Best EMT Classes Online

The National Medical Education Training Center (NMETC) offers the best course overall

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Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are often among the first responders on the scene of an accident. They're the ones people trust to get them to the hospital. These uniformed medical workers are responsible for assessing the situation, stabilizing patients, and thinking quickly to determine the best action plan.

EMTs provide out-of-hospital care and work alongside paramedics and firefighters to offer medical support and transportation during emergencies. EMTs have the basic knowledge and skills to triage patients, assess and stabilize patients during medical transport, and assist in life-threatening emergencies. Specific licensing requirements vary by state, but all states require National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification, which requires passing the NREMT exam. Most licensing also requires in-person laboratory training and ride-alongs with established EMTs. If you're interested in a career as an EMT, we rounded up the best EMT classes online to help you get started.

Best EMT Classes Online of 2023

Best Overall : National Medical Education Training Center (NMETC)

National Medical Education Training Center (NMETC)

National Medical Education Training Center (NMETC)

Key Specs
  • Cost: $1,800 + study materials + travel costs 
  • Duration: 192 hours—generally takes 4 to 5 months to complete 
  • Accreditation: Accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and Massachusetts Department of Health
Why We Chose It

We chose National Medical Education Training Center (NMETC) due to its comprehensive online program and many positive reviews from past students.

Pros & Cons
  • Four to five months to complete online portion

  • Six-day skills lab boot camp included

  • Inexpensive at roughly $1,800

  • Must travel to Massachusetts to complete skills boot camp

  • Need to attend all online lectures or view within five days


NMETC stands out as best overall because it meets all requirements to prepare students for the NREMT exam and can be completed in less than five months.

To enroll, you must apply online, wait to be accepted and place a $700 deposit to hold your spot in the program. The entire program costs roughly $1,800, not including study materials, a $50 application fee, and the cost of travel and accommodations for the six-day skills lab classes. Students can do the online portion at home, which generally takes about four months to complete. You must attend scheduled lectures but can watch the recording within five days to get full credit.

To apply, students must be 17 years of age and have a valid driver’s license or another form of photo identification. This course is designed for those with no prior EMT training and covers all topics needed to start working as an EMT, including a valuable hands-on skills portion required by most states.

Once completing the online portion, students must travel to the NMETC campus in Bridgewater, MA, for six days of intensive skills training and a final skills exam. This is the last step to getting an NMETC certificate of completion and qualifies you to take the national exam in your home state.

We like that the program keeps students engaged through live interactive classroom sessions, recorded lectures, textbook readings, and online course materials. Most of the material can be worked through at your own pace as long as you attend the lectures or watch the recordings. Scheduled classes keep you on track and allow you to ask questions and get clarification on topics when needed.

Best Accelerated Class : Allied Medical Training

Allied Med Training

Allied Med Training

Key Specs
  • Cost: Total cost is about $1,950 plus the cost of reading materials 
  • Duration: Four months 
  • Accreditation: Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) and is approved by the Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board
Why We Chose It

We chose Allied Medical Training (AMT) as the best accelerated class because you can start online anytime and finish the program in 140 hours.

Pros & Cons
  • Learning portal is available 24/7

  • NREMT psychomotor skill exam included

  • Accelerated seven-day skills lab portion

  • Must register for part one and part two separately

  • Sessions sometimes fill weeks in advance

  • Must travel to Minnesota for part two of the course


Allied Medical Training is one of the best if you are looking for an accelerated program that you can take online at any time. Founded by a physician who was a former EMT, the program is designed to achieve positive student outcomes in less time than attending traditional in-person classes. AMT has been offering courses since 2010 and has many positive reviews online.

The program is two parts and costs about $1,950 in total, plus the costs of textbooks and a CPR course if you haven't already completed one. You also must pay for travel expenses to attend the skills lab portion in Minnesota.

AMT suggests setting aside three months to complete the online portion and then planning to travel to attend the seven-day skills lab portion. If you are local, you can attend evening classes twice a week for six weeks.

Part one consists of 100 hours of online learning offered through Thinkific, an online learning platform. Material includes reading assignments, video presentations, quizzes, and exams. Because there are no live classes, you can complete the course at your own pace, which is excellent for those who work or have other daytime obligations. Part two consists of a week-long skills training and the state-approved NREMT skills exam.

You can register for the course online, and there are no prerequisites to take the course, but you do have to be 18 years old to take the NREMT exam. Overall, AMT is a great online course for those who cannot attend a local in-person class, want to study at their own pace, and are looking for a course that includes the required in-person skills training and exam.

Best for Hybrid : UCLA Emergency Medical Technician

UCLA Emergency Medical Technician

UCLA Emergency Medical Technician

Key Specs
  • Cost: Around $1,600 + roughly $282 in materials and fees 
  • Duration: 10 weeks 
  • Accreditation: Eligible for NREMT certification upon completion
Why We Chose It

UCLA has the best hybrid program, combining in-person and online lectures, skills lab sessions, hands-on training, and more over a period of 10 weeks.

Pros & Cons
  • Only 10 weeks in length

  • Immersive in person and online experience

  • Includes NREMT skills exam and ride along hours

  • Must live in Los Angeles area

  • No financial aid available

  • Limited availability


UCLA Medical Center has some of the best medical programs available in the U.S. Since it also is a teaching hospital, there are many opportunities for job placements upon completion. The EMT course boasts a 96% pass rate for first-time students taking the NREMT certifying exam.

Since the course is only 10 weeks, the attendance policy is pretty strict, but you do have the opportunity to make up online classes or watch the recordings on your own time. You can miss only two four-hour skills lab sessions or one 10-hour session. Additional absences will render you unable to complete the program. Skills lab classes take place in El Segundo, California, but you can attend the online lectures from the comfort of your own home. You must register ahead of time, and there may be limited availability for the session you want to take, so make sure to plan ahead.

There are no prerequisites to take the program, but UCLA offers an EMT prep course for those who want an introduction to anatomy and medical terminology before taking the course. Overall, the UCLA EMT course is excellent for those who live local to Los Angeles and want more structure and instructor support than a self-paced online program. 

The EMT course costs around $1,600, but you must also pay approximately $60 in fees (which includes a background check and immunization record check), and about $280 in courseware. There is no financial aid available, but the service offers payment plans if you’d like to split your tuition into three payments. You simply have to register online or by phone and make your first payment to hold your spot.

Best for Renewal : Prodigy



Key Specs
  • Cost: $225 
  • Duration: Complete courses at your own pace 
  • CAPCE-accredited
Why We Chose It

We chose Prodigy as best for recertification because it is a high-quality online learning platform that allows you to complete all courses required to recertify as an EMT for one low price. Its simple tracking model lets you track all courses taken and ensures you get what you need to recertify when the time comes.

Pros & Cons
  • Includes an extensive catalog of live and recorded courses

  • About $225 for unlimited courses

  • Engaging content and real patient videos

  • Must be available for live classes

  • Minimal instructor support

  • Relatively new, launched in 2016


Prodigy is an excellent online choice if you are looking for an easy way to get the credits you need to renew your NREMT certification. If sitting through boring weekend seminars isn’t your thing; this self-paced model may make getting recertified a little easier. 

Each class is assigned a number of continuing education units (CEUs), usually calculated by how many hours it takes to complete the course. Prodigy has various live courses, which is important because only 14 hours can be from self-paced classes. All courses are CAPCE-approved, and you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course. 

Courses address various topics such as the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems and medical topics like infectious disease, pain management, and endocrine emergencies. You can register to take classes online, but check your schedule and block off the time for live classes. The website states that they offer live courses year-round, with increased offerings around recertification deadlines. Be sure not to leave it all to the last minute since you may not be able to complete all the required courses quickly.

Prodigy is roughly $225 and gives you access to all the necessary courses to meet recertification requirements. NREMT requires that you renew every two years by taking the cognitive exam or completing 40 hours of continuing education. You must take a certain number of courses in different subject areas to meet national recertification requirements, and each state has specific license renewal requirements. Using a platform like Prodigy can help you track what courses you take and ensure that you get all the credits you need so you aren’t in for any surprises when you go to renew. 

Overall, Prodigy has an excellent reputation with both healthcare institutions and individuals when it comes to getting all the CEUs you need to renew.

Best for Advanced EMT : EMT and Fire Training Incorporated : AEMT Course

EMT & Fire Training Inc

EMT & Fire Training Inc

Key Specs
  • Cost: Roughly $4,500 
  • Duration: 6 to 9 months 
  • Accepted by NREMT
Why We Chose It

We chose EMT and Fire Training Incorporated Advanced EMT course as the best for advanced EMT certification because it includes everything you need to obtain your certification in less than nine months. It also includes the NREMT cognitive and skills test at the end of the course so you can apply for state licensure upon completion. 

Pros & Cons
  • Can complete the online portion at your own pace

  • Includes practical skills component and clinical rotation hours

  • Online portion does not include live classes

  • Costly at almost $4,500

  • Must travel to attend skills lab week


If you already have been working as an EMT, there may come a time when you want to pursue an advanced certification. If you are busy working, taking time off to attend an in-person course may not be convenient, which is why we like the EMT and Fire Training Incorporated online option. Students can complete online courses on their own time before attending the skills lab week and final exam.

The AEMT certification is costly, at roughly $4,500, but this includes all travel expenses, exam testing fees, lodging, application fee, lab fee, and online resources. You can sign up online at any time and reserve your spot with about a $200 application fee. You must sign up for your skills portion in advance, so allow yourself around six months to complete the online part before registering for the skills lab week.

To enroll in the program, you must be 18 years of age, have a current EMT certification, high school diploma, and valid CPR card. Attendance is key, and you must complete the entire online course, and attend 95% of the skills week and 100% of the field internship to complete the program. The AEMT courses are self-directed, interactive, and cover all AEMT knowledge and skill requirements.

During your skills week, you will get lots of hands-on experience and the opportunity to ask questions and get instructor feedback. We also like that there is a 24-hour instructor help desk available by message or phone to ask questions and get support.

You have nine months to complete the program, so being self-motivated and disciplined will help you stay on track. For those who want to advance their career and get their AEMT certification, this course is a great choice and used by students all over the country.

Best Refresher : Safety Unlimited 40 hour EMT refresher course

Safety Unlimited 40 hour EMT refresher course

Safety Unlimited 40 hour EMT refresher course

Key Specs
  • Cost: Around $200
  • Duration: 40 hours
  • CAPCE-accredited and accepted by NREMT for renewal; also accredited by International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)
Why We Chose It

If you want a straightforward program that provides you with all the CEUs you need to renew your EMT certification, Safety Unlimited is a great online option.

Pros & Cons
  • CAPCE accredited for NREMT certification

  • Choose from 10-,20-, or 40- hour programs

  • Consists of both virtual instructor-led classes and distributed (self-paced) courses

  • Unable to choose from a variety of courses

  • No hands-on training component

  • Must complete each class in 90 days


When the time comes to renew your EMT certification, finding a refresher course that provides you with all the CEUs you need to renew is important. Safety Unlimited is a straightforward and convenient way to qualify for recertification and feel confident in your knowledge and ability to continue working as an EMT.

The virtual instructor-led training courses are live and interactive, allowing you to ask questions, get support, and learn the material with other EMTs. Students can complete the distributed courses at their own pace, but they must be finished within 90 days to get credit. The application process is easy; you can enroll online and start immediately.

The 40-hour refresher course is around $200 and is available to anyone currently certified and working as an EMT. You also have the option to take the 10- or 20-hour courses, but these provide you only with the requirements for either the national or state portion of recertification. Classes can be accessed on your computer or phone and cover all EMT-relevant material.

Overall, if you want an easy-to-follow program to complete your EMT CEUs quickly, Safety Unlimited is a reputable choice recognized by NREMT, IACET, and California, although students can use credits to recertify in other states as well.

Final Verdict

If being a certified EMT is part of your career path, there are many online programs to help you get started. If you are new to the field, taking a course like NMETC or Allied Medical Training will best prepare you to take the NREMT exam and get certified quickly. These courses allow you to study from home, on your own time, and learn everything you need to know to prepare to start working as an EMT. If you are already certified and looking to get more CEUs or advanced certification, there are many cost-effective options available to help you get everything you need to advance your skills and knowledge.

Compare the Best EMT Classes Online

Company Cost Duration Certificate Accreditation
NMETC  Best Overall $1,800 + study materials and travel costs  192 hours; takes 4 to 5 months to complete  Yes  CAAHEP and Massachusetts Department of Health 
Allied Medical Training  Best Accelerated Class  $1,950 + textbooks  4 months  Yes  CAPCE and Minnesota EMS Regulatory Board 
UCLA EMT Course  Best for Hybrid $1,600 + $282 in textbooks and fees  10 weeks  Yes  Eligible for NREMT exam upon completion
Prodigy  Best for Renewal  $225  Complete at your own pace  Receive certificate of completion   CAPCE 
EMT and Fire Training Incorporated: AEMT Course Best for Advanced EMT $4,500 6 to 9 months  Yes  Accepted by NREMT 
Safety Unlimited 40 hour EMT refresher course   Best for Refresher Course  $200 40 hours  Receive a certificate of completion CAPCE, IACET, and accepted by NREMT 

Guide to Choosing the Best EMT Classes Online

Should You Take EMT Classes Online?

When you're considering if you should take EMT classes online, be realistic about how you learn best. Some people thrive with online courses that allow them to work at their own pace, while others focus better in a classroom setting. If you already are working as an EMT, an online refresher course is a great way to brush up on your knowledge and get the CEUs you need to renew your certification. You also want to ensure you meet all your state's requirements, so check this before enrolling in a course.

Comparing EMT Classes Online

There are many EMT classes available online, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. Take these factors into consideration.

Cost: EMT courses can range from $200 to more than $4,500, so assess your finances before committing. Some courses have financial aid or allow you to enroll in a payment plan, which may be a better choice if you don’t have all the money upfront.

Type of Class: Before enrolling, ensure you are taking the right class for your needs. If you have no prior EMT training, you will have to complete a full EMT certification course, but if you are looking to recertify, CEU courses or a refresher course are more cost- and time-effective options. 

Accreditation: Check if the course you plan to take is accredited and accepted by your home state. Many reputable courses are accredited by CAPCE and recognized by NREMT. If you are new to the EMT profession, most states require that you complete a certain number of hands-on hours to get certified, so you will need to take 40 hours of skills lab classes in addition to the online classes.

Duration and Schedule: Some online EMT classes can be completed at your own pace, while others have scheduled live classes. If you are working or currently in school, choose a course with evening classes or ones you can take on your own time. Courses range from 10 weeks to six months, which is great for those with a timeline in mind.

Enrolling in an EMT Online Class

You can register for EMT classes online, but some require you to apply and be accepted before starting. The process is fairly simple, and many courses require an application fee or deposit to hold your spot. Once you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which makes you eligible to sit for the NREMT exam, a necessary step to being a certified EMT. Some online courses include the final NREMT exam as part of the program, which is a convenient way to ensure you get it done while the information is still fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do EMT Classes Online Cost?

Basic EMT online classes range from $1,600 to $1,900. In addition, you usually have to pay for textbooks and online material, travel and accommodations for the skills lab portion, and application and exam fees. Advanced EMT courses cost upwards of $4,500, while refresher courses are much less expensive at around $200.

Can You Take EMT Classes Online?

You can take EMT classes online. Refresher courses can be taken entirely online, but basic or advanced EMT classes usually require you to complete a hands-on skills lab week at the end of the online option, a national and state requirement to becoming certified.

What Do EMT Classes Online Cover?

EMT classes cover a wide variety of topics relevant to the skills required to become an EMT. Classes may include anatomy and physiology, ethics, life support techniques for first response situations, wound care, CPR, and how to treat a variety of different patients.

Are EMT Classes Online Accredited?

The best online EMT classes are accredited by CAPCE, recognized by NREMT, and acknowledged in your home state as reputable online programs. Some online EMT classes are not accredited, and although they are less expensive, they may not meet state standards for certification. Be wary of courses that are short in length or don’t include hands-on skills classes because it is unlikely they include all the requirements to take the final NREMT exam.

How long is EMT training online?

The courses listed here take anywhere from 3 to 9 months to complete. The more intensely you dedicate your time to your training, the more quickly you can potentially finish your online coursework. Don't forget there may be an in-person component, such as labs and ride-alongs, that will add time to the total certification process.


We looked at ten online EMT classes in the U.S. and compared cost, duration, accreditation, online reviews, and courses offered. If you are looking to start a career as an EMT and have no prior certification or education, then you must take an introductory EMT course and prepare for the NREMT exam. There are many online and hybrid courses to choose from, depending on your schedule and location. If you are an experienced EMT or looking to recertify, there are many ways to get CEUs or take a refresher course online.

We looked for courses accredited by CAPCE or an equivalent, recognized by NREMT, and approved CEU providers. We also sought out courses that prepare students for the NREMT exam and have live classes or the option to reach out to instructors for extra support. Overall, if you want to start or continue a career as an EMT but want the flexibility of an online program, many great options are available.

Best EMT classes

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