10 Best Free Medication-Related Apps

We all know how important it is to remember to take our prescribed medications. For example, with thyroid patients, their health depends on taking daily thyroid pills and at the right time. If you don’t take your thyroid hormone replacement medication, for example, you risk becoming hypothyroid.

Many of us are also taking care of children or acting as caregivers for other family members, and part of our job is to ensure that they get their prescription medications.

It’s not just remembering the medications, but in some cases, knowing that there is a possibility of interactions or cross-reactions between prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

Here are free apps that can help you stay on track, remain informed, check for interactions, get reminders, and much more.


Medscape App

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Drug references, including interactions, formulary information and more. A detailed library of information for more than 4000 diseases and conditions, medical news, and more. The Medscape App is used by 50% of doctors, and 75% of med students.



The PillPack app is available for stand-alone use, but is part of the whole package of services from Pillpack.com, a full-service pharmacy that delivers your prescriptions packaged to take in individual doses by day and time. (We reviewed the PillPack.com service.)


Mango Health

The Mango Health app reminds you when it's time to take medications, records doses, alerts you to interactions, and staying on track gives you real-life rewards. A fun app.


Drugs.com Medication Guide App

Look up drug information, identify pills, check interactions, and set up your own personal medication records.


Drugs.com Pill Reminder

Set up detailed reminders for your prescription medications and supplements


Zibdy Health

ZibbyHealth lets you scan medication bar codes to make a medications list, check interactions, control the privacy of drugs stored in your medication list, get reminders on your phone, by email, text or phone call, and vaccination reminders.


Pocket Pharmacist by Danike, Inc.

Features summaries of the 1,500 prescription medications in the United States, with interactions, precautions, side effects, available strengths, and other useful information.


MediGuard by Quintiles

Provides safety alerts, recalls, updates, and a check for drug interactions, along with hourly, daily or weekly pill reminders.



A Symptom Checker, provider search, health information, and add-on services allow you to track vital signs, medications, exercise routines and more.


MedBox by Parker-O'Brien and Associates

MedBox automatically sends you reminders to take your medicine at the right time every day.

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