Best At-Home DNA Testing Kits

Nebula Genomics is our pick for the best at-home DNA testing kit

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At-home DNA tests kits can provide a wealth of information about your genetic makeup, health, disease risk, and ancestry. They can also help you connect with relatives and build out your family tree. 

The best at-home DNA test kits provide a broad spectrum of information about your health, traits, and lineage—along with social options that allow you to connect with your relatives. They also employ reputable labs for result reading and provide some privacy options to their customers to help protect their genetic data. These are our picks for the best at-home DNA test kits.

Best At-Home DNA Testing Kits of 2023

Best Overall : Nebula Genomics Deep Whole Genome Sequencing

Key Specs
  • Cost: $999
  • No. of states available: 50
  • Time for results: 12 to 14 weeks
Why We Chose It

With its Deep Whole Genome Sequencing kit, Nebula Genomics offers 100% DNA sequencing along with access to genetic experts and new reports as they’re released, plus powerful privacy tools to keep your data safe.

Pros & Cons
  • 100% DNA sequencing

  • Stringent privacy practices

  • Free shipping

  • More expensive than other tests

  • Results can take 3+ months

  • Subscription required


Deep Whole Genome Sequencing from Nebula Genomics costs $999 but regularly goes on sale. Shipping is free, but an additional subscription—$25 per month, $150 per year, or $275 for lifetime access—is required.

For a less expensive option that doesn’t offer full genome sequencing, you can choose the Basic Genome Sequencing plan for $299. Or for optimal accuracy, select Ultra Deep Whole Genome Sequencing for $2,999.

The Deep test provides a wealth of information about your ancestry, geographical origin, living relatives, health risks, and more—with new reports added weekly. The subscription also allows you to receive direct support from geneticists, and Nebula has put several safeguards in place to help keep your genetic data private.

After receiving your test kit (which can be ordered online through the Nebula website), you’ll need to collect and return your cheek swab DNA sample. Nebula test results are actually read at a lab in the European Union, so it can take up to 14 weeks to receive your results.

Nebula Genomics has a 4.2 rating from Trustpilot, but some reviewers say that it’s difficult to parse the most important details from the overwhelming amount of information they receive from their full DNA sequencing.

It’s our best overall choice because, despite the price, it offers full DNA sequencing, ongoing access to new reports, and access to geneticists, along with prioritizing customer privacy.

Best for Finding Ancestors : 23andMe+ Membership

Key Specs
  • Cost: $228
  • No. of states available: 50
  • Time for results: 3 to 5 weeks
Why We Chose It

For locating ancestors, the 23andMe+ Membership offers full access to all of 23andMe’s health and ancestry features, plus advanced search options to help you narrow down your relatives and ancestors using a number of filters.

Pros & Cons
  • Provides health and ancestry information

  • Access to premium health reports

  • Expanded filter options for ancestor search

  • Subscription required for advanced ancestry features

  • Not a full DNA sequencing test

  • Some data privacy concerns


The 23andMe+ Membership costs $228 total for the 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service as well as a one-year membership to premium features. Standard shipping costs $9.95 and takes three to six business days. The health portion of the test may be eligible for FSA or HSA reimbursement.

This option provides more than 150 health and ancestry-related reports offered by 23andMe, plus access to premium reports (like high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation and coronary artery disease) and expanded ancestry filtering features.

You can order your kit directly on the 23andMe website. Once you receive it, you’ll need to activate your kit, collect your saliva sample, and return the test. 23andMe uses Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified and College of American Pathologists (CAP)-accredited labs. Your results will be available in three to five weeks.

23andMe has an app for iOS and Android where you can order tests, activate your tests, and view your results as well.

Some reviewers question the accuracy of their 23andMe results, and over the years there have been many concerns about privacy and data protection. Regardless, it can be helpful for finding ancestors thanks to the numerous ancestry-related reports and search features it offers.

Best for General Health : Invitae Genetic Health Screen

Key Specs
  • Cost: $350
  • No. of states available: 50
  • Time for results: 10 to 21 days
Why We Chose It

The Invitae Genetic Health Screen investigates up to 147 genes to assess your potential genetic risk for cancer, heart disease, and certain inherited conditions. It also offers genetic counseling with an expert once you receive your results. 

Pros & Cons
  • Tests up to 147 genes

  • Provides insights regarding cancer, heart disease, and heritable conditions

  • Genetic counseling provided

  • Requires a physician referral

  • No ancestry insights

  • More expensive than other tests


The Invitae Genetic Health Screen costs $350 with free shipping and also requires a physician referral. You can get one from an Invitae doctor or from your own provider. Invitae accepts HSA/FSA funds for payment.

In addition to providing a clear breakdown of your genetic disease risk, you will receive a complimentary one-hour genetic counseling session once you receive your results.

You can order your test directly on the Invitae website. It requires a saliva sample, and once your sample has been returned to the lab, you can expect your results, which you’ll be able to view online, in 10 to 21 days. You can then schedule a one-hour genetic counseling session with an Invitae genetics expert at no extra charge.

Many reviewers express frustration about billing and insurance issues with Invitae, but overall, Invitae’s Genetic Health Screen is a great DNA test for general health given the large number of genes tested, along with the included genetic counseling.

Best for Family Trees : AncestryDNA Traits

Key Specs
  • Cost: $199
  • No. of states available: 50
  • Time for results: 6 to 8 weeks
Why We Chose It

AncestryDNA Traits + All Access Membership is the best for family trees because the company offers an online family tree creator and database, along with its Ancestry Family History Learning Hub.

Pros & Cons
  • Offers messaging and access to others’ family trees

  • Can build and save family trees within Ancestry

  • Access to Family History Learning Hub

  • No health information

  • Results may take up to 2 months

  • Membership required to access most ancestry features


The AncestryDNA Traits + All Access Membership is roughly $199 and includes ancestry information, reports on 37 genetic traits, and a three-month Ancestry membership. Shipping is $9.95.

Your test can be ordered directly from the Ancestry website or app (available for iOS and Android). You need to activate it online or in the app before returning the test. It requires a saliva test, and once you return your sample, you should receive your results in six to eight weeks. 

You can view your results online or in the app, plus use either platform to build your family tree, reach out to relatives (or anyone else on Ancestry), view “hints” about your lineage to help expand your tree, and more. 

Ancestry has mostly favorable reviews, but some reviewers say that the subscription may not be worth the fee for the capabilities that it provides. Regardless, if you’re just getting started building your family tree, the Family History Learning Hub, family tree builder, and contact features on Ancestry make it an ideal way to dive into genealogy.

Best on a Budget : MyHeritage DNA Test

Key Specs
  • Cost: $89
  • No. of states available: 50
  • Time for results: 3 to 4 weeks
Why We Chose It

The MyHeritage DNA Test offers a snapshot of your genealogy, health, and personal traits for less than $100.

Pros & Cons
  • CLIA- and CAP-accredited labs

  • Inexpensive test

  • Optional membership provides additional ancestry information

  • No health information

  • Database of users may be smaller

  • Shipping is extra


The MyHeritage DNA Test costs $89 plus $5 shipping. Its optional subscription provides extra features for $129 to $299 per year (depending on the tier you select). 

The test offers a basic snapshot of your ancestry and lineage. Additionally, the premium features allow you to connect with other MyHeritage members and view the family trees of people who are DNA matched with you. You can also upgrade to a health test for an extra fee to receive genetic health data.

You can order the test kit directly from the MyHeritage website. You’ll need to activate your kit online and then collect a cheek swab sample. After returning your samples, your results will be available in three to four weeks. To ensure accuracy and consistency, MyHeritage employs CLIA- and CAP-accredited labs. 

The MyHeritage app for iOS and Android allows you to edit your family tree, review DNA matches, and research your genealogy using the MyHeritage network.

Reviewers are generally pleased with MyHeritage, especially for the price, but say the results aren’t as reliable as some other companies. At less than $100, however, the basic MyHeritage DNA Test is a great low-cost option if you want to learn more about your lineage.

Final Verdict

Most DNA tests provide basic information about your DNA, ancestry, and genetic health risks. However, services like 23andMe and Ancestry may be more well-suited for people who want to learn more about their ancestry and living relatives, while Invitae is best for learning more about health risks. Regardless, none of these tests offer the comprehensive genome sequencing offered by the Nebula Genomics Deep Whole Genome Sequencing test.

Nebula Genomics Deep sequences 100% of your DNA, providing a large amount of data regarding your health, traits, and ancestry. Additionally, its subscription model allows you to access new reports that are regularly rolled out, and the company provides a number of privacy options to protect your genetic data that others do not.

Compare the Best At-Home DNA Testing Kits

Company Cost No. of States Available  Time for Results Health Results 
Nebula Genomics Ultra Deep Whole Genome Sequencing Best Overall $999 50 12–14 weeks Yes
23andMe+ Membership Best for Finding Ancestors $228 50 3–5 weeks Yes
Invitae Genetic Health Screen Best for General Health $350 50 10–21 days Yes
AncestryDNA Traits + All Access Membership Best for Family Trees $199 50 6–8 weeks No
MyHeritage DNA Test Best on a Budget $89 50 3-4 weeks No

Guide for Choosing the Best At-Home DNA Testing Kits

Are At-Home DNA Testing Kits Worth It?

At-home DNA tests are worth the cost if you’re looking for certain types of information, like:

  • Your ancestry and what part of the world your ancestors hailed from
  • How your personal traits (like eye color, hair color, likes, and dislikes) may have been influenced by your genetics
  • Genetically influenced health risks
  • Your living relatives and ways to connect with them

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, these kits are valuable because the data can be added to a large database to help advance medical research.

Comparing At-Home DNA Testing Kits

When choosing the best home DNA test kit for you, here are some factors to consider:

  • Cost: Expect to spend at least $100 for a basic DNA test kit, unless you are purchasing your test on sale. Other tests that offer more comprehensive testing or more features may run upwards of $300 (or much more).
  • Time for results: These DNA tests may take from two to 14 weeks to process and return your results. If you want faster results—for instance, for a particular health concern—you may want to order a more specific test, which would be both less expensive and faster. However, the full tests including complete information and ancestry data will require a longer wait.
  • Ancestry reporting: Most consumer DNA tests provide information about ancestry and heritage. However, tests aimed specifically at genetic health may not. Be sure to check that the test you choose offers ancestry reporting if you want this information.
  • Health reporting: Likewise, most home DNA tests provide some genetic health information as well. However, for a more comprehensive look at your genetic health factors, you may want to purchase a kit that is targeted specifically to health.
  • Family tree options: Most DNA tests also offer some ability to create your family tree and connect with relatives. However, the larger testing companies—like Ancestry and 23andMe—are more likely to have more potential relatives on the site.

Ordering Your At-Home DNA Test Kit

Follow these steps to order and use your DNA test kit:

  1. Order your test kit online directly from the company website.
  2. Once you receive the kit, activate it online or via the company app.
  3. Collect your sample following the kit instructions.
  4. Return your sample following the kit instructions.
  5. Receive results online or in the app after they are read in the lab.
  6. Use your results to fill out your family tree, connect with relatives, learn more about your traits and ancestry, or help inform your health decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do At-Home DNA Testing Kits Cost?

The cost of a DNA test kit depends on several factors. Basic tests can be purchased for approximately $80 to $100. However, more comprehensive tests can run for $300 or more. In addition, many of these testing companies now require a subscription in order to message relatives or access other features, so consider that additional cost if your primary goal is to connect with relatives or build out your family tree.

How Accurate Are At-Home DNA Testing Kits? 

Home DNA testing kits from reputable companies are just as accurate as DNA testing kits from healthcare providers. However, DNA tests do not account for health risks that may be influenced by your lifestyle or environmental factors—so it’s important to consider these factors when reviewing your genetic health results.

What Do At-Home DNA Testing Kits Tell You About Yourself? 

At-home DNA tests can provide information about how your genetics may influence your health, nutrition, physical traits, and risk for certain diseases. These kits can also give you a snapshot of your ancestry, such as information about your heritage and what countries and regions your ancestors are from. 

Additionally, many can connect you to other users who have shared DNA so that you can make contact with these relatives.

How Do At-Home DNA Testing Kits Work? 

First, you will need to order your kit, take your sample, and return it according to the specific instructions that come with the kit.

After the lab receives your sample (which is typically a saliva or cheek swab sample), it will inspect your DNA for genetic variations. Some tests only check specific sections of the DNA to provide information about certain factors, while others (like Nebula Genomics) analyze 100% of your DNA. It may take up to one month to receive your results.


To choose the best at-home DNA testing kits, we first identified 10 different companies offering home DNA testing. Next, we removed the services that didn’t offer comprehensive tests or that only had a very narrow focus (e.g., forensics). The remaining five companies all offer DNA tests that provide health, genetics, and ancestry information, along with social options allowing users to connect with relatives.

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