5 Best Medical Careers for Women

What are the best medical jobs for women? Of course, that depends on a woman's particular career goals and personal situation, but there are some careers that do provide many of the things that a lot of women seek in a career.

Women comprise a very large portion of the healthcare workforce, and most medical jobs are great for women. However, there are still a few medical careers in which women are not compensated fairly, or where women haven't advanced as much as others. These careers listed below typically offer flexibility, career advancement, and fair pay in general, although, of course, it depends on the employer. Below are a few medical career options based on those characteristics.


Women's Health

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Women are in demand by female patients; therefore, any job in women's healthcare is a great option for female medical professionals. This may include a labor and delivery nurse, an OB/GYN physician, a nurse-midwife, a PA/NP in OB/GYN, doula, etc.


Work-From-Home Medical Jobs

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In addition to their careers, many women often bear the lion's share of childcare responsibilities and household work. Therefore, work-from-home medical jobs can be a great option. Careers that entail a lot of computer and phone time often lend themselves to working from home, such as medical transcription, medical writing, and healthcare recruiting.


Pharmaceutical Sales (Drug Rep)

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Many careers in pharmaceutical sales provide excellent benefits, some degree of flexibility in the schedule, and some companies even offer job-sharing so you can work part-time. Additionally, many pharmaceutical companies often land on the lists of the best companies for women, due to the career advancement opportunities for women, positive work environment, and more.



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Nursing offers women so many choices and options, from hospital ​work to office-based care to consulting and non-clinical roles, it remains a top choice for women who want to work in medicine. Plus, there are careers for everyone in nursing from those with associate's degrees to those with doctoral level degrees and everyone in between. Additionally, many nursing jobs offer a variety of shift-based schedules, allowing for a lot of flexibility in work hours.



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Women have actually surpassed men in medical school enrollment, and there is a reason why so many women want to become physicians. Women not only can excel in the core studies required for a career in medicine, but many women also possess very strong "soft skills" that come in handy when dealing with their patients and their families, such as communication skills, empathy, and nurturing.

Some physician careers can be extremely demanding and include long work hours, so work-life balance can be an issue, especially for women with children and minimal childcare assistance. Some types of physician careers offer a better quality of life than others. For example, a trauma surgeon has to be on call at all hours of the night, whereas a dermatologist often can work set hours and work few, if any, weekend or late-night hours.

Another reason why physician careers are great for women is that most private-practice opportunities allow women to earn as much, if not more, than their male counterparts. Often, female physicians in OB/Gyn can earn more than men, for example, due to supply and demand for female physicians by female patients.

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