LED Face Masks Are Going Viral on TikTok—You Can Get One for Up to 63% Off Now

We asked derms if LED face masks are worth the hype—here's what you need to know

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LED face mask

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LED face masks are flooding social channels like Tiktok and even making appearances in popular television shows like HBO’s The Sex Lives of College Girls. But just because a product is trending doesn’t necessarily guarantee it offers any benefit to the user’s health. We talked to experts and conducted thorough research to find out if the popular skincare devices—like Houzzi's LED Face Mask, (currently $74; was $200)—are worth the hype and actually work.

Are LED Masks Worth it?

It really comes down to what you’re hoping the mask will help you improve, and what colored wavelengths you're using. "The blue light wavelengths help with acne by killing bacteria that cause acne breakouts, and red light wavelengths help with anti-aging by stimulating collagen production. This makes LED face masks great for anyone struggling with breakouts or anyone wanting to combat signs of aging like fine lines," says Founder and CEO of Cortina, Reid Maclellan, Adjunct Faculty at Harvard Medical School and director of Proactive Dermatology Group.

Meanwhile, Maria Hannaway, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist of Dermatology Partners in Pennsylvania suggests LED masks are best used for targeting acne as a natural alternative to oral or topical treatments, or if you want a little extra “oomph” in your routine. “I usually start with topical and oral therapies,” Dr. Hannaway explains. But if people are “already doing a lot and want to add something on—I think it’s appropriate to have that conversation [about LED masks],” says Dr. Hannaway. If you’re someone who wants to add another method of acne-targeting treatment into your routine, she recommends using LED face masks in tandem with your other acne treatments.

The bottom line? “The jury is still out on a lot of it,” says Dr. Hannaway. While research suggests that LED therapy can noticeably improve skin both medically and aesthetically by healing wounds, reducing inflammation, and mitigating acne, some dermatologists suggest more research is needed to prove it’s completely effective. 

How Often Should You Use LED Face Masks?

While at-home LED face masks use the same type of light as machines that dermatologists would use during in-office treatments, the strength of the lighting is significantly lower, which means it won’t be as effective. To get the benefits of at-home LED face masks, they need to be used regularly. “It’s important to follow the instructions provided on the mask you bought. Most commonly, LED light treatments will last from about 10 to 20 minutes and can be used anywhere from a couple of times a week to once a day at most," explains Dr. Maclellan.

When asked if LED face masks are safe for users, Dr. Hannaway says, “They largely seem safe for most people. But it’s really important that patients understand it’s most people." She recommends that anyone who has a photosensitivity disorder or is taking medications that increase sensitivity to light should avoid using LED face masks. And for anyone who has an eye condition, pigmentary issues, or melasma, Dr. Hannaway suggests speaking to a doctor before using an LED mask. Dr. Maclellan adds, "Before you use an LED mask or purchase an at-home mask, consult your board-certified expert to make sure this is safe for you."

Where to Buy a Discounted LED Face Mask

If you’re someone who suffers from skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, or mild to moderate acne, LED face masks may be helpful to add to your current skincare routine. And now is truly the time to buy, as many are heavily discounted for after-Christmas and end-of-the-year sales. To help you cut through the holiday-sale noise, we narrowed down the best LED face mask deals you can shop right now.

Houzzi LED Face Mask

Houzzi LED Face Mask


To Buy: Houzzi LED Face Mask, $68 (was $200); amazon.com

Houzzi’s LED Face Mask provides seven wavelengths of light to target different skincare concerns. Its settings can reduce wrinkles, help lock in moisture, and minimize pores. One user specifically mentioned she struggles with enlarged pores and noticed an obvious improvement in pore size after two months of using this face mask. “My pores are tightened and my face looks smoother and more rested,” she wrote. She continued to add, “Definitely worth every penny…” But the good news is that this LED mask is 66% off right now, so you don’t even have to spend every penny it’s worth to experience the benefits.

Solaris 4-Color LED Light Therapy Mask

Solaris 4-Color LED Light Therapy Mask


To Buy: Solaris 4-Color LED Light Therapy Mask, $115; anthropologie.com, brookstone.com

The Solaris 4-Color LED face mask is FDA-approved and uses NASA technology to smooth fine lines and promote a healthy glow. “My skin is tighter, more lifted and I have this baby glow. My forehead lines are much softer and my smile lines [are] almost gone,” one happy user wrote. 

This face mask is available right now at anthropologie.com, but there’s a catch—it’s on backorder until January 15th. If you’re happy to wait just a couple of short weeks to start treating your skin, we recommend snagging it now.

If you’d rather get started on adding this LED face mask to your skincare routine right away, though, you can also purchase it at brookstone.com.  

Aphrona Halo LED Light Therapy Mask

Aphrona Halo LED Light Therapy Mask

Aphrona Beauty

To Buy: Aphrona Halo LED Light Therapy Mask, $260 with coupon (was $500); amazon.com 

The Aphrona Halo LED face mask is FDA-cleared and offers a different design from any of the other discounted masks on this list, boasting full face and neck coverage for a broader skincare approach. It’s recommended that you use this product three to five times per week, and you should continue your normal skincare routine in tandem with using this product. Users say the instructions are easy to read and it can even be charged with some phone chargers. While this face mask is usually on the pricier side, it’s currently 48% off, making it a good deal more affordable. 

Angel Kiss LED Face Mask

Angel Kiss LED Face Mask


To Buy: Angel Kiss LED Face Mask, $100 (was $135); amazon.com

The Angel Kiss LED face mask claims to reduce facial oils and grease as well as improve pigmentation. It’s recommended that you apply hyaluronic acid to your face after each use to lock in moisture. One user wrote that after trying everything for their acne, this mask’s “LEDs were the only thing that helped.” They now pair the Angel Kiss mask with the rest of their skincare regime (which includes serums and chemical peels) to improve their skin. 

Pure Daily Care Professional Luma Mask

Pure Daily Care Professional Luma Mask

Pure Daily Care

To Buy: Pure Daily Care Luma Mask, $200 (was $495); puredailycare.com 

Pure Daily Care’s Luma LED face mask has seven customizable wavelengths to help treat your skin in a way that suits just you. And if it doesn’t? Well, it offers a money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty so you’re covered either way. The Professional Luma mask uses 219 clinical-grade LEDs for a stronger emission of light, which could provide better, more visible results. However, if you’re just looking to dip your toe into the LED face mask world, check out the non-professional Luma face mask below. 

Pure Daily Care Luma Mask

Pure Daily Care Luma Mask

Nordstrom Rack

To Buy: Pure Daily Care Luma Mask, $90 (was $200); nordstromrack.com

This Luma LED face mask by Pure Daily Care is a gentler cousin of the Professional mask. It uses 150 medical-grade LEDs to send wavelengths of light into the skin. While it’s not as strong as the Professional option, it may be better for those who don’t want to dive into the deep end of the LED therapy world and spend over $100 on a face mask. And users say they definitely still see results. “I noticed a difference after one session. I used to pay $70 a month at the salon. Now I can do it at home whenever I want,” one reviewer wrote.

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