The 9 Best Bras for People With Arthritis of 2023

Underworks Arthritis Bra has a loop closure that makes it easier to take off

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Finding the perfect bra is tough. Add arthritis to the mix and you’ve got yourself an extra tricky shopping trip. Arthritis, which can cause joint pain, stiffness, and swelling, affects everything you do, including the clothes you wear. For people with the condition, comfort and manual dexterity are huge factors when bra shopping.

When looking for a bra, you'll want to look for one that has options like front-facing clasps, clasp-free, and sports bras so that it's easier to take on and off. We researched dozens of bras for people with arthritis and evaluated them for material, clasp options, comfort, and price.

A rheumatologist from our Medical Expert Board reviewed the contents of this article for medical accuracy surrounding what to look for in bras for people with arthritis, the causes and symptoms of arthritis, and how best to manage it.

Here are the best bras for people with arthritis.  

Best Overall

Underworks Arthritis Bra with Hook and Loop Closure



We chose this Underworks Bra as our top choice because it is specifically designed for people with limited hand or upper body dexterity. The hook and loop closure make this product easy to take on and off, offering users a sense of confidence and independence. Its cotton and latex material and its thick straps make the bra supportive and comfortable.

Although this bra has been hailed as one of the best bras on the market for people living with arthritis by reviewers, a few have mentioned this not being an ideal bra for women with larger breasts.  

Price at time of publication: $30

Best Budget

Fruit of the Loom Front Closure Cotton Bra



This full-coverage and unlined bra is comfortable and easy to wear for users. Soft, thick straps ensure that this front closure bra won’t dig or pinch skin like others on the market with thinner straps. It's made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which allows it to breathe and move with your body.

We do caution users with hand arthritis to beware of the sleek, yet small hook-and-eye clasps on the front. However, this bra is great for those with back or neck arthritis, or even those who wear a posture corrector, due to the lack of pinching this soft material provides. 

Price at time of publication: $29

Best Sports Bra

WANAYOU Women's Zip Front Sports Bra



This zip-front sports bra is a favorite among reviewers. Its zipper closure is great for people who struggle with finger dexterity, and it features wide straps and a racerback style—so it’s perfect for supporting the back and keeping everything in place while working out.

Along with its breathable lining, this bra also features removable pads so users can easily adjust for the shape and look they want. The biggest gripe customers seem to have is with regards to inaccurate sizing. Some have expressed having to go a size or two up, while others have expressed having to go a size down altogether.

Price at time of publication: $41

Best Support

Genie Bra 3 Pack



The Genie bra comes highly recommended by women experiencing limited hand mobility. Buying a bra that can be slipped over your head or stepped into eliminates all need for clasps, hooks, and zippers. With lift layers and a smooth, soft built-in bra, the Genie is perfect for those looking for a little more lift and support. This bra also comes in a broad range of sizes, going up to 4x. Many users claim the large size range is needed due to small sizing.  

Price at time of publication: $30

Best for T-Shirts

Spanx Bra-llelujah! Lightly Lined Full-Coverage Bra

Spanx Bra-llelujah Full Coverage Bra


This full-coverage, fan-favorite bra from Spanx is a good option for those with arthritis who can handle front closure bras and want something smooth enough to go under t-shirts. Soft and dig-free straps add support without compromising comfort. Customers love the fact that they don’t have to deal with hooks, digging, and elastic found in other bras.  

Price at time of publication: $68

Best Plus Size

Glamorise Women's Plus Size Wonderwire Front Close Bra

Glamorise Women's Plus Size Wonderwire Front Close Bra


This front-close bra is a game-changer: Cushioned underwire and quick-drying fabric help to keep users feeling supported yet comfortable and dry. The Easy On/Off Front-Close Underwire Bra also offers sizes from 34B to 48H, making this bra perfect for women of all different shapes and sizes. The majority of users rave about the fit, coverage, and comfort, while only a few say their sizing was a bit off. 

Price at time of publication: $56

Most Comfortable

Wacoal Women's Front Close T-Back Bra



This front closure bra is an excellent option for those with limited movement. It’s also a great option for women looking for comfort because of its unlined and wire-free support, and its Supplex fabric, which feels soft like cotton. Reviewers love the comfort of this bra, but they also caution to go a size or two up.  

Price at time of publication: $48

Best Seamless

True & Co Women's True Body V Neck Bra



The True Body V Neck Bra is virtually as seamless as a bra can get. It’s made from a smooth, barely-there microfiber material that isn’t bulky and doesn’t bunch. This bra also supports your natural shape without wires, making it a comfortable fit. This v-neck bra slips on and off, making it ideal for people with arthritis. People rave about this bra’s stretch, comfort, and ease.

Price at time of publication: $49

Best Bra Alternative

Hanes Women's Stretch Cotton Cami with Built-in Shelf Bra



For all the women out there who are totally done with wearing bras (we hear you!), a simple cotton cami with a built-in bra is the perfect alternative. The Hanes Stretch Cotton Cami with Built-in Shelf Bra is a pull-on type, so clasps will never be an issue. It’s also thin enough to layer with other tank tops or t-shirts. Customers love how comfortable, supportive, and true-to-size these camisoles are.

As an added bonus, these camisoles are affordable, so you can stock up on different color choices. With a nice selection of options available, they are bound to become a wardrobe staple.

Price at time of publication: $18

Final Verdict

The Underworks Arthritis Sleep and Leisure Bra (view at Amazon) was specifically crafted for women who struggle with arthritis. It’s easily adjustable, comes in a wide variety of sizes, and is affordable. If you are looking for something a bit more upscale try the True Body V Neck Bra (view at Amazon). Similarly to the Sleep and Leisure Bra, it comes in a wide variety of sizes, so it fits a versatile range of bodies. Not only does it provide support and comfort to users, but its simple, pull-over design also makes it a game-changer for anyone with limited movement. 

What to Look for in a Bra for People with Arthritis

Simple/ Front Closure

Back, neck, shoulder, and hand pain are all things that can make reaching behind you to unclasp your bra feel impossible. When shopping for arthritis-friendly bras you want something that you can easily access and undo. Look for front closures or pull-over bras with easy or large hooks/claps, buttons, or velcro. 

Bras That Don't Dig or Pinch

If you are already experiencing any amount of pain or discomfort you don’t want that to be doubled by the bra you’re wearing. Look for bras without underwire or with padded underwire. You also want to keep an eye out for thicker straps—they tend not to dig into shoulders.

A Large Range of Sizes Provided

Finding the perfect bra size is hard on a good day. You have to worry about cup shape, size, and the overall fit of the bra. Be sure to get professionally sized; once you know your size it will make finding a bra generally easier. Having a lot of size options will allow you to size up or down as needed and will ensure that you don’t have any issues with digging or unflattering bra shapes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you put on a bra with arthritis?

    Choose bras that you can pull on over your head, have front closure, or velcro instead of hooks. If you have some favorites with traditional hooks, you can hook the bra first and then slip it over your head. You can also hook the bra in the front first and move it around your body so the hooks are in the back. If you have morning stiffness, warm up your hands and get your fingers moving before you put on your bra.

  • What are the first signs of arthritis in fingers?

    An early sign of arthritis in the fingers is a dull pain after doing a task that requires a lot of firm gripping. It may not hurt right away, but you may feel it a few hours the next day. Your fingers may feel more stiff and painful in the morning and more flexible as the day goes on.

  • What causes arthritis?

    There are two common types of arthritis with different causes. Osteoarthritis is a "wear and tear" condition that develops when the cartilage, which cushions the joints, breaks down as we age. Inflammatory arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system damages the lining of the joints.

  • How do I get rid of arthritis in my fingers?

    You may not be able to get rid of arthritis in your fingers, but there are effective ways to manage it and alleviate the pain. Exercise, over-the-counter pain relievers, joint supplements, and applying ice or heat can help with osteoarthritis. Talk to your doctor before you try home remedies for arthritis. Doctors can give you steroid injections, prescription medications for both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, and there are surgical options if necessary.

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