The 8 Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men of 2020

Grow back thicker hair with these products

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First Look

Best Overall: Men’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam at Amazon

"The foam makes it easier to see where you’re applying it."

Best Budget: Equate Men’s Hair Regrowth Treatment at Amazon

"Has a powerful 5% concentration of minoxidil."

Best Shampoo: Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo at Amazon

"Works to thicken and strengthen existing hair."

Best Conditioner: Amplixin Argan Oil Conditioner at Amazon

"A deep conditioner with ingredients to help reduce balding."

Best Spray: Amplixin Intensive Biotin Hair Growth Serum at Amazon

"Contains ingredients that may block DHT."

Best Natural: Botanical Green Care Hair Loss Treatment at Amazon

"The cayenne extract adds a fresh sensation to this treatment."

Best Serum: Hairgenics Propidern Topical at Amazon

"Uses Saw Palmetto to block DHT."

Best Laser: iRestore Laser Hair Growth System at iRestore

"Directs low-light energy directly to your hair follicles."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Men’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam

Rogaine has been on the market since the late 1950s, and it’s stuck around for a good reason. Approximately 40% of users will regrow some hair after 3–6 months of daily application, and those stats earn it our stamp of approval.

Rogaine’s active ingredient is minoxidil, a chemical that stimulates hair growth. This foam formula contains 5% minoxidil, making it a more powerful alternative to Rogaine’s 2% option. The foam makes it easier to see where you’re applying it, and it helps the product stay in place. If you've grown concerned about your receding hairline, Rogaine is well worth a shot.

Best Budget: Equate Men’s Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment

Equate’s generic version of Rogaine has the same powerful 5% concentration of minoxidil at a bargain price. The liquid minoxidil formula is designed to combat general thinning on the top of your scalp, as well as other degrees of hair loss. The liquid comes in a handy dropper, so you’ll get the perfect dose for your needs each time you use it.

Best Shampoo: Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo

Men who want to incorporate more than one hair loss product into their regimen should check out shampoos that promote regrowth and reduce thinning. Nioxin’s Cleanser Shampoo is a solid choice for men whose hair is just beginning to thin or fall out.

Nioxin’s Level 1 shampoo works to thicken and strengthen existing hair. Its thickening formula may reduce hair loss that’s related to thinning, broken strands. This salon-quality shampoo also uses a concentrated blend of botanicals and humectants for light moisture that won’t weigh your hair down. The shampoo claims that its detoxifying formula also removes excess oil and grease for a cleaner, healthier scalp.

Best Conditioner: Amplixin Revitalizing Argan Oil Conditioner

Following up a hair loss treatment shampoo with a like-minded conditioner is a strong approach to fighting hair loss. Amplixin’s Revitalizing Argan Oil Conditioner is a deep conditioning treatment with added ingredients to help thicken hair and reduce balding.

This shampoo’s Ampligro Complex contains stimulating caffeine and a blend of bio-mimetic peptides. The company says that this combination may help block dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, a hormone that’s implicated in men’s hair loss. Studies have shown that taking oral DHT blockers on a regular basis reduces hair loss in men, and it’s possible that this conditioner’s topical DHT-blocking action could help limit hair loss and thinning.

Best Spray: Amplixin Intensive Biotin Hair Growth Serum

For some men, using a spray treatment for hair loss is much easier than dealing with sticky foams, thick creams, or shampoo/conditioner combos. Amplixin’s hair loss treatment spray is a user-friendly option for all hair types.

Amplixin’s formula contains ingredients that may block DHT, the hormone that’s associated with hair loss in men. The spray contains Saw Palmetto and Red Clover, two botanicals that show promise in reducing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. It’s also infused with biotin, and the spray’s caffeine adds a refreshing feeling to your scalp every time you apply it.

Best Natural: Botanical Green Care Cayenne Hair Loss Treatment

This liquid botanical formula from Botanical Green Care checks all the boxes for an all-natural, effective hair loss treatment. It contains Saw Palmetto extract, which has been shown to help regrow hair in some studies, as well as peppermint oil, which may also promote hair growth. The cayenne extract adds a fresh sensation to this treatment.

Best Serum: Hairgenics Propidern Topical

Hair serums are another tool you can add to your daily hair care regimen to help fight hair loss and promote stronger, thicker regrowth. Men who want to take that extra step with their hair loss products may benefit from Pronexa’s Propidern serum.

This serum uses Saw Palmetto to block DHT, a hormone that speeds up hair loss. It also includes biotin, a B-Vitamin that your body needs for thick, healthy hair. An added boost of green tea extract may also help block DHT.

Best Laser: iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore laser hair growth system

Courtesy of iRestore

If you’re a man who has tried multiple hair regrowth treatments and you still aren’t satisfied with the results, you might want to give lasers a try. A study found that low-light laser treatment is effective for promoting hair growth due to male pattern baldness, and iRestore’s laser helmet guarantees that your entire scalp will benefit from laser therapy.

This clinical-strength medical device directs low-light energy directly to your hair follicles. It’s a hands-free helmet that you control via a digital remote, so you can start, pause, or resume your laser session whenever you’d like. It’s a great option for men who have had adverse side effects with other topical treatments, or as an add-on to other hair regrowth products.

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