Best Home Care Services

How to find the best home care service for yourself or a loved one

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As people are living longer and desire to stay in their own homes, there is a greater need for home care to help with daily needs. On average, seven out of 10 people over 65 will require long term care (LTC) services as they age. If your loved one is having difficulty living independently at home, home care services can help them stay in their home longer, reduce the risk of falls, and improve quality of life. 

Home care services aim to provide the patient with non-medical services such as social interaction, help with meals and groceries, household tasks, and other self-care needs. These services can help reduce the burden on family members, ward off depression, and provide many other positive health benefits for the patient. However, home care services do not replace medical in-home services such as nursing or physical therapy but rather assist the patient with day-to-day tasks.

To be considered for our list of best home care services, companies must provide services in more than 10 states, and must background check caregivers before they are hired.

Best Home Care Services

Best Overall : Home Instead

Home Instead

Home Instead

Why we chose it: We chose Home Instead as best overall due to its many locations nationwide, excellent reputation, and wide range of services available.

What We Like
  • Over 550 franchise locations in the US

  • Will work with your long-term care (LTC) insurance

  • Specializes in dementia care

  • Provide all types of home care as well as live-in care

  • Rigorous screening and training of caregivers

What We Don't Like
  • Average cost is slightly higher than the median

  • Franchises are independently owned

  • Minimum of 2–3 hours required

Home Instead is a global company with over 550 franchise locations in the U.S. It was established in 1994 and has a strong reputation for being a leader in the long-term care community. We chose Home instead as best overall due to the different levels of services they offer, the many service areas available, as well as their rigorous screening and training provided to caregivers. 

Home care services are often recommended for older adults who are having difficulty at home due to physical or cognitive limitations. Occasional supervision and help at home allow these patients to stay in their own homes longer than if they were living alone. Home caregivers assist with daily tasks such as medication reminders, preparing meals, facilitating hobbies, and providing the social interaction one needs to thrive. 

Home Instead takes pride in its CARE (Changing Aging through Research and Education) program which is designed to educate staff on how to best work with older adults with memory loss or other chronic conditions. The CARE program teaches caregivers strategies to keep clients calm and ways to engage them through social interaction and mind-stimulating games. They also view good nutrition as an essential part of care. The CARE program also includes free caregiver training for family members who serve as primary caregivers for those with memory issues. 

Home Instead has received many positive reviews on Glassdoor for employee satisfaction and is rated 3.7/5. Employee satisfaction leads to less staff turnover and better care for your elderly family member. Many locations are BBB accredited businesses with an A+ rating.

Best for Short Term Care : Caring Senior Services

Caring Senior Services

Caring Senior Services

Why we chose it: Timely care is important when looking for short term care services. Caring Senior Services offers same day service which is why it was our choice as best for short term care.

What We Like
  • Same day service

  • Help with a wide range of home services

  • Hourly flat rate

  • Nationwide background check for caregivers

  • Utilizes family portal technology

What We Don't Like
  • Only available in 17 states

  • Rated 3.1/5 on Glassdoor

  • Limited online reviews

We chose Caring Senior Services as best for short term care due to its same-day service and flat hourly rate. When looking for short-term home care, it is important to get the care you need quickly and efficiently. Short-term care is often necessary after surgery, when the primary caregiver needs to travel, or after a major life change such as the death of a spouse. Caring Senior Services can help with a wide range of home care services and completes an extensive background check of all caregivers. 

One of the unique tools Caring Senior Services offers is the use of a tablet in the home loaded with the Tendio family portal. This technology allows the patient, caregiver, and authorized family members to access medication lists, appointment schedules, client service plans, and more. It also enables messaging between the clients and the staff and even video communication, which may be helpful for patients with family out of town who are tech-savvy enough to use it. 

Like many other home care companies, Caring Senior Services follows a franchise model and has offices in 17 states. There are limited reviews online from consumers and it is rated 3.1/5 on Glassdoor by employees, which is slightly lower than other companies reviewed. The website states that they are actively involved in the National Private Duty Association and the Private Duty Homecare Association, and some individual franchises are accredited by the BBB. Overall, Caring Senior Services is a great choice for your home care needs if it is available where you live.

Best for Long Term Care Services : Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance

Why we chose it: We chose Home Care Assistance as best for long-term care due to its team approach to homecare, multiple levels of service, and extensive training of caregivers.

What We Like
  • Research-driven approach to home care

  • Specialized care for certain conditions

  • Extensive screening and training of caregivers

What We Don't Like
  • Requires a 4-hour minimum

  • Rates are higher than the national median

  • Newer company, established in 2003

We chose Home Care Assistance as best for long term care services due to its research-driven approach to home care and many different levels of service. As your loved ones age, their need for services may change, and it’s important to look for a company that can continue to offer care as their needs increase. We also liked that Home Care Assistance provides specialized care for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia

Home Care Assistance takes pride in investing in their employees' personal and professional development. They have rigorous screening and training of staff and caregivers are trained for all aspects of home care such as help with grooming and hygiene, laundry, light housekeeping, meal planning, and transportation. 

They use what they call the "balanced care method," which is based on the outcomes of research studying the elders who lived long and fulfilling lives on the islands of Okinawa, Japan. The components of the balanced care method include cognitive stimulation, a healthy diet, physical activity, and more. Home Care Assistance has been recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association and Parkinson’s foundation as an industry leader and holds an A+ standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Lastly, Home Care Assistance takes an integrated team approach. As your services change, there is communication between team members to be able to provide the best care for the patient. Home Care Assistance ranks slightly higher than the median cost for home care services and requires a 4-hour minimum, which can make services more expensive for people who only need occasional care or check-ins.

Best for Budget-Conscious : Carelinx



Why we chose it: Carelinx was our choice as best for budget-conscious consumers due to the ability to hire private caregivers without the expensive price tag of services provided by an agency.

What We Like
  • Can find inexpensive private home care

  • Can post job requirements

  • Able to interview multiple caregivers

  • No minimum hours

  • Able to connect with caregivers through the app

  • Rated 3.9/5 on Glassdoor

What We Don't Like
  • Caregivers are independently employed

  • Lacks a rigorous hiring process

  • Not all licensed caregivers

Carelinx is designed to connect you with home caregivers in your area through the use of their well-designed app. There are pros and cons of not going through an agency but one of the main reasons people choose to go this route is that you can often negotiate lower rates by not paying inflated agency fees. You can also stipulate your needs and hire a caregiver for as many or as few hours as needed. 

Much like websites that cater to parents searching for childcare, you can post jobs, interview candidates, and have Carelinx run a background check. If you hire someone, you pay Carelinx a fee equal to 10 percent of the pay that you and the caregiver negotiate. Rates vary by area but are usually around $12–$15 per hour. Carelinx also has tools that assist with billing and caregiver insurance.

While Carelinx is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating, it’s important to note that many caregivers are not licensed healthcare workers and are independently employed by you. Carelinx does not have the rigorous hiring process that other agencies may have and you will need to set up backup care if your caregiver gets sick or abruptly leaves. If you are looking to save money and find someone who is a great fit for what you need, Carelinx may be a great alternative to going through an agency.

Best for Veterans : Senior Helpers

Senior Helpers

Senior Helpers

Why we chose it: Senior Helpers was our number one choice for veterans due to their ability to assist the patient in accessing their Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits and flexible care options.

What We Like
  • Assist with accessing VA benefits

  • Provide flexible care options

  • 275 locations

  • No minimum visit length

  • Wellness Watch program

  • Rated 4/5 on Glassdoor

What We Don't Like
  • Provides limited higher-level services

Many veterans have benefits that cover in-home caregiver services, but if you are unsure of how to navigate the healthcare system, agencies like Senior Helpers can help you access your benefits and receive services covered by your insurance. If you are eligible for VA benefits, it may cover part of the cost of a home caregiver. 

Senior Helpers offers care options to suit your needs and has 275 locations throughout the country. Like other agencies, they can provide many home care services such as meal prep, laundry, groceries, and transportation to appointments. There is no minimum visit length and rates are slightly lower than the median cost of care. An additional service Senior Helpers provides is their wellness watch program. This program provides two visits per month to check in on the patient, assess their needs, and offer occasional assistance; it's a great option for those who do not need weekly care. 

Senior Helpers is rated 4/5 on Glassdoor and reviews show excellent employee satisfaction. Many franchise locations are accredited by the BBB and have an A+ rating. Overall, Senior Helpers is a great option for those with VA benefits or those who only require occasional care.

Best for Long Term Care Insurance : Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels

Why we chose it: We identified Visiting Angels as best for long term care insurance due to its large network of offices, longstanding good reputation, and staff to help assist with filing a claim to your LTC insurance policy to pay for services.

What We Like
  • Over 600 locations in the US

  • Founded in 1992

  • Offers specialized care

  • Offers specialized care

  • Will work with LTC insurance plans

What We Don't Like
  • Independently operated franchises

  • Pricing not available online

Visiting Angels are one of the oldest home care agencies in the US. It was established in 1992 and offers a full range of caregiving services. We chose Visiting Angels as best for those with long term care insurance as they work with you to file a claim and get paid out by your insurance to cover the cost of home care services if eligible. 

Visiting Angels have over 600 locations across the U.S. and offer specialized care for patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other chronic conditions. They have an extensive screening process for caregivers and train them to work in the home with all types of patients. Visiting Angels is rated 3.9/5 on Glassdoor and generally has good reviews when it comes to employee satisfaction. Many franchise locations are accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating. 

It is important to note that each location is a franchise and is independently owned and operated. Client satisfaction, cost, and services provided can vary between locations. It is important to read local reviews and speak to other people who have used their services. Pricing is not available online, but reviews state that it is on par with other home care agencies. Overall, Visiting Angels is a great choice if you plan to use your LTC insurance to pay for services and need experienced professionals to assist you when it comes to filing a claim. 

Final Verdict

Overall, many home care services share similar pros and cons, but each company has unique qualities that make them stand out in each category. The benefits of these services include locations nationwide, comparable costs, availability of different levels of care, and stringent screening processes to ensure the caregiver taking care of your loved ones is a good choice. 

The downsides mentioned in online reviews include frequent caregiver turnover, different standards between independently owned franchises, and high cost of care. If you are looking for a reliable solution to hiring a caregiver, it is best to choose a company that thoroughly screens its employees and takes the time to train its staff on best practices for providing in-home care.

Compare Providers

Company Why We Picked It  Locations
Home Instead  Best overall 550 locations across the US
Caring Senior Services  Best for short term care  44 locations in 17 states 
Home Care Assistance  Best for long term care  150 locations globally 
Carelinx Best for budget-conscious App serves all of US
Senior Helpers  Best for veterans  275 locations across the US
Visiting Angels  Best for LTC insurance  600 locations across the US


What Are Home Care Services?

Home Care services provide non-medical care to those who are having a challenging time functioning at home due to physical or cognitive limitations. They can assist with tasks such as dressing, grooming, meal prep, groceries, and transportation to appointments. They also provide valuable social interaction and encourage patients to partake in meaningful leisure activities

Does Insurance Cover Home Care Service?

Medicare does not cover home care services. If a patient qualifies for Medicaid, they may be provided with funds to pay for home care services. Some Medicare Advantage and private insurance plans will cover home care services and most LTC insurance plans have home care benefits after a waiting period has passed. 

Does Medicare Cover Home Care Service?

Medicare does not cover home care services under any condition. 

What Are The Out-of-Pocket Costs Associated With Home Care Services?

Home care services can be expensive. Most services are paid out of pocket and vary based on location. According to the Genworth Cost of care survey, the average national median cost of in-home services is around $26/hour. 

When Should a Home Care Service Be Considered?

Home care should be considered when your loved one is unsafe at home alone, requires assistance with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, self-care, transportation, or laundry. 

How Long Can You Use a Home Care Service?

You can use a home care service for as long as you require care. Some people only need short term care after surgery or require long term care if they have chronic conditions or limited mobility.  

How We Chose the Best Home Care Services

We looked at over 15 companies that provide home care services nationwide, considering availability across states services, cost of care, level of care provided, and flexibility of plans. We also looked at online reviews, employee satisfaction ratings, and the level of services provided. We only considered home care services that have been in business for over 10 years, are rated 3 or higher on Glassdoor, and include details on their website about how they screen their employees.

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