions. After the company receives your test, it takes close to six weeks to email your results.

After you receive your results, Everlywell provides you with a health consultant to discuss them and the next steps. If you are positive or still experiencing symptoms after six weeks, the website recommends that you visit your primary care doctor to ensure that you receive the proper treatment.

As for your results, they are sent to a board-certified physician to ensure your their accuracy before they are in your hands.

Everlywell’s at-home Lyme disease test costs around $100, but the company works with insurance companies. This test can also also be covered by HSA/FSA payments, making this test even easier to access.

Quickest Results : LetsGetChecked



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  • Online results within five days

  • LetsGetChecked laboratories are CLIA approved and CAP-accredited, the highest levels of accreditation

  • Available at

  • Accepts HSA/FSA payments

  • Results are only reviewed by the in-house team

  • Test costs over $100

LetsGetChecked is one of the most popular at-home tests available and is sold online at CVS. The at-home Lyme disease test from LetsGetChecked is one of the most popular options out there, and the results are fast: The company's website states that you will have your results within five days.

After a quick finger prick, you send in a sample of your blood for the company to screen for Borrelia antibodies in your blood, which can indicate the presence of Lyme disease. Your results are available online in five days.

LetsGetChecked also checks the boxes for being one of the most reliable tests. Its laboratories are CLIA-approved and CAP-accredited, which are the highest levels of accreditation.

After your results are available, you may receive a call from a member of the LetsGetChecked clinical team to review them, and they will suggest any further steps that you may need to take. The at-home Lyme disease test costs over $100, and while insurance will not cover it, payments can be made via HSA/FSA.

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Best for DNA Test : SelfDecode

Self Decode

 Self Decode

  • Cheek Swab

  • Tests for chronic conditions related to Lyme disease like PTLDS

  • Results in 6-8 weeks

SelfDecode searches for more than Lyme disease. When you take an at-home test through this company, you'll receive an entire mock-up of your DNA. You will know if you ever had Lyme disease in the past, as well as if you are susceptible to PTLDS, a chronic condition triggered by Lyme Disease.

The test involves taking a simple cheek swab, after which the test is mailed back to the company's lab. After six to eight weeks, you will receive your results via email, and you will be contacted by a medical professional to see what the next steps are.

This is a subscription service that costs just under roughly $100 a year, so you will be able to check yourself for Lyme disease regularly when the test is shipped out. This service is great for those who enjoy the outdoors and are exposed to ticks a lot.

SelfDecode's test is not covered by insurance, but most primary care physicians will accept these results.


What Are the Symptoms of Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection that results from a tick bite. The symptoms vary, and you can feel sick for months because of it. Some of the most common symptoms of Lyme disease are flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, and headache. A rash can also occur in 70 to 80 percent of infections. If left untreated, the symptoms can worsen into facial palsy, dizziness, heart palpitations, and more.

What Geographical Areas Does Lyme Disease Occur In?

According to a data map from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Lyme Disease can occur anywhere but is most prevalent in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the upper east coast states. Lyme disease is carried on ticks that live in grassy, brushy, and wooded areas. 

What Happens If You Go Untreated for Lyme Disease?

If you happen to test positive for Lyme disease but go untreated, then your symptoms may increase significantly. You may develop early-onset arthritis, facial palsy, and inflammation of the brain stem and spine. Those symptoms can affect how your brain works and your ability to function cognitively.

Is Lyme Disease Curable?

While there is no vaccine to prevent us from getting Lyme disease, it can be treated with antibiotics, and most people recover within a few weeks. However, some people can get what is known as Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, in which symptoms such as pain, fatigue, or difficulty thinking can last for months.

What Does an At-Home Lyme Disease Test Show?

These at-home Lyme disease tests look for specific pathogens within your sample (blood, urine, or cheek swab) that are associated with the infection. If those pathogens are found, you will be notified and advised to visit a healthcare professional.

Are At-Home Lyme Disease Tests Reliable? 

The at-home Lyme disease tests mentioned in this article are all board-certified with thousands of positive reviews. If you suspect that you have Lyme disease, any of the tests discussed above would be a great first step in learning more about a potential infection.

What Types of Samples Are Required for an At-Home Lyme Disease Test?

The samples that are required for an at-home Lyme disease kit vary, depending on which one you choose. In this article, the kits featured ask for either a blood sample through a finger prick, a cheek swab, or a urine sample.

What Does an At-Home Lyme Disease Test Kit Include?

Once ordered, an at-home Lyme disease test kit is delivered to your home, where you can collect the sample privately and comfortably. The kit will include the instructions, the sample collector, and the box to return the sample.

Once the results are ready, you will receive them in your email or through the company's online portal, or they will be sent to your doctor’s office.

How Much Do At-Home Lyme Disease Tests Cost?

Generally, at-home Lyme disease tests cost around $100, while others may cost closer to $500. The difference comes down to how many pathogens you are hoping to test for. On average, the test will look for two or three, but more expensive tests may screen for 10 to 15.

Depending on your insurance and which test you select, it may be covered. Another option is to pay for the Lyme disease test with your HSA/FSA, since some companies will accept that as a payment form.

Does Medicare Cover At-Home Lyme Disease Tests?

At this time, Medicare does not cover at-home Lyme disease tests.

How We Chose the Best At-Home Lyme Disease Tests

When evaluating the companies for the best at-home Lyme disease tests, we looked at several key factors in order to provide you with the best information. For one, accuracy was extremely important, so we looked at testing centers with the best reviews and certifications. Every test mentioned in this article has been evaluated and awarded for their laboratory accuracy when dealing with their at-home tests.

Since Lyme disease is so severe and a misdiagnosis can have awful repercussions, we also considered how others reviewed the at-home tests.

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