The 9 Best Gifts for Caregivers of 2021

Take care of them with these creative, thoughtful picks

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Being someone’s caregiver isn’t an easy job, whether you do it professionally or for family. Winsome Lofters, a retired nurse and current caregiver for her partner, says it’s easy to become stressed and burned out when looking after someone else. “In order to keep them comfortable and at peace, you keep giving more and more of yourself,” she explains. 

Caregivers can sometimes be viewed as people who solely do things for others, which is why it’s so important to remind them that they’re appreciated and deserve to take care of themselves. Michele Gonzalez, who works full time and cares for her son with Down Syndrome, says caregivers will love anything that brings some level of relaxation: “Something that could help them just hide away in a quiet space, maybe even a good book or music, if you know them well enough to know what they would listen to.”

Here are a few great gift ideas to give the caregiver in your life.

Tea Forte Black Tea Assortment

Tea Forte Black Tea Assortment

Tea can serve as a nice energizer in the morning or as a relaxer in the evening. You can’t help but feel calmer when holding a hot cup of tea between your hands. Tea Forte has 10 available collection boxes, including black tea, chakra tea, herbal retreat, and more. Each comes with a variety of 20 pyramid infusers, filled with whole tea leaves that release a luxurious taste and smell in hot water.

One of the best features of this box—besides the tea itself—is that it comes elegantly decorated: an embossed pattern gift box with a satin ribbon and tea directory on the inside of the lid. Which means there’s no need for wrapping, you can just present it as is.

Being a caregiver means you take on other people’s emotional and physical needs—sometimes to the point where you forget your own. “It's taxing in the sense that you are trying very hard to give them your all, and they don’t always see it that way,” explains Lofters. “So they keep demanding more of you and you keep giving because they're not able to understand how much of you you are giving.”

Utilizing a journal can be a great way to check in with yourself emotionally. The Five Minute Journal contains writing prompts on each page to inspire morning and evening contemplation; they include themes focusing on gratitude, daily affirmations, self-reflection, and more. Its format is designed to boost positivity and happiness levels while also decreasing feelings of anxiety and loneliness in just five minutes. 

doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

Gonzalez likes to buy essential oils every now and then for those times when she’s looking to relax. She tends to gravitate toward lavender, but also likes any essential oil: “you can just put a few drops on your pillow.” Lavender is a versatile, multipurpose oil that promotes relaxation and is said to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, fungal infections, and more. doTERRA’s lavender oil can be added to a nice bath, applied to the temples and back of the neck, or dropped on different areas of the bed to promote a restful night’s sleep.

BloomsyBox Flower Subscription

BloomsyBox Subscription

Nothing brightens up a room—or your day—like a fresh bouquet of flowers. They’re also a thoughtful gesture that lets people know they’re in your thoughts. BloomsyBox has three different subscription plans: weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. Based on the plan, a new set of flowers are handpicked from farms around the world and delivered to your doorstep. Each box comes with information on how to properly care for the flowers and maintain their blooms for as long as possible.

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Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

Being someone’s caregiver can really put life into perspective. Things can happen unexpectedly and time moves quickly. That’s why it’s important to capture as many moments as possible. The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 is a great way to do just that, while also fulfilling any nostalgic needs. It produces high-quality polaroids at a reasonable price and has creative controls that allow for more options outside of point and shoot.

Comfier Full Body Massage Mat

Comfier Full Body Massage Mat

Lofters suggests gifting a caregiver with a massage certificate, but if you're looking for an at-home alternative, the Comfier Full Body Massage Mat is the way to go. This vibration massager has three intensity levels and five massage modes that you can adjust to your preference.

Combined with its heat therapy features, the mat helps to relieve muscle and joint pain, cramps, and improve sleep quality. Its soothing heat may relax your muscles so much that you can’t help but fall asleep, and if that happens, there’s no need to worry because the heating pads will automatically shut off. Its flexibility also makes it easy to set it up on the couch, bed, or chair.

LifeAround2angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set

Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb? They’re an ideal product to buy when looking to replicate the relaxing feeling of a spa. This gift set from Lifearound2angels comes with 12 handcrafted bath bombs, ranging from lavender to shea and coconut to mango papaya. Made in California, these bath bombs are all natural and fizz with colors that won’t stain the tub. Their therapeutic and moisturizing ingredients help to keep skin soft and hydrated.

Drunk Elephant Dewy: The Polypeptide Kit

Drunk Elephant Dewy: The Polypeptide Kit

Having to take care of someone and worrying about them all the time can take a toll, says Lofters. Stress has a way of showing up on the body, whether in sleeping patterns or on the skin. Drunk Elephant's Dewy: The Polypeptide Kit is a great way to help mitigate any stress creeping up on your face in the form of pimples, wrinkles, or bags.

This vegan and cruelty-free skincare set addresses dryness, dullness, and loss of firmness in the face by nourishing the skin to give it a hydrated, dewy look and feel. Lofters emphasizes the importance of caregivers “taking time for yourself” and upping your skincare routine may be a great place to start.

There’s nothing worse than struggling through a long, tiring day at work only to come home and have to clean. Robot vacuums like the Eufy RoboVac 11S take away the drudge of cleaning at home by doing it for you. This quiet, high-powered suction vacuum cleans for up to 100 minutes on hardwood floors and 50 minutes on carpets. It also doesn’t scratch surfaces, avoids obstacles with infrared-sensors, and when it’s all done, it automatically recharges so it can prepare to clean again. The vacuum comes with a 12-month warranty, so if the experience has hiccups, you’re covered.

Final Verdict

Giving back to a caretaker is a great way to show them just how much you appreciate all of the work they've done for you (or your loved ones.) Opt for a gift that makes their busy lives a bit easier, such as the Eufy RoboVac 11S, or a gift that pampers them, like a bath bomb gift set.

What to Look for When Buying a Gift for a Caregivers

Gifts that pamper:

Caregivers are on their feet all day, helping others with mobility, household chores, and more. Gifts that can pamper them, like a massager or a set of bath bombs will give them the relaxation they deserve.

Gifts that make life easier:

After spending their days taking care of others, the last thing a caretaker wants to do is more work. Help them take a load off by giving a gift that will help eliminate a few of those day-to-day chores.

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