The 10 Best Gifts for People with Anxiety of 2023

Casper's Weighted Blanket and Sierra's Oil Diffuser promote relaxation

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Gifts for anxiety

If you have someone on your shopping list who you suspect is struggling with anxiety, you may want to buy them a gift to let them know you're there for them. But buying an anxiety-themed gift for someone with anxiety can be easier said than done.

When looking for gifts for people with anxiety, "consider gifts that promote self-care and relaxation,” says Rebecca Etkin, PhD, postdoctoral associate at the Yale Child Study Center Anxiety and Mood Disorders Program. These items include candles, weighted blankets, and coloring books can all be useful for keeping stress and anxiety at bay. You can also consider a subscription to a meditation or mindfulness app. We researched dozens of gifts for people with anxiety and evaluated them for functionality and price.

Below, you'll find the best gifts for people with anxiety.

Casper Weighted Blanket

Casper Weighted Blanket

Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Three weights to choose from

  • Even weight distribution across stitched channels

  • Expensive

  • Only comes in three basic colors

Research shows that weighted blankets aren’t just a novelty item: there’s actually some evidence supporting the theory that weighted blankets can be used as a therapeutic tool for reducing anxiety.

With all the weighted blankets on the market today, though, why should you choose the Casper? True, it has a slightly higher-than-average price tag, but the Casper is customizable—it’s available in three different weights for different-sized users, or users with different weighted blanket preferences—and has also solved one of the bigger issues with weighted blankets, i.e. how warm they are. With a 100 percent cotton cover that’s breathable and allows for air flow, your giftee won’t be left only using this blanket in the winter when the temperatures dip below 50 degrees. It works well with any type of bed, including adjustable beds.

Price at time of publication: $169

Muse S Brain Sensing Headband

Muse S Headband

Courtesy: Muse

  • Real-time biometric feedback

  • Adjustable headband

  • Digital sleep tracking and assistance with night wakings

  • Expensive

  • May have occasional tech difficulties

If your loved one with anxiety is technology-savvy, you might want to spoil them with the Muse S Brain Sensing Headband, which will make them feel like they’re indulging in some seriously futuristics insights into their sleep habits and overall health. The headband is designed to maximize the meditative experience for users; with soundscapes that actually respond to health metrics like heartbeat and breathing rate, the headband helps you train yourself to pay more attention to your anxiety levels throughout the day.

It can also be a powerful sleep tool, and since sleep is closely connected to anxiety (lack of sleep can worsen anxiety and anxiety can disrupt sleep), we love that the Muse not only tracks your sleep habits, providing important insights into your sleep cycles and sleep health, but comes packaged with relaxing nighttime meditations to help you fall asleep faster.

Price at time of publication: $350

JLAB JBuds Air Bluetooth Earbuds

JLAB JBuds Air Bluetooth Earbuds


  • Adjustable gel tips for proper fit

  • Wireless and Bluetooth

  • Customizable sound profile

  • Larger than some Bluetooth headphones

  • Only available in black

Many people who struggle with anxiety find that sensory input—what we smell, what we hear, what we see—can be highly overwhelming at times. In fact, too much sensory input can heighten feelings of anxiety and vice versa, per the STAR Institute, which means that finding ways to alleviate the onslaught of sensory experiences can be an important tool in managing anxiety.

Ear buds that block out excessive noise, like the Bluetooth-enabled ones from JLab, can make it easier for people with anxiety to drown out auditory triggers; by simply having these lightweight ear buds in the ear, your loved one will have a barrier between the outside world and what they hear. Plus, the wireless connectivity means they can easily cue up a soothing playlist of favorite music or meditative sounds, while the attached microphone makes it possible for them to take calls or participate in Zoom meetings without ever having to remove the buds. They’re adjustable, portable, and sweat-resistant.

Price at time of publication: $49

Sierra Modern Home Smart Essential Oil Diffuser

Smart WiFi Wireless Essential Oil Aromatherapy


  • 400 mL water tank for 12 hours of mist

  • Attractive, modern design

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for WiFi use

  • May have occasional tech difficulties

  • App setup can be complicated

A WiFi-connected smart diffuser like this sleek and sexy one from Sierra Modern Home is the perfect gift for your anxious loved one who appreciates the intoxicating aroma filling a room, but doesn’t need the added worry of forgetting to blow out a candle. It can be filled with a variety of stress-relieving scents and controlled via an app on their gadget (it’s even Alexa- and Google Home-compatible), so they can choose when and how much of a scent they want injected into their space. Plus, it makes us feel calmer just to look at it, with its fluid shape and black wood grain finish.

Price at time of publication: $60

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Nearly 100 speed settings

  • Quiet vibration

  • Maximum user weight is 330 lbs

  • Expensive

  • Unit itself is heavy (33 lbs)

Studies have consistently shown that exercise has a significant association with a reduction in anxiety. Whether they work at home or in an office, this LifePro Waver Vibration Plate delivers vibrating oscillation movements to the entire body and can help provide a stress-relieving workoutor even just a comforting vibrationanywhere. Compact enough to fit under their bed, desk, or in the back of their car, it can be conveniently taken out for a quick sweat session.

“Engaging in something new—whether it be in the gym/workout arena, or picking up a new hobby like learning a new card game—means that your brain needs to create new neural pathways,” explains says Lindsay Weisner, PsyD, podcast host and co-author of the book Ten Steps to Finding Happy: A guide to Permanent Satisfaction. “As a side effect of the creation of these new pathways, neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are released, which improves your mood.

Dr. Weisner particularly likes a vibration plate for this approach, because she says when it’s used at a lower or less intense frequency, it helps relax tight muscles and stretch your tendons and ligaments, which also releases neurotransmitters and improves feelings of happiness.

Price at time of publication: $270

Pura D'or 10ml Essential Oil Set

Pura D'or Essential Oil Set


  • Can be used for aromatherapy diffusion or massage

  • Rated USDA 100% Organic

  • Some scents may be overwhelming

  • Packaging is cheap and prone to breakage

Essential oils are an easy way to infuse a little calm into your loved one’s world—and according to integrative mental health expert Roseann Capanna-Hodge, EdD, LPC, they don’t just smell good.

“Essential oils are quite effective in supporting mood, anxiety, and a variety of health issues that impact mental health,” she explains, noting that some studies have shown specific oils, such as citrus oils, bergamot, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender, to have positive effects on stress, anxiety, and relaxation. (One 2015 study, for example, found that bergamot essential oil reduced heart rate and stress levels when used in aromatherapeutic settings.)

This highly rated set from PURA D’OR features 100 percent organic 10mL pure aromatherapy essential oils in 10 amazing aromas—tea tree, lemon, lavender, sweet orange, rosemary, lemongrass, frankincense, peppermint, eucalyptus, and cedarwood—that can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from dabbing on the skin to using in a diffuser. They also come neatly packaged in a little wood box, making them a perfect gift.

Price at time of publication: $25

Fellow Stagg EKG Plus Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Fellow Stagg EKG Plus Electric Gooseneck Kettle


  • Bluetooth-connected for remote operation

  • Clean, modern shape and design

  • Pointed spout for pour over brewing

  • May have a short product lifespan

How does a fancy tea kettle help with anxiety? Well, the kettle itself isn’t therapeutic, but what your loved one can make with it certainly may be: some studies have shown that drinking tea has mental health benefits, partly because of the herbal ingredients contained in many types and partly because the simple act of sipping on a warm cup of tea is relaxing in itself.

For tea drinkers battling anxiety, the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle is a luxurious and aesthetically-pleasing way make tea. Not only does it feature a sleek spout that optimizes pour-overs, it also boils quickly and stays warm for 60 minutes, has a clear and easy-to-use LCD screen that allows the user to set their preferred water temperature, and even includes Bluetooth connectivity.

Price at time of publication: $195

Gratitude Journal Edition 3

Gratitude Journal Edition 3

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Space for goal and intention setting

  • Includes motivational stickers

  • Small and portable size

  • Only 80 pages

  • Threaded binding may be prone to breakage

Journaling is a great tool to help walk someone through anxious feelings, according to Dr. Capanna-Hodge: “Journaling and planners promote well-being because you are slowing down and processing events, thoughts, and feelings; it can be a way to calm and clear the mind by releasing negative thoughts and feelings and increasing self-awareness to not just triggers but solutions.”

This Gratitude Journal from Erin Condren was developed to help with reducing stress levels while promoting inner peace by providing the perfect place to keep daily gratitude in check. This journal, filled with high quality paper pages, includes six months of daily gratitude prompts and 30 day reflection spreads. It is also small enough to fit into a purse or one of Condren’s larger day planners, also includes a bunch of stickers, and a gorgeous cover—all for an affordable price.

Komusō The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace

Komusō The Shift Mindful Breath Necklace


  • Discreet and portable

  • Helps user practice and perfect deep breathing

  • Color and chain design options available

  • Expensive

  • No studies available that prove device's effectiveness

If you suffer from intense anxiety or stress, you’ve likely been told to practice mindful breathing; most of us breathe too quickly and shallowly, something that many researchers have discovered contributes negatively to our mental health. But learning how to breathe properly—deeply, and from the diaphragm—doesn’t come easily for most people.

The little device called The Shift promises to change that: by wearing the small stainless steel tube around your neck, you can practice your mindful breathing at the drop of a hat, wherever you are and whatever you’re in the middle of. The Shift forcibly slows down your exhale, working to train your body (and your brain) to breathe in ways that promote relaxation, not anxiety.

“Although I haven't seen the research on which [The Shift’s] claims are based, it sounds plausible,” says Dr. Weisner. “Meditation has long been empirically proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improve mood—and a large part of meditation is based on deep breathing, also known as diaphragmatic breathing.”

Price at time of publication: $115

Yogi Stress Relief and Herbal Tea Variety Pack Sampler, 6 Pack

Yogi Stress Relief and Herbal Tea Variety Pack Sampler, 6 Pack


  • All teas are caffeine-free

  • USDA-Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients

  • 96 tea bags total: 16 tea bags in each of the 6 boxes

  • May be overly sweet for some tea drinkers (contains Stevia)

There’s a reason so many people offer up a cup of tea as balm for many physical and emotional ailments: it’s innately comforting and soothing to sip on something hot, feeling it warm you up from the inside out as you drink it. But you score bonus points if that hot beverage also includes herbal blends designed to reduce stress and anxiety, like this variety pack from Yogi Tea.

“Teas have been used medicinally for centuries to improve health and wellness,” says Dr. Capanna-Hodge. “Specific herbs can increase feelings of calm, promote physical relaxation, and improve sleep.”

Dr. Capanna-Hodge adds that this sampler tea set, which includes Soothing Caramel, Honey Lavender, and Sweet Clementine, among others, is a perfect gift for people whose anxiety shows itself in a busy mind, physical tension, or restless sleep.

Price at time of publication: $26

Final Verdict

When buying a gift for loved ones with anxiety, it's important to remember that comfort comes first. Aim for low-maintenance, easy-to-use items like the Casper weighted blanket (view at Amazon) or a Sierra Modern Home's smart essential oil diffuser (view at Amazon), which will help destress without being too much of a commitment.

How We Selected

When selecting the best gifts for anxiety, we spoke with mental health experts and spent hours combing the web for the best products. After taking all of our options into consideration, we determined which to feature based on a few key criteria as recommended by experts: ability to promote relaxation, discretion, and simplicity.

Once we narrowed down our options, we compared each gift's benefits to its price tag. While some choices on our list may be more expensive, we wanted to give a wide range of options that would fit all needs and budgets. Based on all of these factors, we compiled this list of the best gifts for people with anxiety.

What to Look for in a Gift for Someone with Anxiety


There's nothing more stressful than an unexpected responsibility, so aim for a gift that requires little care and worry. A golden retriever puppy may seem like a sweet idea for someone dealing with anxiety, but the amount of care required to take care of an animal would likely lead to a lot more worry and stress.

It’s also helpful to consider your loved one’s overall personality and temperament, keeping in mind whether their anxiety is something they’re actively searching for help with.

“Be sure to factor in whether your loved one is more of an extrovert, who may be perfectly comfortable receiving a gift that acknowledges their strengths and weaknesses,” says Weisner, “[or an introvert] who has recently experienced trauma or is simply less open to frank discussions of mental health.”

Simple and Discreet

You don’t want to draw a ton of unnecessary attention to the fact that your recipient has anxiety, since they may not be comfortable broadcasting their mental health to the world. When in doubt, a simple gift that tells the recipient you want them to feel safe, comfortable, and loved can reduce their anxiety without announcing it far and wide.

“Many of us feel a tremendous amount of pressure to find the ‘perfect gift’ to express affection, acknowledgment, and understanding of the recipient,” says Dr. Weisner, “[but it’s tricky to find] the balance between making your loved one feel seen, and making your loved one feel uncomfortably exposed.”

Promotes Relaxation

There's a reason why candles, bathrobes, and journals are such popular gifts: they all help promote relaxation and promote self-care. Even if you don't struggle with anxiety or depression, these items make great presents.

“Studies about mindfulness activities demonstrate the mental health benefits of slowing down and connecting to our thoughts and body sensations,” says Dr. Capanna-Hodge. “Journals and planners are examples of mindful-based activities that support reducing stress.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you support a loved one with anxiety?

    In short: take them seriously, listen attentively, and just be present. When supporting a loved one with anxiety, Dr. Capanna-Hodge says that not dismissing their worry, telling them to just “buck up,” or making light of their stress or anxiety is important. 

    At the same time, don’t assume every anxious person wants to talk about their feelings.

    “Taking cues from the anxious person on their comfort level in discussing their mental health is where you should start, and always be supportive of their positive actions to manage it,” adds Dr. Capanna-Hodge. 

    Though some might think it’s trivial, gift-giving—especially when it supports someone’s anxiety—can go a long way toward showing someone you have compassion for their struggles.

    “Gifts that support stress and anxiety are a great way to open the door to mental health conversations,” says Dr. Capanna-Hodge, “and more importantly, [give] accolades for how your loved one is bettering themselves—anxiety manifests itself internally, and that means a person can feel alone and shameful.”

    However, there are types of gifts you should avoid, even if they are well-intentioned.

    “It’s best to stay away from gifts that could lead to additional feelings of stress or pressure,” Dr. Etkin points out. “Gifts that require a commitment or contain an element of surprise, such as dinner reservations or tickets to an event, may unintentionally increase anxiety.”

  • What kinds of items can help reduce anxiety triggers?

    Some sensations can trigger anxious feelings. Loud noises, for example, have been found to induce anxiety in some people. Gifts that help avoid these triggers—like noise-cancelling headphones—are a great gift option. 

    Weisner is a big fan of weighted blankets, which can provide relaxing “pressure therapy,” per Penn Medicine. Gifts that promote concentration on fine motor tasks help keep worrying minds from falling into anxiety spirals, and sensory gifts (like aromatherapy tools and vibration devices) can help direct the attention away from stress and anxiety, focusing it on more calming thoughts.

    But it’s also important to know that simply gifting a loved one a sensory tool or relaxation device won’t “solve” their anxiety or address more serious issues at play.

    “It’s important to make the distinction between uneasy feelings, which can often be worked through on your own, versus what psychologists refer to as “triggers,” which are [often a case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or] the remnants of dangerous situations—those are best worked through with a licensed therapist, using techniques such as exposure therapy, mindfulness,  medication, or cognitive behavioral therapy.”

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