Best At-Home Metabolism Tests

MyLAB Box's at-home metabolism test is easy to use and offers accurate results

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At-home metabolism tests can check the current levels of certain hormones that may play a role in your metabolism, or how your body creates energy from food. These tests assess hormones that help to regulate body composition, blood sugar levels, and energy using blood or saliva samples that you mail to the lab.

The best metabolism test kits for home use test for key metabolism hormones like cortisol, are certified by third-party testing organizations to ensure lab accuracy, and are easy to use. They may also test for several other hormones or biomarkers, and feature pain-free collection methods, clear instructions, and post-test guidance to help you interpret your test results.

Best At-Home Metabolism Tests of 2023

Best Overall : MyLAB Box At Home Metabolism Test

Key Specs
  • Cost: $99
  • No. of States Available: 49
  • Time for Results: 2–5 days
Why We Chose It

The At Home Metabolism Test from myLAB Box is our best overall pick because it offers fast shipping and results, and the tests are processed at certified labs.

Pros & Cons
  • CAP and CLIA certified labs

  • 2-day shipping

  • Results in 2–5 days

  • More expensive than similar tests

  • Some complaints of poor customer service


The At Home Metabolism Test from myLAB Box uses finger prick and saliva testing to ensure accurate results for three key metabolism indicators: cortisol, testosterone, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).

This test costs roughly $99 with free two-day shipping. You can expect your results back in two to five days after returning the kit, and your results will be delivered online. MyLAB Box test kits can be ordered online from the company's website, and you can use flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) cards for payment.

This metabolism test checks levels of three hormones: cortisol, testosterone, and TSH. Your results will come with a report that offers some information about lifestyle changes that may help improve abnormal levels. 

The labs that read results from myLAB Box kits are certified through the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).

The kit uses a blood sample and saliva sample, which you collect yourself (via a finger prick and spitting into a tube), then place in a prepaid envelope to return to the testing company. 

Reviews for myLAB Box are mixed, but most negative reviews complain that customer service can be slow to respond to inquiries and that shipping or result turnaround was slower than advertised. Also, note that the test currently isn’t available in New York state.

Best for Hormonal Check : Thorne Weight Management Test

Key Specs
  • Cost: $327
  • No. of States Available: 46
  • Time for Results: 8–10 business days
Why We Chose It

Thorne’s Weight Management Test is a comprehensive panel that tests for estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), insulin, hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), vitamin D, and TSH.

Pros & Cons
  • Comprehensive panel of metabolism hormones

  • Report offering customized recommendations

  • Blood and saliva testing for accurate results

  • One of the most expensive tests available

  • From shipping to results, the process can take several weeks

  • No health professional follow-up included


Thorne has long been a reputable provider of dietary supplements, but it now offers home testing kits through its website as well. The Weight Management Test costs about $327 with free shipping and typically arrives within four to five business days. These tests typically qualify for FSA/HSA reimbursement, but confirm this with your plan before purchase. Return shipping takes three to five days, and you can expect your results in eight to 10 days after your test is received by the lab. You will be able to access your results online.

This test assesses your levels of estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, DHEA, insulin, HbA1c, vitamin D, and TSH. With your results, you’ll also receive a customized report offering guidance and recommendations to improve your levels and the health issues they may be causing. All Thorne tests are read at CAP- or CLIA-certified labs and reviewed by an independent physician.

After you receive the test, you first need to activate it with the code on the box at Then, collect your saliva and blood samples and return them to the lab in the provided, prepaid packaging. Note that currently, Thorne can’t deliver tests to New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, or Maryland.

Reviewers overall are impressed with Thorne’s products and tests, but say that customer service—despite being courteous—is not as helpful as it could be.

Best Value : Everlywell Metabolism Test

Key Specs
  • Cost: $99
  • No. of States Available: 49
  • Time for Results: 5–7 business days
Why We Chose It

Everlywell’s Metabolism Test checks the same hormones as our top overall pick, but at half the price.

Pros & Cons
  • Checks three key metabolism hormones

  • CLIA-certified

  • Results take about one week

  • No one-on-one results consult available


Everlywell is a well-known testing company that offers a variety of different at-home kits. The Everlywell Metabolism Test costs roughly $99 with free shipping, and you can use FSA/HSA funds for payment. Shipping typically takes three to five days, and you can view your results online or in the Everlywell app approximately five to seven days after the lab processes your sample.

EverlyWell offers a subscription service that allows you to take one test per month for $75 per month, a significant cost savings on this test.

This test checks testosterone, cortisol, and TSH levels. After ordering your kit online and receiving it, you’ll need to register your kit, collect your sample (both saliva and a finger prick blood sample), and return it to the lab. Note that Everlywell tests aren’t available in New York state.

Your results are verified by a physician after processing in CLIA-certified labs. You’ll receive a report with actionable tips to improve your wellness based on your results, and you can join live webinars to learn more about how to interpret your results and make changes based on them.

Everlywell has mostly positive reviews on its website, but reviewers on TrustPilot say that the service can be slow and that customer service is not available over the phone.

Best for Accuracy : Thorne Stress Test

Key Specs
  • Cost: $156
  • No. of States Available: 43
  • Time for Results: 8–10 business days
Why We Chose It

Thorne only contracts with CAP- or CLIA-certified labs, and all results are reviewed by an independent physician.

Pros & Cons
  • Results read at CAP- or CLIA-certified labs

  • All results reviewed by an independent physician

  • Saliva testing for accurate results

  • Only checks two hormones

  • Fairly expensive

  • Results can take several weeks


This straightforward stress test measures your cortisol and DHEA levels, and you’ll receive a custom report with your results that offers suggestions on lifestyle changes to help optimize these levels.

Thorne’s Stress Test costs $156 with free shipping, and you can expect to receive your test in three to five business days. Results are ready within eight to 10 business days after the lab receives your sample, and you can view them on the Thorne website. You may be able to use FSA/HSA funds to pay for this test, but check with your provider first.

You’ll need to activate the test with the code on the box at before you mail in your samples. Collect and return your blood and saliva sample in the included prepaid mailer. Note that Thorne health tests aren’t available in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, or Maryland.

While reviews are mostly positive, some reviewers say that customer service is difficult to work with when it is needed.

Best for Rapid Results : MyLAB Box Weight Loss Test

Key Specs
  • Cost: $239
  • No. of States Available: 49
  • Time for Results: 2–5 days
Why We Chose It

The myLAB Box Weight Loss Test offers results in as little as two days, making it a good option if you’re looking for fast results.

Pros & Cons
  • Results in as little as 2 days

  • Free 2-day shipping on all orders

  • CAP- and CLIA-certified labs

  • Expensive 

  • Some reviewers complain of poor customer service


The At Home Weight Loss Test checks your levels of estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, cortisol, TSH, HbA1c, C-reactive protein, and vitamin D, and samples are read by CAP- and CLIA-certified labs. Your results will also come with lifestyle recommendations to help optimize any abnormal levels. 

MyLAB Box’s At Home Weight Loss Test costs $239 with free two-day shipping. Your results will be available online as soon as two days after returning the kit, but may take up to five business days. The company accepts FSA and HSA funds as payment. 

The kit requires both a blood and saliva sample, which you mail back to the lab in a prepaid envelope. Note that myLAB Box does not currently ship tests to New York state.

There are both positive and negative reviews for myLAB Box, but many negative reviews complain that both shipping and results take longer than the time periods listed on the website.

Best for Physician Consultation : LetsGetChecked Home Cortisol Test

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Key Specs
  • Cost: $99
  • No. of States Available: 50
  • Time for Results: 2–5 days
Why We Chose It

The LetsGetChecked Cortisol Test is reviewed by a physician, and you’re also able to speak to a nurse by phone about your results in more detail.

Pros & Cons
  • Results in as little as 2 days

  • Physician reviewed with nurse consults available

  • CLIA- and CAP-certified

  • Only checks one hormone

  • Fairly expensive 

  • Not a complete picture of metabolic health


This test checks only your cortisol level, and results are read in a CLIA- and CAP-certified lab and verified by a physician. Additionally, LetsGetChecked offers a call with a nurse to provide more clarity regarding abnormal results.

The Cortisol Test from LetsGetChecked costs $99 with free shipping, and the company accepts FSA/HSA funds for payment. Your results will be ready online or in the LetsGetChecked app within two to five days after returning your sample.

To use the kit, activate it online, and then take your finger-prick blood sample the same morning. Then, mail the test back and await your results.

As a whole, reviewers are very satisfied with LetsGetChecked, which has a 4.5 rating from Trustpilot.

Final Verdict

Only a handful of labs offer home metabolism testing kits, so it’s a fairly painless process to choose the right one. MyLAB Box has moderate prices and offers two tiers of tests—one offering a basic metabolism panel and another that checks additional markers for a more complete picture. Additionally, results are available quickly and you can be confident in their accuracy because myLAB Box uses CAP- and CLIA-certified labs.

LetsGetChecked offers physician confirmation of results and nurse follow-up calls to discuss results, while Everlywell’s Metabolism Test Kit offers the best value by far.

Compare the Best At-Home Metabolism Tests

Company Cost No. of States Available  Time for Results No. of Hormones Checked
myLAB Box At Home Metabolism Test
Best Overall
$99 49 2–5 days 3
Thorne Weight Management Test
Best for Hormonal Check
$327 43 8–10 business days 9
EverlyWell Metabolism Test
Best Value
$99 49 5–7 business days 3
Thorne Stress Test
Best for Accuracy
$156 43 8–10 business days 2
myLAB Box Weight Loss Test
Best for Rapid Results
$239 49 2–5 days 8
LetsGetChecked Home Cortisol Test
Best for Physician Consultation
$99 50 2–5 days 1

Guide to Choosing the Best At-Home Metabolism Tests

Are At-Home Metabolism Tests Worth It?

Metabolism tests measure hormones and biomarkers that are significant to your metabolism, or how your body harnesses energy from food. You might be interested in a metabolism test if you're experiencing unexplained fatigue, weight gain, weight loss, or hair thinning. A basic metabolism test will check three key hormones:

  • Cortisol: Cortisol is often called the “stress hormone.” If you’re having trouble losing weight, and particularly if you have gained abdominal fat (fat around your midsection), you may have high cortisol levels.
  • Testosterone: Testosterone is found in men and women, although people assigned male at birth have naturally higher testosterone levels. However, lower than optimal testosterone levels in men and women may contribute to a sluggish metabolism by inhibiting muscle growth and promoting fat storage.
  • TSH: This hormone acts as a “control” for other thyroid hormones, which play a key role in metabolism. High levels of TSH may suggest hypothyroid, which can be a cause of weight gain. Likewise, low TSH levels may suggest hyperthyroidism.

You can also purchase more comprehensive metabolism tests that check additional hormones and nutrients that may play a role in metabolism. These include:

  • Estradiol: Estradiol is an active form of estrogen. Abnormal levels may cause symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, or weight gain.
  • Progesterone: Progesterone is closely linked to estrogen. Like estradiol, abnormal levels can affect hair growth and weight.
  • DHEA: DHEA acts as a lever to control the hormones produced by your adrenal glands (namely, sex hormones and stress hormones). Low DHEA suggests that your body may not be producing enough of these other hormones, and high DHEA suggests that your body may be making too much of them.
  • HbA1c: This marker is a measure of your blood sugar control over the past three months. A high HbA1c suggests poor blood sugar control and may be used to diagnose type 2 diabetes.
  • C-reactive protein: Elevated C-reactive protein is a marker of inflammation, which is associated with cellular stress and may contribute to unwanted weight gain.
  • Vitamin D: Low blood levels of vitamin D are associated with obesity. 

What to Look for in At-Home Metabolism Tests 

When choosing an at-home metabolism test, consider these important factors:

  • Cost: These tests start at about $50, but can cost up to $300 or more. In many cases, it’s more cost-efficient to purchase a test for multiple hormones or biomarkers than a test that measures only a single marker.
  • Time for results: While some services offer results in as little as two days, others take up to three weeks to deliver your results. 
  • Hormones tested: Many of these tests check slightly different hormones, although most of them at least measure cortisol, testosterone, and thyroid-stimulating hormone. 
  • Availability: Most of these tests are available in all but a handful of states.
  • Sample methods: Some metabolism tests require blood collection using a finger-prick test, and others use a saliva sample; some more comprehensive test kits require both.
  • Ease of use: Most available home metabolism tests are on equal footing in regards to ease of use, requiring many of the same steps for sample collection, returning to the sample, and viewing your results. 
  • Accuracy: All of these tests are processed by labs that are certified by organizations like CAP, which helps to ensure that testing conditions are reliable and consistent.

Ordering Your At-Home Metabolism Test

Order your selected kit online directly from the company’s website. Upon receiving it, read through the instructions before starting sample collection—you may need to wait to collect at a certain time, or register your kit online before returning the sample. Be very careful with sample collection so that your results are as accurate as possible.

When returning the kit, take note of the best days and times to place it in the mail. Sometimes, manufacturers request that the kits not be mailed on a Friday so that they’re not in transit for an extra day over the weekend, which can delay their return and degrade the sample.

Some companies may have apps that allow you to view your results the moment they’re available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are the Signs of a Slow Metabolism?

    Signs of a slow metabolism include excessive gas and bloating, gaining weight or cellulite rapidly, difficulty losing weight, high blood sugar, hypothyroidism, trouble sleeping, constant sugar cravings, and hormone imbalances.

  • Are At-Home Metabolism Tests Accurate?

    Home metabolism tests are accurate if the sample is collected and handled correctly. In fact, these tests are read in a lab just like the ones conducted in doctors’ offices. Be sure to closely follow the directions for sample preparation, collection, and return to ensure that your results are as accurate as possible. 

  • What Do At-Home Metabolism Tests look for?

    Basic metabolism tests assess levels of the hormones cortisol, testosterone, and TSH. More advanced tests may check other hormones, such as estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, HbA1c, c-reactive protein, and/or vitamin D as well.

  • Do At-Home Metabolism Tests Evaluate Your Metabolic Rate?

    At-home tests do not assess your metabolic rate, which is a calculation of how many calories you burn at rest. Metabolism tests evaluate hormones (like cortisol and testosterone) that may affect your metabolic rate along with other facets of your metabolism, like how your body responds to high-carbohydrate meals.


We narrowed down this list of metabolism tests from approximately 10 contenders. Of those, we first filtered out companies that didn’t provide at-home testing kits. Next, we chose the most appropriate products for metabolism testing—namely, those that include cortisol, testosterone, TSH, and/or other hormones related to weight management and energy.

Finally, all of the companies we considered for inclusion were reputable labs with third-party certifications from organizations such as CAP.

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