The 8 Best Lice Combs of 2019

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Head lice can spread by sharing hats, scarves, or other soft items. If you start feeling that telltale tingling and itching on your scalp or neck, you’ll need a reliable lice comb to kick those bugs to the curb. 

Using special shampoos that suffocate nits (lice eggs) or kill adults before they can reproduce and continue the lice life cycle is a tried-and-true way to stop an infestation. However, a big part of controlling and treating lice is combing and nit-picking, or manually going through a head of hair with a special comb to remove active lice, dead bugs, and tiny white nits. The process can take several hours, and you need a quality comb with very fine teeth to grab and remove bugs and their eggs.

Sometimes, the combs that come with your lice treatment kits aren’t up to snuff, so if you want a comb that will stop these pests in their tracks, here are the top lice combs to buy.

Our Top Picks


Best Overall: Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb

Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb

Courtesy of Amazon

This professional stainless steel lice and nit comb is Amazon’s Choice for best lice comb. It gets underneath the hair shaft and removes the tiniest nits on you or your child’s head thanks to spiral, micro-grooved teeth that tightly grip each strand. The ends of the teeth are rounded to prevent scratching and damaging your scalp, and anti-slip bands on the handle give you a firm grip while you’re getting rid of these itchy bugs. It can also be sterilized without corroding, so a whole family can use the same comb in case of a large-scale infestation.


Best Budget: VictorieLei Four-Pack Lice Combs

If you’ve got multiple kids who’ve been affected by a lice outbreak at school, or you’re a nurse or medical professional who needs multiple combs to prevent spreading lice from one head to another, an inexpensive multi-pack of lice combs is just what you need. VictorieLei’s lice combs come in packs of four for a bargain.

These plastic combs come in pink or turquoise, and the in-handle magnifier makes it easier than ever to identify pests in your hair. The comb’s teeth are perfectly spaced for pulling bugs away from your scalp, and the set can be washed and reused for an even greater value.


Best Electric: V-Comb Electric Head Lice Comb

V-Comb Electric Head Lice Comb

Courtesy of Amazon

Lice infestations are no joke, and if you want to attack the problem head-on you’ve got to spend time combing and nit-picking. However, that can be hard to do if you have poor vision, joint pain in your hands, or just an extra squirrely kid who can’t sit still for hours while you comb through. V-Comb’s Electric Head Lice Comb is an easy-to-use vacuum that makes head lice treatment faster and easier.

This rounded, stainless steel comb uses suction power to trap head lice and eggs and remove them from hair into its Capture Filter. When you’re done, you can snap on the lid and toss the filter for hygienic disposal of your creepy crawlies. Plus, this tool doesn’t use any chemicals or pesticides to treat head lice.


Best Kit: Lice Clinics of America Lice Remover Kit

For particularly tough head lice cases, you’re going to need more than just a metal-toothed comb to get your house nit free. This Lice Remover Kit uses combs in two ways: there’s a standard comb to check your child’s head for nits, and an innovative applicator that combs a mess-free treatment gel through hair for complete coverage.

This dual-comb system is non-toxic and pesticide free, and it makes treating lice easier and more effective. Instead of a messy shampoo that might have inconsistent application, this kit’s pear-scented gel sticks to hair strands and gets the job done using an applicator comb. After you’ve completed the gel treatment, the premium metal lice and nit comb helps you perform combing and nit-picking with ease.


Best for Fine Hair: Fairy Tales Terminator Nit-Free Comb

When you’re searching for the telltale nits that come with head lice, missing a few eggs can mean the difference between a clean scalp and a vigorous re-infestation. People with fine hair have an even more difficult time: it’s harder for most combs to grab very fine strands of hair, increasing the odds that you’ll miss an egg or two and wind up with more lice than you started with. Fairy Tales’ Nit Free Comb is designed to grab thin hair strands and easily pull nits away from the scalp.

This specially designed comb has very long, metal teeth with edges that form a microscopic spiral for a better grip. It can be used alone or with other lice treatment products for a full-fledged battle on these irritating pests.


Best for Thick Hair: HandyHealer Head Lice Comb Set

Anyone struggling with head lice in thick hair has a unique set of challenges: you’ll need a comb with strong teeth that will pull nits all the way to the end of your strands, but many lice combs have such close-set teeth that they’ll never get around your hair shaft in the first place. HandyHealer’s Head Lice Comb Set defeats lice hiding in dense hair.

This set has one plastic comb and two stainless steel options with teeth of varying lengths and widths to grab nits in the thickest manes. They’re suitable for all ages and hair lengths, and there’s a comb with straight teeth and one with rounded edges to meet your hair’s needs.

Customers with thick hair loved how many nits and adults these combs removed from long, thick hair, and they appreciated the value for the price.


Best for Pets: Zelta 2-Piece Pet Grooming Tool

If your favorite pet is unlucky enough to attract lice, you’re going to need the right tools to keep your pal comfortable. Zelta’s 2-Piece Pet Grooming Tool is designed to help you reach the trickiest spots on your pet’s coat to get rid of their lice once and for all.

These two combs have the same tightly spaced teeth you’d find on human lice combs, but the ergonomically designed handle makes them a better choice for removing hidden lice on Fido. The larger comb is great for moving through your pet’s trunk and back, and the smaller one makes nabbing nits around ears and eyes a snap.


Best with Magnifier: Acu-Life Lighted Lice Comb

You might be able to end mild lice infestations with a careful eye and a standard comb, but stubborn nits and repeated trips down the drugstore aisle for lice treatments call for a tougher tool. Acu-Life’s comb has a built-in light and included magnifier—no creepy crawler is safe from this tool.

This lice comb shines a light on nits and nymphs so you don’t miss them in low lighting, and the included magnifying glass exposes insects in tricky areas like around the ears and neck.

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