The 10 Best Condoms to Buy in 2018

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It seems like every time you turn on the television, a new type of condom is being marketed for its superior quality. With all of the options out there, how can you choose a condom that is best suited for you and your partner’s needs? First, it’s most important to consider any allergies, like a latex allergy, that can prevent you from using certain condoms. Also, be sure to consider the condom size. Condoms come in a variety of lengths and widths, and choosing the right one is essential to prevent your condom from breaking or falling off.

Condoms protect not only against pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it’s best to choose a latex condom or one made from polyurethane (if you’re allergic to latex), to prevent STDs. Other types of non-latex condoms, like lambskin condoms, may not properly prevent STDs the way latex or polyurethane can prevent them. Also, be sure to check the packaging—a good, quality condom should explicitly state on its packaging that its purpose is to prevent disease. If that's missing, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is; it isn’t necessarily the quality you want. These are typically thought to be "novelty condoms" and might not give you the protection you need.

Wondering where to begin your search? Here's a roundup of trusted condoms you can buy online now.

Best Overall: LifeStyles SKYN Selection Condoms

This variety box of condoms from LifeStyles has received the Amazon Choice stamp of approval, and it’s no wonder why. The box comes with 24 condoms and contains a mix of LifeStyles SKYN condoms in original, extra studded, and extra lube types, so you can find your favorite. These condoms are made from premium polyisoprene, so they are latex-free, making them a great choice for anyone with a latex allergy as well. Each condom is lubricated to provide the most comfort possible.

Reviewers say the thin feeling of the condoms and the ample lubricant on them makes the SKYN pack their go-to choice. Men and women both gave positive reviews of this variety pack, citing they are great for even the most allergy-sensitive of people.

Best for Her: Okamoto Zero Zero Four Latex Condoms with Aloe

Sex should be a pleasurable experience for all parties involved, and this condom from Okamoto ensures women enjoy intercourse. Your purchase includes three condoms. The condoms are supplemented with aloe, a plant extract with soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. According to Okamoto, aloe prevents irritation down there, making these condoms great for women. They’re also on the thin side, so you’ll barely notice them when in use.

Best Feeling: L. Condom, Classic

These condoms from L. Condom are made from low-scent, thin latex to provide a great experience for both partners. Not only are these condoms lubricated, but they are also glycerin- and paraben-free, so you can feel good about what you’re putting inside you and your partner’s bodies.

One reviewer noted the lubrication was high-quality and lasted a long time, while another said these condoms feel like a second skin. For a condom you hardly notice during intercourse, try this Amazon Choice option.

Best for Him: Trojan BareSkin Lubricated Latex Condoms

For a condom you hardly notice, try Trojan’s BareSkin condom. Trojan says this condom is 40 percent thinner than their standard condoms. These condoms also feature a reservoir tip and lots of lubricant for comfort. The BareSkin condoms are smooth in texture and don’t have any studs.

Users say these condoms are not only effective for preventing pregnancy and STDs, but they also feel amazing. One reviewer said her husband won’t use any other condom because this one gives the best sensation and comfort level. “These most closely replicate the no-condom experience of anything I have tried,” noted another reviewer.

Best Snug Fit: Caution Wear Iron Grip Snugger Fit

This 12-pack of condoms from Caution Wear aren’t as wide as average condoms, making for a snugger fit. One reviewer says he enjoys the fit because it gives him peace of mind, knowing the condom won’t slip off. Another user agreed, saying this condom prevents annoying bunching  around the head that he’s experienced with other condoms. The condoms don’t have a scent or smell, which many users enjoy. For a man who is thinner or smaller, these condoms are a great option for the ideal fit.

Best for First Time: Kimono MicroThin RIBBED AND SENSI-DOT Condoms

First-time sex can be nerve-wracking for many reasons, so you want to choose a reliable, easy-to-use condom. This condom from Kimono is FDA-approved for its strength. The condom is made from latex, so you should choose another condom if you have a latex allergy. 

Reviewers say these condoms feel thin (in a good way) and have a nice ribbed texture with “Sensi-Dots” for extra pleasure. One reviewer noted the condoms are a bright green color, so don’t be alarmed when you open the packaging; they’re supposed to look like that.

Best Value: Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated

If you’re trying to stock up on condoms, look no further than the Trojan ENZ Lubricated 36 pack. For an affordable price, you get 36 lubricated latex condoms. The condoms are designed with a reservoir tip and have a smooth, non-ribbed texture.

Reviewers comment that this box of condoms is a great value compared to in-store prices for condoms. Many also commented that they are straightforward reliable, no-frills condoms that get the job done. For a condom you can trust that won’t break the bank, try these Trojan ENZ condoms.

Best Latex-Free: Durex Avanti Bare RealFeel Non-Latex Condom

Finding a great condom when you have a latex allergy or sensitivity can be a bit of a pain, but they're quite a few options to choose from. These condoms from Durex are latex-free and are instead made of polyisoprene. This material still protects from pregnancy and STDs. Remember: Using a latex-free lambskin condom cannot protect from STDs; it can only protect from pregnancy. The condoms have a lubricant and are unscented, which many users say is a major plus. “They feel better than any latex condom I've ever used,” said one reviewer, stating that they also feel thin and more natural than other condoms.

Best Flavored: Durex Tropical Flavors Condom

If you want to have a bit of fun with your condoms, consider these flavored ones from Durex. This particular product has a variety of “tropical” flavors, including apple, orange, strawberry, and banana. Each condom is colored as well to coordinate with its flavor. Users say the flavors actually taste great and note these condoms are a go-to, especially for oral sex. While some comment that the condoms themselves are thicker than other brands, other think they feel great and add a playful element to the bedroom.

Best Variety Pack: Trojan Pleasure Pack Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms

Not sure which type of condom is right for you? Then you should try a condom variety pack, so you can explore the options on the market. This 40-count box from Trojan contains five types of their best-selling condoms, so you can experiment with your partner. This pack contains the Double Ecstasy, Ultra Thin, Lubricated, Ultra Ribbed, and ENZ condom types, so whether you want a textured condom, thinner material, or special lube on the condom, this pack offers all of the above. The condoms in this pack also vary in shape and size, so you can figure out the best-sized condom for you. Users love these condoms because they don’t have an overpowering latex smell, are very effective, and come at a great price for what you get.​

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