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Bathroom scales come in all shapes and sizes, can range from incredibly simple to surprisingly smart, and can measure everything from weight to body fat. This can make selecting the right scale for your lifestyle a little complicated. Luckily, Jorge Moreno, MD, internal medicine and obesity medicine physician at Yale Medicine and assistant professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine, has tips on how to choose the perfect one.  

Dr. Moreno suggests starting with numbers. “I usually recommend a scale with a weight capacity (greater than 300 lbs, some now go up to 400 lbs) as that usually means it is sturdier,” he tells Verywell Health

Next, he moves on to specific features. He looks for scales that offer a personalized profile, WiFi connectivity, and BMI. “I like WiFi connectivity because the scale usually has an app that makes tracking easier, and it offers links to several apps on my phone,” he points out. “Some scales offer personalized profiles, which recognizes who is stepping on the scale (my wife or myself).”

One feature you shouldn’t pay extra for, per Dr. Moreno? Body fat percentage. While the feature “seems like a nice bonus, many of the measurements are inaccurate, so I would not focus on the body fat percentage,” he says. “Body fat percentage is measured on these scales with bioelectrical impedance. The weak electrical signal goes up your body and down. Fat tissue would slow down (provide resistance) with the current and fat-free tissue providing less resistance.” Since this can be affected by hydration status and several other factors, “bottom line, it’s often inaccurate so don’t focus too much on this.”

Finally, BMI (body mass index) is a useful, but “not perfect,” measure to keep an eye on. “Your BMI is calculated from your height and weight. A high BMI is often associated with an increased number of medical conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol,” he explains. A BMI over 30.0 is considered obese, while a person meets the criteria for overweight with a BMI of 25 or higher. “Decreasing your weight will also help decrease your BMI,” he points out. A caveat to BMI is increased muscle mass (i.e., bodybuilders) which would give a high BMI and not necessarily be associated with medical conditions. 

Once you purchase a scale, he recommends using it to check your weight once a week. “Pick a day and be consistent,” he suggests. “I usually check on Monday mornings. If you check your weight on a daily basis, you will likely see fluctuations (up or down) based on hydration status.” 

Here are the best bathroom scales worth investing in:

Our Top Picks
It's consistently chosen by doctors, health experts, and consumers as the top scale on the market.
The super sleek digital scale offers many of the readings (13 to be exact) of models triple its price.
This offers a variety of measurements—body composition, including body weight (up to 396 pounds), BMI, and body fat percentage.
It offers the best of both worlds with its synchronized 5.5-inch electro-mechanical dial and digital readout display.
This is a no-brainer scale for anyone who religiously relies on their Fitbit.
With an extra wide 15"x 13" platform, this sleek, glass and stainless steel scale offers readings up to 550 pounds.
Perfect for non-bathroom spaces, this will definitely add a little flair of fashion to your floor with its marbleized look.

Best Overall: Withings Body + Digital Scale

The Withings Body + Digital Scale is consistently chosen by doctors, health experts, and consumers as the top scale on the market. In fact, Dr. Moreno himself uses it along with the accompanying smartphone app (he notes that he doesn’t have stock or disclosures about it, but is simply a fan.) “I like how easy it is to track my weight, and how it displays a nice graph of my progress,” he says. 

In addition to weight, the full-body composition scale offers other readingssuch as body fat, muscle mass, water percentage, and body massgiving you a more complete snapshot of your health. Due to the fact that muscle is more dense than fat, this can be helpful for anyone who is actively trying to get into shape. It is a great scale for multi-person households. “It automatically recognizes when my wife or I step on the scale,” Dr. Moreno adds. Finally, it is one of the smarter scales available as it is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, connecting to an app that will help monitor progress and display your trends so you can see when you are losing and gaining the most weight.

Best Budget: Etekcity Smart Body Fat Scale

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to reap the benefits of a tech-savvy and accurate (yet aesthetically pleasing) scale. This super sleek digital scale from Etekcity offers many of the same readings of models triple its price—including weight (up to 400 pounds), body composition, BMI, body fat, body water, and bone mass readings. It also syncs with your phone, and will send data to a variety of appsFitness Apps-Works with Bluetooth on iOS and Android, Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Samsung Health includedso you can track your progress. The scale is perfect for a large family, as it has the ability to track the weight of an unlimited amount of users.

Best Digital: RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Another affordable and highly rated digital scale, the Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale offers a variety of measurementsbody composition, including body weight (up to 396 pounds), BMI, and body fat percentageand syncs directly to your phone via Bluetooth. Similarly sleek to many of the others, it offers four high-precision sensors and electrodes to ensure accuracy of readings. Users love it because it is easy to set up via an accompanying app and will send your data to a variety of other health and fitness apps including Samsung Health, Fitbit App, Google Fit, and Apple Health. It also has the capability for unlimited users. Fans attest that it is comparable to models double the price, attesting to its accuracy and simplicity to operate.

Best Analog: Ozeri Rev 400 lbs Bathroom Scale

For those who prefer the simplicity and reliability of an old school analog scale, the Ozeri Rev 400 is the best of both worlds, offering a synchronized 5.5-inch electro-mechanical dial as well as a digital readout display. With a 400-pound capacity, the impact-resistant tempered glass scale with slip-resistant feet measures weight in 0.1 pound increments. While it doesn’t offer many of the features of the smarter models, it does have a built in alarm to remind you to weigh in at the same time daily and is offered in three colors, black, white, and bright teal.

Best Smart Scale: Fitbit Aria Air Digital Bathroom Scale

Fitbit revolutionized the art of fitness tracking and their popular Aria Air Digital Scale is an extension of that. The sleek looking glass gadget is the no-brainer scale for anyone who religiously relies on their Fitbit, as it effortlessly transfers all of your dataincluding weight (up to 350 pounds), lean mass, BMI, and body fat percentagevia WiFi to the Fitbit app. This makes it super easy to keep all your measurements in one place, especially if you are using the app to keep track of your exercise and dietary habits, so you can view your trends over time. It's also incredibly smart, and can differentiate up to eight users, sending personal data to the right person and keeping your stats private from others.

Best with Wide Weight Range: EatSmart Precision Extra High Capacity Bathroom Scale

The average scale is built to withstand approximately 400 pounds of weight. For those who exceed that, the EatSmart Precision Extra High Capacity Bathroom Scale is the perfect option. The sleek looking glass and stainless steel scale is extra wide with a 15"x 13" platform and offers readings up to 550 pounds, using four precision engineered sensors to obtain the most accurate reading possible. While it is no-frills, offering solely a weight measurement, it is easy to use and built to last, according to users. Keep in mind to ensure accuracy, calibration is crucial prior to first use and anytime the scale is moved.

Best Looking: iDOO High Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Many of the scales we reviewed are similarly sleek with either a stainless steel or tempered glass look. If you are looking for something a little more design savvy, IDOO’s High Precision Digital Bathroom Scale will definitely add a little flair of fashion to your floor with its marbleized look, making it perfect for non-bathroom spaces. In addition to being great looking, it is extremely accurate and has a higher capacity than many of the other scales on the market, constructed out of tempered glass and featuring a sturdy platform (12.8” x 11.6”) that will withhold up to 440 pounds.

Final Verdict

Every scale we reviewed is going to complete the essential task of calculating your weight. The Withings Body + Digital Scale is our top pick due to the fact that it is highly accurate, feature-heavy, and aesthetically pleasing. While it is one of the smartest scales on the market, connecting via WiFi and Bluetooth, users, including Dr. Moreno, maintain that it is easy to operate. It can also be used by multiple people and will be able to differentiate when it is you or someone else who is on it. However, if you have specific concerns or it is out of your budget, there are other great scales to choose from.

What to Look for in a Bathroom Scale

Budget: As with any household gadget, always consider your budget before you start shopping. While you can easily spend over $100 on a super intelligent scale, you can also find a great one for under $20. 

Weight Capacity: If you are of an average weight, you can choose from any number of scales. However, for those over 400, your options are limited. Make sure to read the fine print before making a purchase. 

Smart vs. Basic: Smarter isn’t always better for everyone. While many people prefer a connected scale that can instantly transfer data to an app, others might find the technology too complicated. If you fall into the latter category, you are better off saving some money (as well as frustration) and opting for a no-frills model. 

Features: Are you looking for a gadget to simply calculate your weight, or do you need it to help monitor other fitness goals? Each scale offers different features, so if you are only concerned with weight, you should stick to the simpler models.

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