The 5 Best Low-FODMAP Diet Resources

The low-FODMAP diet can be effective for relief of IBS symptoms, but it can also be tricky and challenging to follow. The more help you have, the more likely it will be that you will be able to successfully use the diet to rid yourself of IBS pain, gas and bloating, and bathroom problems. Here you will find plenty of places where you can get support, information, and strategies for success. You may find that you will benefit from these resources most in terms of what they can offer you as to what on earth you can actually eat on the diet.


Qualified Professionals

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Research suggests that the safest and most effective way to follow the diet is under the care of a qualified and trained dietary professional. This is to ensure that you are meeting your daily dietary requirements in spite of restricting yourself from high FODMAP foods.

A qualified dietary professional could be a dietitian, a health coach, or nutritionist. You would just want to make sure that they have received training as to how the diet works.


The Best App

It can be so hard to remember which foods are high or low in FODMAPs. An app on your smartphone is the best way to have quick access to information about the FODMAP load of each food. This quick information will prove invaluable as you learn to incorporate the diet into your everyday routine. Although competitors are starting to show up on the scene, your best bet is the ​app developed by the researchers who are actually testing each food.


Low-FODMAP Books and Cookbooks

The following books provide excellent advice for following the diet. Each of them offers unique features, so optimally you would read them all before starting the diet.

This book not only provides you with well-researched information as to how to follow the diet but also provide you with a wide variety of recipes:


More Low-FODMAP Recipe Resources

You may want more recipes than you can find in the above cookbooks. As the diet has gained in popularity, there are now numerous websites that offer recipes for meals that are suitable on the diet. 


Low-FODMAP Convenience Foods

Food manufacturers are starting to offer convenience foods that are appropriate for someone who is on the low-FODMAP diet. Monash University, the institute behind the diet's research, offers a list of foods that they certify to be FODMAP-friendly.

You may find that most, if not all, of the foods on the list are not available in the U.S. One company that prepares and ships low-FODMAP convenience food items in the U.S. is ​FODY Foods.

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